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Emails for May 2012
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Wants Information | FHS Band to perfrom at Wenona City Park June 1 | Update on mine hoisting engine | Coal mine history | Beware of scam artists! | St Paul's Mother-Daughter Banquet | St. Jude Team Bingo Night Fundraiser | Fieldcrest Marching Knights need funds for new banner |

FHS Band to perfrom at Wenona City Park June 1

Friday June 1st starting at 7PM at the Wenona City Park, the FIELDCREST HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND AND JAZZ BAND will be performing. Come out and enjoy the music! Also, there will be food in the concession stand along with homemade pies. The band benefits from the concession stand that night so please come out and support our very talented kids!

Christy Kline

Coal mine history

Hi Dave,

Most people don't think of Illinois as a major coal state, but we hold some records. Maybe this would be a good addendum to one of the mining history stories on your site.

Illinois Mining Records

The Cherry, Illinois mine disaster of 1909 was the 3rd worst in U.S. history. 259 died. (Source: United States Mine Rescue Assn.)

There is more coal under Illinois than any other state, comprising 25% of our nation's bituminous reserves. (Source: Illinois Coal Assn.)

Since 1810, over 4,500 coal mines have operated in Illinois.
Several world records in coal production are held by Illinois mines.

These facts and a photographic history of Illinois coal mining can be seen here:

Jim Flynn

St Paul's Mother-Daughter Banquet

St. Paul's Mother- Daughter Banquet is 6/3 @ noon. Tickets are $5 for adult & $4 for children 5-11, under age 4 are free. Deadline for tickets are 5/30. Meal includes chicken salad on croissant, green salad, cheesecake and fruit. Theme is a Trivia contest on Women of the Bible. See Joan Osterman, John/Suzie Schertz, Hannah Wyss or church office for purchasing tickets.

tina l welch

Fieldcrest Marching Knights need funds for new banner

The Fieldcrest Marching Knights are in need of a new banner. Banner's are quite costly so the Knights need your support. Businesses and individuals are encouraged to donate a minimum $25.00 towards the new banner. When you donate your business or individual name will be added to the supporter's list. Band members will be contacting various businesses to seek donations. If you are not contacted but wish to donate, please contact any of the band booster officers. Thank You for your continued support.

The FHS Music Department is hosting their Spring Concert this Sunday, May 6 at 2:00 in the HS gym, you can also donate during this time!

Booster Officers
Christy Kline
Mari Hinrichsen
Bob Baker
Tracy Luckey
Angela Lipinski


Wants Information

I am reposting this, since it has been almost 2 years. I have been in contact with Lynn Tweet-Rabinowe for a while now and have gotten some good info from her, but I'd like to hear from anybody else who knew him.

My father, Bob Mitchell, owned a florist shop in Minonk in the 1970s. If anyone has any information or pictures, I was wondering if you could contact me. He passed away about 17 years ago, but I am trying to gather some information on him, as we were estranged. He also married a lady named Marilyn. I have no idea if she was from Minonk or not. I'm not even sure that she is still alive. The last I heard she was living in Hawaii, but I have lost contact with her. If anyone has any information, please contact me at . Thank you. I do remember going to Minonk several times during the summer of 1970 and part of 1971. I joined the Navy in July of '71 and I spent some time with him in Minonk before I left. Thanks for any and all help you can provide.

Steve Mitchell

Update on mine hoisting engine

Hi Dave,

I found a photo of the Crawford-McCrimmon hoisting engine in an old catalog online that was referenced in my story on the Sutton Mine Engine Room. Thought you'd like to see it.

My text, written from my dad's description, was a bit off. There were two drums instead of one large one. I didn't know the cylinders were so widely separated, that the operator stood between them. And there is no crankshaft journal, such as in a gas engine. The connecting rods operated on a stub shaft on the double flywheels.

Notice the massively reinforced cylinder head, to withstand the tons of pressure inside. The c-rods were connected with 90 degrees of rotational separation, so when one piston was at either end of travel and momentarily ineffective, the other was exerting maximum turning
power. As was usual in those days, the cylinders were banded with hardwood, for insulation. They needed to be kept hot, to minimize steam condensation.

When they junked the mine in 1951, all rails, electric cable, etc. were brought up to be sold. On the last day, when the mine would never again be entered, the wrecking crew went to work on that engine with a cutting torch. It hadn't even cooled. Broke my dad's heart. The throttle lever in the photo is a heavy piece of solid iron. He brought it home for a souvenir. It's in the back of my shed somewhere.

Click here for a picture of the hoisting machine.

Jim Flynn

Beware of scam artists!

I've had a couple of local people, who happen to be business owners tell me that they've gotten calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft and that they've seen infections coming from their computers over the internet. They try to get the person to give them remote access to the computer and then try and get them to pay a one time fee to clean it.

John Hawk

St. Jude Team Bingo Night Fundraiser

I just wanted to thank all the women & men who put forth so much of their time & effort towards such a great cause. I know my family and I had a blast Saturday night and I'm pretty sure everyone else there did too. Heaven forbid your child or someone's child you know would have to go through childhood illness, whatever it may be. That is why St. Jude is such a great cause! I applaud all the runners, non-runners and everyone who donated money & time, keep up the good work. Looking forward to next year Bingo night!

Tind Dunning