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Emails for May 2015
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Medicaid Funding | Avenue of Flags volunteers needed |

Avenue of Flags volunteers needed

The Avenue of Flags is in desperate need of volunteers to put up and take down flags on Memorial Day, May 25, 2015.
The flags will be erected at 6:00 a.m. starting at St. Patrick's cemetery. If it is raining at 6:00 a.m., the flags will not be put up. Take down of the flags will begin at 6:00 p.m. on the same day starting at the Minonk Twp cemetery. If it has rained during the day and the flags are damp or wet, the flags will be taken down on Tuesday evening at 6. The Avenue of Flags is a great tribute to the deceased veterans that have served to protect this country and community. It would be a loss to everyone if volunteers cannot be found to continue this event. Please Help!

'Chop' Jacek

Medicaid Funding

The residents at Heritage Health - Minonk are at risk as the state considers drastic cuts to Medicaid funding. Nursing homes across the state suffered $15 million in cuts for May and June and are now facing the possibility of $230 million in cuts for all of Fiscal Year 2016.

Such cuts would have a serious impact on the quality of care at Heritage Health – Minonk. We would be forced to decrease staffing to bare minimums and eliminate extras that create the home-like environment our residents and their families have come to expect. We would also be forced to cut the level of activities for residents, and would be forced to delay needed renovations.

Remember, our residents are the ones who worked their whole lives, paid their taxes, served our country and built our community. But, in many cases, they have outlived their resources. When it comes to deciding where to cut, our residents must be our top priority.

Please join me in calling on elected officials in Springfield to hold the line on Medicaid funding for nursing homes.

Kim Seaman, Administrator
Heritage Health – Minonk
201 Locust St
Minonk, IL 61760

Jerry Duncan: The cuts should come out of their salaries there the ones that got us in this mess
Jill Overocker: That's terrible Kim what shall we do
Lori Newhall: Post some numbers to call
Amanda Nelson: It's sad that people who need care have to suffer like this.
Sherry Steen Martin: That's not good and how sad for our elderly.
Kathi Wilking: Seems like. They did this in 1995 also,as I recall. Cut jobs,cut resources the residents truly needed daily. Family's all should be aware of this. Not a great thing for our deserving seniors!!