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Emails for May 2017

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Card shower for Faye and George Minz | Rotary exchange student coming to Fieldcrest next school year | July 8th - 4 Person Best Ball Scramble at Tall Oaks Country Club | Thank you to the Post Office and Community of Minonk | Charles W. Allen and Co/Allen and Caldwell? | Police Department Correction | Police Department | evelyn turner 80th birthday | City-wide Cleanup Day Reminder on May 12th and 13th | Police department | Address for Suzanne Feken Fesler | Address for Dan Rowe | Remembering Andy and Cleta Moore |

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Rotary exchange student coming to Fieldcrest next school year

Toluca and Wenona Rotary clubs are sponsoring an exchange student from Taiwan for school year 2017-18. He is a 16-year-old boy that will be in the junior class next school year. He likes basketball, weight lifting, and competition dancing.

We are looking for host families to take him in for 4 to 6 months. He would live with the family like one of their own children. This is a great experience for a family to share our culture with that of life in Taiwan. The student will be here for almost a year and share his culture with two or three host families.

If you are interested in sharing your life with this student, please get in touch with Roger Gabrielse. He can explain what you have to do to be a host family. You can contact him at 815-343-8100 or 815-853-4066 or email:

Thank you to the Post Office and Community of Minonk

On May 13, the Postal Workers held their "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive in Minonk. Over 1500 pounds of food was collected and donated to the Minonk Food Pantry. Volunteers at the Pantry are so grateful to the workers who picked up all the food and to the residents of Minonk for their generosity. Pantry clients will greatly benefit from the "Stamp Out Hunger" drive. Thank you so much!

Lila McCulley

Police Department Correction

As I get older, I have a tendency not to reread what I have said! I am correcting my one sentence about the Police being seen in other towns or counties. If they are on Police business, then, yes, they should be there but if it is personal, no! I doubt very much if you have seen a Police Officer in another town or county that is personal, my bet is the fact that he or she is on Police business. But, like I said, call the Chief and talk with him and you will receive an honest answer. Minonk has a top Police Department..............keep it!!!!

Nancy Wherry

evelyn turner 80th birthday

The family of Evelyn Turner is having a card shower and an open house for her 80th birthday on may 17th . Please feel free to stop by her house at 903 N First road Dana,il on the 17th between the hours of 630 and 8pm and wish her a happy birthday. IF you can not stop by please feel free to send her a card at 903 N First Road Box 73 Dana,Il 61321. She will be pleasantly surprise at either thing that you choice to do.

teresa cirks

Police department

I have recently been informed that the Minonk Police Department no longer serves its citizens 24 hours a day. They are only working 20 hours a day and in the other four hours if the police are needed, the citizen requesting the police would have to wait for a Woodford County police officer to respond from somewhere in the county, can anybody tell me they feel more secure with this setup?

Angel Cirks

Josh Jones: What about the times the minonk police have been seen in Wenona or El Paso? Or who knows where else. Good chance somebody from woodford county could respond before them in that case. Allot of small town police officers do what they want because the city council doesn't enforce the rules.
Susan Skaggs: This has been quite some time ago so hopefully things have changed. Our dog was brutally attacked by another dog and our dog was in bad shape. Had to wait for officer to finish taking his shower. Needless to say he must take long showers cause it was over an hour we waited.
Diana Halley Ladd: When my sister had to call them for something they told her to call County.
Byron Good: It is what it is. We have no police presence here in Dana, yet no crime and we still manage on a day to day basis. Perhaps you can ask for a tax increase to help pay for it or give a large monetary donation
Dawn Conrad Mullen: It would be good to attend the city council meetings, ask question and get some answers.

Address for Dan Rowe

The MDR class of 1967 is having a class reunion in September and we have one classmate we are not able to locate. Does anyone know where Dan Rowe lives. He had a brother Paul who was in the class of 1968. Contact if you have any info. Thanks.

Marie Stimpert

Card shower for Faye and George Minz

A card shower is being held for the 50th wedding anniversary of Faye and George Minz on June 4. Please send cards to George and Faye Minz, 729 Locust St,. Minonk, IL 61760.

Tanya Minz

July 8th - 4 Person Best Ball Scramble at Tall Oaks Country Club

Join us for a day of golf, food, & fun at Tall Oaks Country Club!!

$200 per team includes: 18 holes, cart, dinner, prizes, and t-shirt for each team member. Proceeds will benefit St. Jude through Marshall County to Peoria St Jude Run.

Saturday, July 8th
12 pm Check - In
1 pm Shotgun Start

To participate, request and return registration with payment* by Saturday, June 24th to:

Jessica Overocker (815) 867-0918
Kayla Snyder (309) 275-1483
Heather McKay (309) 846-0985

Look forward to seeing you out on the course!

Heather McKay

Charles W. Allen and Co/Allen and Caldwell?

Hi, my great grandfather was Charles W. Allen, and he had a store in Minonk. I have a newpaper page announcing the opening of the store, taking over for Golden's Cash Store, no year or address is given, but the styles look like 1895-1905. The Allens lived in Shawneetown until 1911, when they moved to Evanston, but I think they kept the store? Please respond to


Peter Jenny

Police Department

Well, here I come, again! The people who are questioning the Police Department certainly need to talk to the Chief. The Police Department follows what the City Council members want them to follow........the hours, days and when they are on patrol. If you are seeing some police officers in other towns or, they should not be there but you need to let the Chief know you saw them. Also, when I attended a council meeting, it seems there are two members that want complete control over the police department.When a council hires a Chief, you should be able to let him do his job and not "micro manage" what he does! Minonk has an A plus Chief!!! Talk to him about his background! He is doing a great job for the people in Minonk!

Nancy Wherry

City-wide Cleanup Day Reminder on May 12th and 13th

As a reminder, the City of Minonk will be conducting a City-wide clean-up day from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. on Friday, May 12th and Saturday, May 13th, 2017. The City will have dumpsters available at the end of Oak Street as we have in the past.
The dumpsters are open to Minonk residents only. A Driver's License, or Water Bill Stub, with a Minonk city address is required in order to dispose of material at the site. The site is open for residential clean-up only. The site will not be open to commercial contractors. Load size will be limited to 1 ton trucks and trailers.
Electronics will be accepted – service provided by Kuusakoski Recycling
All general waste except - service provided by LaRose Disposal
-?Landscape Waste
-Liquid Wastes
-Fluorescent Light Bulbs
-Car Parts
-Concrete, Brick, Rock, Soil, or Ashes

City Admn. Austin Edmondson

Address for Suzanne Feken Fesler

The MDR Class of 1962 is having a class reunion in July. We are looking for a current address for Suzanne Feken Fesler. Contact if you have any information. Thanks, Linda Soltwedel

LInda Tolan Soltwedel

Remembering Andy and Cleta Moore

I just thought perhaps some of the former customers of Cleta's Kitchen might have missed this. They had a nice business with a warm friendly atmosphere. They had a large round table where people from all types of different professions who came in alone would enjoy conversation before starting the work day. When I was on the Board of Directors of A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois I ended up being a judge for a fund raiser chili contest. I talked to the creator of my choice for first place and realized I knew his parents years ago. They are both passed now Cleta February 23 2017, Andrew April 16 2017. Their Son Bruce has that same gentle friendly personality I remember they had.

Jack Devine