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Emails for May 2013
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I Agree With Peggy's Email Sewage Backup

Peggy Koch nailed the topic exactly. I failed to mention in my previous email about sewage back up. That is what this is. Main concern, health issues for people who have to live in this dilemma. Another concern sale value on homes that have experienced this problem. Plus frankly just plain gross.
Sewage in a basement; crawl space; ect. is not liveable conditions and definatly not acceptable. Ecoli? Black Mold? Really? Sump system or not this should NOT be ignored.

Thank you Peggy for making this issue right to the point. I believe don't call a spade a spade call it a shovel. We need to fix this issue; get those contractors and engineers that were on this job back > a.s.a.p. Get someone who is accountable and responsible for this problem; to clean these homes(sanitize) and NOT at the tax payers expense. Thanks Beck Quick


Thank you for this information. I was also involved with a scammer, thankfully did not take the bait. It was on a site called "Craigslist" and I had an item for sale and was contacted, my item was for $30 and they first offered me $50 not to sell it an said would contact me as was on their "honeymoon". Two days later asked where to send money and wanted my bank acct info to direct deposite so I told them no just send a money order. I received a check for $1500 and was emailed telling me they had mistakenly made out wrong amount and for me to cash it and they would be sending me the address to mail "MONEY ORDER" to shortly. Told me it would "have" to be a money order for some weird reason and even offered to send someone they called a "runner" to come to Bowling Green and go with me to the bank to cash their check and return them their part of the overpayment. It was a pretty elaborate scam. Well, I called our local police and reported this. By all means please be careful because it is so easy to get caught up in this. I have a dear friend who was not so lucky to have caught on and lost quite a bit of money.

Barbara "Lambert" Pitcock

I Realize We Are Not Alone

I know the flooding has impacted many areas. My concern is what or who are we suppose to hold accountable for loss on this last storm? Last week we got hit hard again and they are calling for more to come. If we keep turning this into insurance (if you have a policy) they will discontinue our coverage. Fema sends letters that you can acquire a SBA loan. What about the folks who don't have coverage and cannot afford a loan? Would appreciate any direction or information available. And no I am not going to blame God or Mother Nature. I will lose that argument. Thanks.

Becky Quick

Aunt Lita's House remembered


Thank you for putting this story on Minonk Talk. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I missed going thru the house when it sold some years ago. I am 78 and still intrigued by such a grand
house. It's the house you always dreamed of having.

Is "Aunt Lita's House" going to be stored with the other stories on Minonk Talk? I didn't know whether to print it off so my kids that come could read it as they are intrigued by the house, too.

I appreciate your maintaining Minonk Talk. I check it and read what's there sometimes 3 times a day. Thank You !!

Sue Mutchler
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More scammer experiences

Enjoyed your article on the scammers. I have several times received emails from friends supposedly stranded in foreign countries and needing money to pay jail fines.

A popular scam out here where there are lots and lots of grandparents is you get a call and a youngish male voice says "Grandma?" of course the usual automatic answer is "Yes" Then the caller will ask something like " Grandma don't you know me? I'm in Haiti and need money to pay a DUI..... that's as far as the last of these callers got. I have only one grandson old enough to drive, much less be in Haiti without his parents and I had just talked with him the day before so it wasn't hard to simply put down the receiver on this obvious scammer. A woman I know fell for the scheme and was on her way to wire money to her supposed grandson when a friend intercepted her and told her to check on the grandson before she sent the money. She called and found the young man at work as usual. So all kinds of scams are out there. We just need to be very alert.

Martha Owens

sprinkler park

Does anyone know when the sprinkler park is suppose to be running in Minonk this summer?


Received enough egg cartons, but still in need of pater towel rolls.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has been bringing items into the library for Summer Reading! We have already received all of the egg cartons that we need for our projects! We are still looking for paper towel rolls if anyone would happen to have any. (We'd prefer no toilet paper rolls because it kind of grosses me out) ;)
Thank you so much and we appreciate all of the help you've given to make this summer great!!
Kari Jones
Children's Librarian

Filger Library

Volunteers Needed

The Avenue of Flags is in need of volunteers to put up and take down the flags on Monday, May 27, 2013. Volunteers are to meet at St Patrick's
Cemetery at 6:00a.m. to put up the poles and flags. And again at the west end of the Minonk Township Cemetery at 6:00 p.m. to take them down.
Please help keep this tradition of honoring those deceased veterans who have served our Country.
If it is raining at 6:00 a.m., the flags will not be put up. If it rains while the flags are up and they are still wet, they will be taken down on Tuesday, May 28th at 6:00 p.m.
Thank you

"Chop" Jacek

Summer Reading at Filger Library

It's that time of year again! Filger Library will be participating in the IREAD Summer Reading Program once again this year. Our theme is "Have Book-Will Travel" and I'm very excited to see what traveling adventures we will have! Sign up will be starting on May 29th- June 7th here at the library and programs will be running from June 10th-July 3rd. All children and adults that live in town are invited to participate for free, and anyone from out of town can purchase a summer membership for only $5! Stop in, sign up and pick up a schedule!
Thanks and can't wait to see everyone!
Kari Jones
Children's Librarian

Kari Jones

Proud to be a brother of Jim Meyer

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Greetings from Satellite Beach, Florida.

I just read the article in Minonk Talk about my brother Jim Meyer, who retired as Township Supervisor and who served for 54 years in different capacities in Minonk. I am extremely proud of my brother for his outstanding work and accomplishments. Jim was born in Maquoketa, Iowa; started to first grade there; then, in 1942, our family moved back to the Meyer homestead in Carlock, Illinois. Thought you might like to see an early photo taken of Jim and I in Maquoketa, Iowa in 1940. Jim was just starting 1st grade; I was beginning my last year in Maquoketa High School. I always enjoy reading about Minonk news. You have a fine City.


Warren J. "Bud" Meyer

5K Run/Walk and Kids Fun Run

The Minonk St. Jude Run Team is hosting a 5K Run/Walk and Kids Fun Run on July 3rd. Fun Run starts at 5:30 pm and 5K Run/Walk at 6 pm.
Please visit our website at for details and to download your registration form or you can contact Tami Tallyn at 309-838-2040 for a copy. Register by June 7th to guarantee shirt and medal for kids! All proceeds to benefit St. Jude. Come out and join in the fun and help us raise funds for the kids of St. Jude!

Tami Tallyn

Rain Damage

I am in totally agree with Peggy Koch and Becky Quick's past e-mails. I don't need to say anymore. They both put it out there, so let's get something done about this.

Rhonda White

Aunt Lita's House

The old Stoddard home was bought by Dean and Sarah Stoddard McCully. It was torn down and Henri Mohar and Kent Lumber company built the present structure for them. They and their family lived in it for many years. There were many unique items in the home, one of them being a handcarved fireplace surround which was corn and beans to symbolize the farmland that paid for the home's construction. It was built at the same time the Methodist church was built.

Nick Mohar

Sewer backup

I am a homeowner that has been devastated by the sewer backup flooding. One look around town at the possessions on the curbs, ruined by the sewer water after a heavy rain, you can see everywhere the evidence of just how broken our sewer system is. I am just one of many who has lost furnaces, water heaters, washers, dryers, freezers full of food, furniture and personal possessions to this sewer water backup.
According to the Enviromental Protection Agency, this is a very real health issue when not only storm water, but also untreated human waste, industrial waste, toxic materials and debris enter our homes. This has to be addressed. This is an emergency situation. I realize we have had heavy spring rains, but it is not that out of the ordinary as some would want you to believe.
Do we really need to spend money on a downtown plaza and a walking trail? Or do we need to spend the money to fix our sewer? This is a question that needs addressed to our elected officials. Another walking park or downtown plaza is not necessary at this time, nor should it be a priority. We have some very nice parks in town, and for these nice parks, we thank you. Now we need to set our priorities and make our homes and health a priority. Many tax paying citizens are worried about finding the money before fall for a new furnace or maybe they will be living in a new park, on a bench.

Peggy Koch

Your Aunt Lita's House

Thank you, Martha, for sharing your story! A step back in time and we feel like we were there with you. That must have been a beautiful house and I believe when it was torn down Dr. Barrett built the present home.
I, too, think your article needs to be with the rest of the stories.
Thanks again.
Jari Lynn Oncken

Aunt Lita's House

Thanks for the article, Martha. I, too, remember the fun times exploring the house and the stables with you. The attic at 417 Maple held many treasures to be explored also!

Pam Palmer Goy

Beaver issue to be resolved


Just wanted to give you some information regarding the beaver damage to the trees at the I-39 pond. I contacted Action Wildlife Solutions last week and hope to have this issue resolved soon.


Gary W. Brennan
Minonk City Administrator


Notice to American Legion Volunteers

Due to the weather conditions today, the American Legion's plan to place flags at veteran grave sites, scheduled for 2:00PM today, May 23rd, the time is rescheduled to 1:00PM today. If raining, placing flags will be rescheduled to 1:00PM, Friday, May 24th.

Dave Shirley
Post 142

Dave Shirley

FHS Band Booster Meeting May 23

There will be a FHS BAND BOOSTER'S MEETING TOMORROW NIGHT, MAY 23 at 6 PM in the HS band room. We especially want to encourage incoming Freshmen and their parents to attend. If you are an incoming Freshmen and stop by and we will get you fitted for a uniform!

Christy Kline

American Legion Seeks Volunteers

The Minonk American Legion Post 142 will be placing flags at grave sites of veterans at the Minonk Township Cemetary and at St. Patrick's Cemetary, Thursday, May 23rd, 2013, in preparation for the Memorial Day activity on Monday May 27th, 2013. Post 142 is seeking volunteers to help with the placement of the flags at the cemeteries. Anyone that may be interested in helping, should be at the Minonk Township Cemetery by 2:00 PM, Thursday, May 23rd. Legion guides will be available to assist. Depending on number of people available, this project should be completed within 1 to 1/12 hours.

Dave Shirley
Post 142


Household Items Needed

As always for Summer Reading, we are expecting a large turnout for children, (Which we LOVE) but this year we are in need of a few household items for our crafts. We are looking for egg cartons (any kind as long as it holds a doz) and paper towel rolls. If you happen to have any of these, please drop them off at the library. Thanks in advance and we appreciate your support!
Kari Jones
Children's Librarian

Kari Jones


I think it is time just like bulky waste day, the first Thursday of the month we should make a date (or dates) for burning to be allowed in town. Now that the weather has finally turned nice its disappointing you can't leave your house windows open for fresh air only to find when you come home your neighbors have decided to start a fire (often) and all the smoke, smell, etc... has now entered your home and with many of us having allergies etc... it is not a pleasant experience to come home to or be outside trying to enjoy the nice weather with family and friends only to have to breath/smell someones burning debris. Please take this in to concideration. Thanks!

Ava Cremer