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Emails for June 2006
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Wenona having "BAGS" Tournament | FUn on the Run attractions on July 4th | Local woman deployed to Iraq | Counseling available at Fieldcrest for death of student | Sponsoring trip to King Tut Exhibition | July 4th celebration questions | Another version of MDR fight song | Cemetery condition explained | More information on MDR fight song | Soccer Club Update | July 4th celebration updates | Other MDR fight songs | Words to MDR fight song | Anyone know the MDR fight song? | Immanuel Lutheran Car Wash a success | Car wash to be held on Saturday | Remembering Matt Maupin | Remember our POW-MIA Servicemen |

Wenona having "BAGS" Tournament

The Wenona Chamber is having a "BAGS" Tournament

Thursday Aug 10, 2006 (During Wenona Days)

This will be held at the Wenona City Park. (Right Field of the baseball diamond)

You must be 13 years or old. Cost is $5.00 per person (all money will be paid back out)

Registration is from 5:30-6:00 with the event starting @ 6:00 pm

If you have any questions please call Sheila Healy @ 815-853-4606


Sheila Healy

Local woman deployed to Iraq

My name is Christy Torres and I just wanted to tell everyone that my cousin Kim Kleen was one of the Troops that left on Monday out of Bloomington. She is the granddaughter of Garmer and Alda Kleen of Minonk. Please pray for her and all of the Troops.

Thank You

Sponsoring trip to King Tut Exhibition


I am sponsoring a bus trip Saturday October 14, 2006 to the King Tut Exhibition at the Field Museum in Chicago llinois.

See nearly 120 dazzling Egyptian treasures from the tombs of Tut and his royal relatives, many of which have never before traveled outside Egypt!

Visitors to the new exhibition-twice the size of the original 1977 exhibition-will view stunning artifacts that portray the splendors of life and death in the 18th Dynasty, the Era in which King Tutankhamun and his family ruled. Called the "Golden Age of the Pharaohs," this period produced some of Egypt's most famous rulers and most exquisite works of art.

Take a look at the breathtaking golden diadem of King Tutankhamun. Witness a tender scene between Tutankhamun and his young wife, engraved in silver and gold. And most poignant of all, see the child-sized throne of ebony, ivory, and gold, from which the boy king ruled all of Egypt.

A special section of the exhibition explores the mystery of Tutankhamun's death using the marvels of modern CT scanning technology. And a realistic, life-sized bust made using data from these scans lets us look into the face of the young pharaoh for the first time.

Come discover the secrets of Egypt's most fascinating ruler

The cost of the trip is $55.00 and includes rolls and juice in the morning, Tickets to the museum & the King Tut Exhibition. Charter bus travel, snacks and drinks for the way home. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up, Please call Sheila Healy @ 815-853-4606 or e-mail me at


Sheila Healy

Another version of MDR fight song

I enjoyed hearing the old MDR School song. Wonder if any of the guys from the middle 60's at MDR remember the version that used to get icy stares from Mr Yates and Mr Pierce at pep rally's in the gym. I'll try it, I'm pretty sure I know it. It has the same tune and number of lines as the right one

Cheer cheer for MDR High
You bring the whiskey, I'll bring the rye
Send the freshmen out for beer
Don't let a sober sophmore in
Da Da Da
We never stagger, we never fall
We sober up on wood alcohol
All the royal faculty lies drunk on the bar room floor
Ja He Ja Ha Ja Ha Ha Ha
Whiskey Whiskey Rah Rah Rah

Them were really the good old days.
Bill Hinkle

More information on MDR fight song

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to make a comment or two about the MDR Fight Song to which Colleen (with her wonderful memory) provided the words.

I've lived in Ohio for 24 years. My children were/are fortunate to have a wonderful school to attend; Manchester H.S. is close in size to MDR. The team colors are even close (Red and Black here, Orange and Black there). Our school's football team has been in the playoffs almost every year since the late 70's and went to the state championship game in '95. (This brings back memories of our loss after 5 overtimes!!! A state record) We are huge H.S. football fans and Manchester Panther fans are very faithful! Here's my only gripe about our school: They have what they call an "Alma Matter" song, rather than a fight song! This Alma Matter song is slow and boring and nobody ever sings the words, although they're printed in the program most weeks. (My favorite thing to do just before the band starts playing the song is to look around and say, "ok everybody, let's hear it!"...this comment is usually met with blank stares and/or laughing) Anyway, I usually grace my buds sitting with me my off key version of the MDR FIGHT SONG! I think they may even have it memorized by now! Sometimes my husband will ask, "how did your fight song go again?" and I'm happy to sing it out! (in case you have forgotten, the words are sung to the tune of "The Notre Dame Fight Song".

To my knowledge, no area teams have a fight song; all of the bands play the Ohio State Buckeye fight song, but that's not very unique in our part of the world. I have thought of going to the High School and suggest starting a new trend by "creating" a fight song for the Manchester Panthers. Ok, I wasn't really going to create one...I was going to "borrow" the MDR Fight Song, after all, nobody is using it anymore...I could change the words around to something like, "Cheers cheers for Manchester High..." you get the picture. Would this becopy-write infringement, do you think? Hmmm, something to think about....

Denise (Lindley) Robinson

July 4th celebration updates


CHICKEN DINNER on the 4th of July at West Side Park at 11 a.m.-
To purchase tickets ahead of time for the Chicken Dinner that is scheduled for the 4th of July please feel free to go to Alpha Community Bank or Pop's Sweet Shop, the cost is $6.00.

If you purchase tickets on the 4th at West Side Park the cost is $6.50.

There are a limited number of tickets available as the 4th of July committee is responsible for the cost of all dinners and any we do not sell, so....if you are at all interested in eating the Chicken Dinner on the 4th please purchase your tickets ahead of time.

MINI KING AND QUEEN for the 4th of July Parade -
The voting boxes are out and will be until next Monday, they are at Visions Video and Pop's Sweet Shop. The Mini King and Queed need to be between the ages of 4 and 7 and please only vote 1 time.

If you should have any questions please feel free to contact Cathy McKay.

Thanks very much.
Cathy McKay
Chair 4th of July Committee

Words to MDR fight song

The words for the MDR fight song that Diana asked for are:

Cheers cheers for MDR High
Sound out your cheers clear up to the sky
Raise your voices, let them trill
MDR High sure fills the bill....nah nah nah
We've got a team that's goin' to town
Long as we cheer they won't let us down
Fight team, fight, and show them that we're onward to vic-tor-y! To Victory!
MDR Mohawks, rah rah rah!!

Okay, all you Mohawks, sing that fight song! :)

Colleen Weber

Anyone know the MDR fight song?

Hi Dave,
I've been talking to several classmates in reference to our upcoming reunion, and a question has come up. How can we find out what our M-D-R high school Mohawks fight song was ? You would think we could remember but since this is our 40th class reunion, it's been a while since we've heard it. I thought you might be able to help find out. Thanks.

Diana Cremer

Editor's reply: I remember the notes on how the fight song was sung and some of the verses but I don't remember the name or the full verse. I think it starts out with "Cheer cheer MDR High" and I think it ends with "Fight team fight and let them know we're onto a victory". Does anyone else out there know?

Car wash to be held on Saturday

Immanuel Lutheran Church will be having a car wash on Saturday, June 17th from 10:00 a.m until 2:00 p.m in the parking lot across from Pop's Sweetshop. The kids will be accepting donations for their services, and all proceeds will be going towards their summer camp at Sky Ranch in Colorado.

Monica Kalkwarf

Remember our POW-MIA Servicemen

Hi Dave,
A good editorial today.. thanks. One serviceman everyone should pray for, is the one POW-MIA Sgt. Keith Mathew Maupin, captured in Iraq on April 9, 2004. He has never been found at this time. His convoy was ambushed and he and Sgt Elmer Krause of NC were taken prisoners. Sgt Krause was later found slain. Sgt Maupin's body has never been found nor has he been released, if he is still alive.

Matt was with the 724th Transportation company out of Bartonville IL, he was 20 years old at the time of his disappearance. His home town was Batavia, Ohio. This country has been very fortunate in that we have not had many prisoners of war during this Iraq war.. even one prisoner, is one to many!! Is our Government still looking for Matt.. they tell his parents that they continue to search...... are they really.. I doubt it.

Anyone interested in reading more about Matt can pull his name up on Google, facts and figures are there. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, remember Keith Mathew Maupin and his family in your prayers..

J. Reeser

FUn on the Run attractions on July 4th

Dave, here is a list of the Fun on the Run attractions that will be here on July 4th.

Bungee Run
Dave's Disco Dome
Jenny the Giraffe Bouncer
Marty the Monkey Slide
Nemo's Nautical Adventure
Travis the Train

(You can view these attractions on the web at
Wrist bands will be $5.00 and sold only on the 4th at the park. When you buy a wrist band you will also get a chance to win a new bike. I'm sure the kids will have a great time! So please bring your kids to the park there will be a lot to do for everyone. There will be kids games, kid's train, kiddie tractor pulls, watermelon eating contest and even a chicken dinner. All these events takes place at the West Side Park between 11-4pm on July 4th. Don't forget that there is also a craft show and car show on Saturday, July 1st. The beer tent will be open on July 1st and July 3rd. The 4th of July committee has worked hard all year long to plan these events. So make it worth all our time and effort and get out and have a great 4th.
Hope to See You There,

Mindy Johnson and
all of the 4th of July Committee members

Counseling available at Fieldcrest for death of student

The Fieldcrest High School Guidance office would like to make their services available to any Fieldcrest students who may need social services in the wake of the tragic death of classmate Will Salz. Students may call the high school office at 309-432-2529 or the Superintendents office at 309-432-2177 to set up a time to consult with a counselor.

Julie May
Fieldcrest Administration

July 4th celebration questions

I was wondering if anyone knew what items fun on the run is providing for our celebration on the 4th of July, also where we can purchase wristbands.

Kelly Lane

Cemetery condition explained

We received an explanation for the current condition of the cemetery. In brief, it is a short term situation needed to produce longer term results. I apologize for being hasty in making the complaint and in retrospect should have done some further investigation before complaining. We look forward to the day when the area around the gravesites will be lush and green again.

Don Uphoff

Soccer Club Update


A new day is dawning for area soccer players!! Midstate United Soccer Club has been formed. With the need for a High School Soccer Program, the parents of many players have formed a club team. We are currently registering with the CIYSL organization (Check out there web-site ( ), whose affiliation with the IYSA ( ) been strong for many years.

We are currently recruiting boys and girls of the high school age, that are willing to commit to our soccer program. We are planning to play around the State of Illinois in the league and in tournaments. Our extensive training will be enhanced by the addition of an established soccer coach from the Bloomington/Normal area. Getting players to the highest level of training for showcase before college scouts is our goal.

We are having team tryouts July 1st and July 8th from 9:00 - 11:00 am, and on July 10th from 6:00-8:00 pm. We will be holding tryouts at South Pointe Park in El Paso.

I want to stress that we will be drawing players from the Fieldcrest and El Paso School Districts, and the surrounding areas.
We've already had a great response from players and parents.

Anyone interested in participating in the areas greatest form of competition; please contact Mike Zimmerman.

Thank you,

Mike Zimmerman
631 Oak Street
Minonk, Illinois 61760

Other MDR fight songs

Thanks, Colleen, for the fight song words. As I was looking for the HS song, I found the MDR Grade School song. Does anyone remember this one?

As those basketball warriors form a line,
We're out to win this game another time.
And for those basketball boys we love so well
We're going to yell and yell forever more.

We're going to fight, fight, fight forever more,
We're going to circle round and win some more,
We're going to throw ol' ____________ (other team) on the floor, out the door.
Minonk Grade School.

I also have another paper which was probably written during the late 1950's or early 1960's. It says:

"Mr. Yates, the students wrote this song to the tune of 'Battle Hymn' and it was approved by Mrs. Borden and myself. We'll present it to the student body Friday.
Mrs. Dirksen"

The note goes on to say: "This song has been performed at National Honor Society initiation, assemblies, etc."

The words are:

Many, many years ago they built you on the sod
And endowed you with a purpose that was true to man and God.
Loving you and guarding you, your sons and daughters strive
To keep your word alive.

Orange and Black, we stand and hail you.
M-D-R, we'll never fail you.
Truth and honor guard our pathway
through each and every day.

Those songs should take all the Mohawks back a few years. Enjoy!

Elaine Cunningham


Immanuel Lutheran Car Wash a success

The youth at Immanuel Lutheran Church would like to thank the community members who donated generously after having their cars washed this past Saturday, and also to thank the City for allowing us to use the water uptown. We had a very successful fundraiser, and hope your vehicles still looked nice after the shower we had later!


Tracy Luckey

Remembering Matt Maupin

I just read the email concerning Matt Maupin. I had the honor of riding with some of my fellow bikers and veterans for a ceremony honoring him. We rode from the National Guard center in Bartonville to Parkview cemetery in Peoria. There we were met by many of his fellow Guardsmen and women. The ceremony was very impressive. The picture I have attached is Matt's company commander. He was there when Matt was captured and right now is back in Iraq.

Dave Hinkle