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Emails for June 2007
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Questions on skatepark

Hi, My name is Kip Rodier from Chillicothe, Il and I had a few questions about the skatepark you guys just built. I am a member of the Chillicothe Skatepark committe and was wondering if someone could answer a few questions for us. Who did the design work for your park? What was the proposed vs actual cost to build it? How did the fundraising efforts go? We are in the middle of fundraising for our skatepark and if you guys had any information that could help us shorten the time to build it, that would be greatly appreciated. I know there are a group of kids that drive to ride your skatepark and have good things to say about it.

Kip Rodier

3 on 3 tournament update

If anyone is interested in still playing in the 3 on 3 tournament, in the mens 18 and up we only have space for 2 more teams. Then we will have to close registration in that category. Thank you and have a safe 4th of July.

Jeremy Fuchs
Heather Peiffer

4th of July Updates, Changes and Reminders

The 4th of July Committee would like to announce some time changes, additional activities and reminders concerning our upcoming celebration.

The tractor parade scheduled for Sunday, July 1st will begin at Sutton's Park and head south down Oak and return to Sutton's by traveling down Maple. This parade will begin at 1:00.

A Triple Ladder Golf Tournament has been added to the activities for July 3rd at Veteran's Park. Participants will need to supply their own equipment and a $10 entry fee will be required for each team. Play begins at 6 p.m.

Also, on July 3rd tents will open at 6 p.m. in conjunction with the Ladder Golf event. The band "Roundhouse" will take the stage at 9 that evening.

Don't forget to get your 3-0n-3 registration material turned in.

Remember to purchase your chicken dinner and drawdown tickets early, they are going fast! Contact Sue Park for more information.

You can also purchase raffle tickets to win an American Girl Doll or a portable DVD player. Tickets are $1 a piece or 6 for $5. Tickets can be purchased at Pops or A Stylish Affair. Proceeds go to support our great fireworks display.

The 4th of July Committee appreciates all of your support.

Anita Holland

Thank you for help with injured dog

I would like to post a thank you on your site here.

June 6th our neighbors Pit Bull came under their fence and attacked our twelve year old Collie ( Kody ) in our back yard. My daughter wasn't even a foot away playing. My son Tyler instantly jumped in between the dogs to try to get the Pit Bull off of his life long buddy. I thank God that neither of my children were hurt in this attack. Our Kody just turned twelve that day and he has been blind since last Thanksgiving, he didn't even see it the Pit Bull coming at him.

We were able to get the Pit off of Kody and get him pulled to safety. Kody had injuries beyond belief. We rushed him to Bloomington to the animal hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

We would like to thank our entire neighborhood for their support, phone calls , visits, and prayers for Kody and our family. We also would like to extend our thanks to the churches who put our dog on their prayer lists, a special thank you to our neighbor girls across the street who brought Kody special food when he couldn't eat just to try to get him to eat something. You girls are Angels ! Another thank you to the kind Nurses and Doctors at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Bloomington that took Kody into their care and performed the surgery that saved his life. We will always be eternally gratefull to them. This has been a very emotional time for all of us. Pet owners who their pets are their children understand this.

Thank you so much for everything everyone has done in the past week and a half for us and our Kody. We are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

Kody & Tyler Stoecker,and Dee & Erica Stimpert

Fundraiser for Breast Cancer

All are welcome to attend the Open House PartyLite & Tastefully Simple Fundraiser. 40% of PartyLite Proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. 25% of Tastefully Simple Proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.

DATE: Saturday, 6/16/2007
TIME: 2:00PM
WHERE: Jessica L'Heureux's House @ 111 N Walnut St, Minonk IL

I am fundraising for the Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. Direct Donations can be made @

Please join us on Saturday, June 16 @ 2PM. Where else can you smell wonderful candles, taste scrumptious Tastefully Simple items and purchase Partylite & Tastefully Simple with money going to Breast Cancer research?

See you then!

Jessica L'Heureux

Pray for our soldiers

I was kind of taken aback when I read the reply from my son Rick Butler. I also got the same speech when I questioned if it was time to start bringing the troops home. As he told me " Mom I will keep fighting to defend your right to have your opinion." It really made me sit back and think about what he said. I have to keep the faith that those who are in charge need to finish what they have started, and we as Americans have to keep our confidence in those WE put in those positions of power. What Ricky failed to mention is that he is in Gulf Port Mississippi training for his fourth deployment to Iraq. Please pray for him and all of the other truly brave soldiers over there, and pray for all of the mothers, fathers and families back here who worry every day about their loved ones. I am proud of him, and I am so glad I live in America.

Thank you
Shelly Butler

Reply to Memorial Day Editorial

Whether the general public agrees with this war or not, everyone needs to understand that either way, we have our troops over in a place they don't want to be and they are the ones who need our unwavering support. Its not for the politicians sake. Its for the troops deployed.

Keith Paris

Bingo question

My family and i have noticed that there will be bingo the 4th of July. Can anyone tell me what kind of cards they will be using, paper or cardboard???


Correction to the 4th of July Updates.

The equipment will be furnished for the Triple Ladder Golf Tournament. A team will consist of two players. A cash prize will be awarded to the winning team. Each person entering the contest will receive a copy of the tournament rules and also blueprints and a materials list showing how to make your own game.

This is an exciting and easy game to learn. Come and join the fun.

Charlie McGuire

4th of July Chicken Dinner

The 4th of July Committee and St. Paul's UCC will be co-hosting this year's chicken dinner from 11:30-1:30 at West Side Park following the parade. Tickets are $6.50 a person and can be purchased at Pop's Sweet Shoppe or from a 4th of July Committee member. Dinners include chicken, fries, cole slaw, drink and dessert. Carryouts will be available. There are only 400 tickets, so it is recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance.

Anita Holland

3 on 3 Update

Due to the time it takes to make the shirts for the 3 on 3 the deadline was today. I have ordered extra shirts. We will be taking late registrations and accept them on the day of the tournament. However, t-shirts are not guaranteed now and are on a first come first serve basis (the day of the tournament) for anyone who registers after today. If you have already turned in your forms you are guaranteed a shirt. If you need to turn in you registration. Please mail it to the address on the form or you can drop it off at my house. Any questions call the number on the form or 432-2885. Forms are still going to be up at Pop's Sweet Shop in Minonk, or available for download on this website. Thank you.

Heather Peiffer
Jeremy Fuchs

Reply to Memorial Day Editorial


When I first started reading your editorial I was glad to see someone remembering our fallen heroes. Then I started into the second paragraph and my stomach started to hurt. Although you have made valid points, I don't believe that you understand how the troops feel. You stated that the troops need to come home and live a normal life they deserve, but you forget that everyone in the armed forces signed there names on the line and swore before God to protect there country.

You have also said that Iraq has been a disaster and this was brought upon by American arrogance. The only thing I can say is tell that to all the survivors and family members of 9/11. That is where this all begins. Also stop watching CNN and Fox News and talk to the soldiers that have been there and know the great things that we have done for Iraq. The media is propaganda and will show anything that will get them the ratings.

Last but not least, we are in a new world and not stuck in the WWII era. Our enemies now are unlike any others we have fought in the past. Adapt and overcome, and that is what we are doing.

So as I head over to Iraq again I will thank everyone in advance for there prayers. We are defending the U.S. and are proud to do it. So remember when you post an opinion about the war there are thousands of troops defending your right to print it. Please don't say you support the troops and then blast the doesn't work that way.

God Bless,

Rick Butler

Editor's reply: Rick, you are probably right that I don't know how all of the troops feel about the war. However, I and most Americans do support you and your comrades in our fight against terrorism and respect your courage and conviction. I just feel that we need to change our direction in the war against terrorism that will lessen the loss of American lives and increase our chances of overcoming terrorism.

Rreply to Memorial Day Editorial

I really appreciated your Memorial Day Editorial as regards our quagmire in Iraq. You made many thoughtful and educated points. I would however like to add one point regarding your final paragraph.

Before we rest too much on hind sight, which is always 20/20, let's also remember that we did not simply "take the war abroad". The war was brought to us on a particularly beautiful September day in 2001.

I am including in this e-mail a picture taken from my front yard around 4:30 p.m. that day. It is a picture of the con-trails of Airforce One and fighter escort moments after they flew over Minonk on their way to D.C. on a day when there were no other jet trails in the sky. I remember how the entire nation waited to hear from our President concerning what we were going to do about this atrocity.

I also remember how the vast majority of Congress voted to take this war out of the U.S. and back to the Middle East. I also remember the Presidents public approval ratings skyrocketed to record levels when this was announced, and that Congress was very much for setting up a Democracy in hopes that this would not happen again. At least not out of Iraq, which is what we thought was the case at the time.

So lets all take a taste of the responsibility for giving our government the "go-ahead" with our overwhelming approval ratings. Seems EVERYBODY wants to deny being for this war... but at the time we wanted blood.
Don Sweeney

Editor's reply: You have made a very good point. I think it is fair to say that we all wanted and still do want to get rid of Osama bin Laden. It just seems that we the people have learned more about what we have to do in dealing with terrorism than has our government.