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Emails for June 2005
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Parks & Rec Committee Meeting Date Changed | Thanks to Coaches and sponsors | Grandkids enjoy coming back to Minonk | C. A. C. needs volunteers for Peoria Chiefs games | Thanks to Minonk Rescue Team | Great job on Fieldcrest football DVD | 2004 HS Football Highlights DVD available | Lyle Heineke, hero | Second grade picture comments | Remembers second grade picture | Military misnomer | Another View on Graduation | Bicycle signs on Chestnut Street | Thanks to Police Department |

Thanks to Coaches and sponsors

I just wanted to say thanks to Todd Cremer for submitting the photos of the boys baseball team and the results from the Tournament they were in this past weekend. It is nice to see what is happening for our youth in Minonk. I also want to take this time to thank all the coaches that make it possible for this team to play. Thanks to Tom Barth, Todd Cremer (who has been our team pitcher all season), John Buis, Scott Hillenburg, Dave Harsted, Bill Ramsey and any other person that I may have missed, that has helped out thru the season with our kids. A special thanks to Visions Video who is the sponsor of our team. With out all the help of these people and businesses, we would not have the teams we have. And way to go BIG BLUE!!!!

Kim Barth

C. A. C. needs volunteers for Peoria Chiefs games

The C.A.C. is once again earning money by manning a concession stand at the Peoria Chiefs games this season. This is a great way to earn money without having to go door to door. However, we are in desperate need of a few volunteers to make this a success. We have several dates left to fill and need your help. The following dates are fast approaching and we still don't have enough signed up to help...Thursday June 16th @ 7:00, Tuesday June 21st @ 7:00, Thursday June 30th @ 7:00, Saturday July 9th @ 6:30, and Friday August 26th @ 7:00. If you are willing and able please call me at 432-2044. We will only be able to continue these efforts if we have your help. Thanks for helping the kids of Fieldcrest.

Tim Sanders

Great job on Fieldcrest football DVD

Dear Dave:

I have had an opportunity to watch the DVD and it is very good. Craig Meyer, Randy Ruestman, Wayne Weber, Jason Buchnan and Jim DeMay did a wonderful job putting together a fun highlight film from the 2004 season. If you are a fan of Fieldcrest Football, it is well worth watching. Thanks guys for putting the time into making a great season reviewable!


Garilyn Wells

Lyle Heineke, hero

If you know anyone in the service today, or have watched any military ceremonies, you will notice the GIs will be wearing brightly colored service ribbons on their dress uniforms. Ask them what they were awarded for and you will get detailed explanations from these proud recipients. Mr Heineke's Distinguished Flying Cross is ranked near the most important awards a serviceperson can achieve. The Medal of Honor is highest, with the Silver Star close behind and the Flying Cross following. Many might consider the Purple Heart to be most important and I can't argue against this. What took so long for the Government to find Mr Heineke might be excused by recalling the end of WWII. The GIs were shipped back, handed a discharge and happily sent home to loved ones and who sort of reminded others that they didn't want to talk about the horrors they had seen. The Korean "conflict" didn't get a whole lot of attention and is probably best remembered as a "long running TV serial" called MASH. Vietnam was a contentious war that brought out the best and worst in people. Most every GI just wanted to forget the "politics" of the era and make use of what our Government awarded to all service people since WWII, the GI Bill. A chance at college, low interest home loans and some medical help. Our recent Presidential election reminded us that the Vietnam War still wasn't over! A deceased cousin of mine was wounded in France on D Day, My brother-in-law fought in "the Battle of the Bulge" and my nephew received the Bronze Star in Vietnam. Now we have another political war that may equal or surpass any problems our government has had when dealing with other governments. It is hard for me to forget those 24 Minonk GIs who served some 60 years ago. Like me, I wonder how many of their stories you have heard or medals you may have seen.

Albin Johnson

Remembers second grade picture

I enjoyed seeing the picture that Donis put on the web page. Just one clarification on the title of the picture. It was a second grade class, not fourth grade. It was taken on the bleachers in the old high school gym. I don't recall the occasion exactly, but it was probably some performance for a PTA meeting or some such. My dad (Joe Vallow of Vallow Studio) took the picture. I recall how frustrated he got trying to herd all of the second graders into place and get them to look at the camera.

J. A. Vallow
Grafton, VA

Another View on Graduation

A couple of years ago I wrote a little story on High School graduation, I noted my "Class of 48" had but 31 attendees. Yesterday, arising at 5:30 AM for a ride into Fullerton to see my oldest grandson along with 7,400 others get their college diplomas. Cal State University is near the top of the nation's best Business Schools. His father graduated from there about 15 years ago. The campus now holds about 32,000 students. The majority of the students in "Business Administration" are children of Latino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Arabic, and Korean; in itself suggesting the prestige this school holds worldwide. Chairs were set up in a large green area fronted by a stage above which was erected a screen similar to the old drive-in theaters, and on which various cameras projected views of students, speakers, and close-ups of those receiving their diplomas. The keynote speaker was a corporate mogul who graduated CSU and had now donated a few million to start a new Business Building. The next couple hours or so were filled with screams, fog horns, snapping cameras, released balloons as each graduate was pictured on the big screen receiving their diploma. Keep in mind that there were several other Division ceremonies taking place at other spots on campus. Our family all congregated in the parking lot waiting for Robert to appear. Lots of tears when he appeared and maybe a couple slid down my cheek. You see, My daughter Malora is partially paralized and my wife and I have always lived close to her family. Robert is the oldest grandchild and the first to graduate college, and with that admission it reminds me of how old I have become. I was there for his birth, Marilyn and I would pick him up from preschool on occasion and sit and read from nursery rhyme books while waiting for his parents to pick him up. I can see myself sitting on our sofa, this little boy snuggled at my side as I read how "Jack Sprat jumped over the candle stick", He would always reply, "and made a mess! " He soon will be off to Europe as a graduation gift from his mom and dad. And now what will I do? By 2007, there will be 2 more such ceremonies and later, 5 more. Baring health issues or old age, I will be able to go to all their graduations. Yes, we are a close family, we have insisted on that, and I think, even though they tease me about my big belly or dozing off at parties, they love me equally as much as I love them. Yea, its an imposition to sit through all the family's little and big celebrations, BUT what better thing could you do??????

Albie Johnson

Thanks to Police Department

Hi Dave

I just wanted to give our Police Dept. a thank you for a job well done; my mother in-law's van was stolen back in Dec.

The first officer to respond was a LaSalle County Deputy, because it was found in their county. He would not do a investigation except to accuse my daughter and her boyfriend who had possession of the van when it was stole out of there backyard at 5:30 AM.

By the way my daughter was 5 months pregnant at the time, which I conveyed to the officer before he started threatening them with jail for giving a false police report. Just an observation, I think he was to lazy to do a proper investigation. He turned the case over to Minonk Police dept. and left. Thank You Lord; Now I’m very respectful to all law enforcement when it is deserved and almost all officers I have
met deserve respect, but not that one on that day.

Our Police and anyone who was involved with the confession from the Criminals at least one of which lived just outside of Wenona who stole the van. THANK YOU! And you can count on me to help when ever needed.

Just to let you know, Wenona and Rutland are nice towns much like Minonk, but could this be the reason for an OFF DUTY Minonk police officer might be seen working in those towns?

FROM My Mother in law and all my family and I; THANK YOU

Dave Howell

Parks & Rec Committee Meeting Date Changed

For those who were interested in attending the Parks and Rec Committee meeting originally scheduled for Monday, June 27th, please note is has been changed to Sunday, June 26th, 7:00 pm at Veteran's Park.

Ryan Orabutt

Grandkids enjoy coming back to Minonk


I pulled up Minonk Talk to find out when the 4th of July Fireworks are, and noticed that you had a birthday this month. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for all the work you do for Minonk. You are probably unaware of some who benefit. My grandchildren ages 4, 5, and 8 love to come to the celebrations there. We live in the Madison, WI area, and some of the celebrations are a little large and overwhelming for small children. Their parents appreciate not being stuck in traffic for over an hour. We all enjoyed the wonderful fireworks display last year and the parade. The grands beg to go to the Minonk Park when they visit my mom. I'm totally impressed with my former classmate who works so hard to make visiting Minonk a quality experience.

Bonnie Gerdes Smith

Thanks to Minonk Rescue Team

Thankfulness and gratitude are due the rescue workers here in Minonk for their quick response and the teamwork they displayed when called on Saturday. A Froman reunion was being held for the first time in Minonk when a member of the family from out of state became unresponsive, a combination of physical health and medication. By God's grace an EMT was across the street from the West Side park where the reunion was being held and responded immediately. Very shortly others arrived, each one doing what was necessary. We are blessed to report the patient was able to be released from St James on Sunday and is now hospitalized in Indianapolis, their home residence, for further observation. The entire group of attendees was grateful and impressed with the prompt response and professional manner displayed by Minonk's team.

Our heartfelt gratitude,The Froman family

2004 HS Football Highlights DVD available

If anyone is interested in a 2004 HS Football Highlight DVD you can contact me at

Second grade picture comments

Donis, thank you for contributing the 1954 second grade class picture. It was fun to look at and I even recognized a few without looking at their names! I was wondering if that boy in the top row, ? Fewell, could be Lawrence Fewell. His parents were Carl and Edna and one of his brothers was the late Don Fewell. I noticed that the girls have on slacks instead of dresses which is odd for little girls in 1954. Could you have all been dressed in "rhythm band uniform"? I'm not sure, but I think I see a tambourine or two in the top row. What a cute picture!

Ruth Ann Meierhofer

Editor's note: Ruth Ann, I think it is Lawrence Fewell in the picture. I was Carl and Edna's neighbor 55 years ago. They left Minonk around 1955.

Military misnomer


I too spent time at Edwards AFB. There I worked as a rocket engine mech. I worked on the X-15. These young men are not Soldiers but AIRMEN. Try calling a Marine a Soldier.

Rick Wylie

Bicycle signs on Chestnut Street

Dave ,
I am just curious as to why there are signs that had to be paid for by someone on each end of Chestnut Street between Pop's and Leiken's Law Office, that read: PLEASE WALK YOUR BICYCLE ON THIS BLOCK...
Yet, as I walk almost every day, I am nearly run over by someone on a bike. I question why we would post signs if we are not going to enforce the statement that they make.
Penny Land