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Emails for April 2019

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Honor Flight pork chop meal will proceed as scheduled. | Fieldcrest Board Should Go With Plan B | Fieldcrest School Board | Need bowlers for 9 Pin Bowling Tourney | Minonk Lanes hosting Spring and Summer Cookout | MDR Class of 1959 Reunion Invitation Form | Shoes Please | Help the Food Pantry if you Shop at Amazon | Rutland Cemetery Assocation needs help in a few areas | Town Wide Garage Sale Reminder | Needs to dispose of roof shingles | Ketchy's Tavern Bar? |

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Honor Flight pork chop meal will proceed as scheduled.

The Honor Flight pork chop meal will proceed as scheduled at 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the Wenona Middle School and Softball field in Minonk.

Susie Rients

Fieldcrest Board Should Go With Plan B

At the Special Board Meeting on December 3, 2018 I presented to the board my Plan B for the board since they did not have one going into the referendum election and the voters of the district have spoken and told the board they are not interested in putting up any new buildings.

So in quick summary here is my Plan B.

(1) Close Wenona and move the students to Minonk and Toluca due to continued declining enrollments. A study was done 2 years ago that showed it is feasible to move grades 6 through 8 from the middle school in Wenona to the secondary school in Toluca and to move grade 3 from the secondary school to the primary school in Minonk. The Board's construction manager Rich Krischel from the firm Cordogan Clark stated in an open board meeting that the current enrollment at Wenona is 240, but by the time new buildings could be completed enrollment is estimated to be 190.

(2) According to Farnsworth's estimated cost to repair Wenona of $14,584,920, this money will be saved by the district.

(3) Repair the existing high school and get a second cost estimate from another engineering firm since the cost estimates from the Farnsworth Group are highly inflated and done so to present a worst case scenario.

(4) Require bids from more than one contractor. If necessary continue the bidding process until you get more than one bid and do not move forward without multiple bids.

(5) As I stated previously this is not a win/win situation, but what is best for the district financially as a whole as it will minimize the loss of revenue to the district, reduce repair cost and enable the district to meet the safety mandates of the State.

Also at the December 3, 2018 meeting the majority opinion of the Board was to pursue another referendum to build new. What part of "NO" from the voters did you not understand from the results of the November 2018 election? You board members were elected to represent the voters of the district, not to think for them. They have told you NO new buildings, but a majority of you still did not get it and some of you will continue to sit on this board. I would hope that the three new board members will listen to the voters and exercise due diligence with their fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities to the citizens of Fieldcrest.

I want to thank the outgoing board members for their service and welcome the new board members and wish them well.

James Liner

Arleen McClanahan: Why was the former Wenona High School left to wreck and ruin? Repair and fix existing buildings. Be responsible for upkeep, spend money wisely. The school enrollment is falling. The voters have spoken.
Timothy L Kuhlman: Maybe a 2nd opinion on repairs to Wenona school. Closing a school based on 1 bid is not viable. I wish the new board members the best of luck.

Fieldcrest School Board

This is 100% why the communities voted down the Referendum, we are tired of them doing stuff like this. They voted on spending a bunch of money but have no idea what they are buying, this should have been a line item breakdown to the amount of tubes of caulk that will be used.

"The Fieldcrest Board of Education approved a bid of $91,200 for the purchase of doors and windows for the Primary and Secondary school buildings in Minonk and Toluca to comply with the 10 year HLS requirements. The bid did not include how many doors and windows are included which made it difficult to determine the unit cost."

John FIelds

Gwenyth Lohr-Fandel: is school engineer john bishop and bishop construction ( who gets 91000 dollars) in any way connected?
Carol J Johnson: I think they need a new school board. In 1961 we didn't have paper, chalk or anything else in the classrooms. I think we had a couple of playground balls for recess. I was at Dana and didn't even have Reading books. I made up my own plans and sneaked into the high school to use the copy machine using paper I bought in Bloomington. Scots Foresman text book company felt sorry for the poor Illinois students and gave us samples of new texts coming out. Those were our Math books. Talk about rough starts in school. Those kids were brilliant to make it through. The local library didn't have too many age appropriate books either. Guess who had to buy books. And our salaries were way below poverty level. Happy Educating, Minonk!
Beth Hanson Hakes: Carol J Johnson I think it is impossible to compare a 1960's education to a current education. Lots of thing have changed and evolved and our kids need to be up to date in their education. I do agree the communication needs to be better on work that HAS to be done in order to keep the schools functioning
Edmund Johnson: New school board has not been sworn in yet

Need bowlers for 9 Pin Bowling Tourney

In need of bowlers for the 9 Pin Bowling Tourney for St. Jude at Minonk Lanes this weekend! There are spots available for Thursday at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 4 pm. If you can get a 5 person team together, that's ideal, but at this time, we can also figure something out for individuals or couples. Just trying to raise as much as possible for St. Jude! :) Please text me asap if interested! Thank you! -Sonja Frei 309-287-2279

Sonja Frei

Minonk Lanes hosting Spring and Summer Cookout

Minonk Lanes will be hosting the Spring and Summer Cookout each Saturday (weather permitting). We will be serving Brats, Chicken, Hamburgers, Hotdogs Porkchop and Ribeye sandwiches. 10:30 till everybody is full!!
Thank you

Susan Snow

MDR Class of 1959 Reunion Invitation Form

To MDR Class of 1959 classmates,

An invitation to the MDR Class of 1959 Reunion has been sent out to classmates for which we have an address. However, there are some classmates for which we have no address. For those classmates who have not received an invitation, click on this link to download the invitation and registration form. Contact information is included in the download forms.

Dave Uphoff

Shoes Please

The shoe drive to benefit the Food Pantry and Santa's Helpers is coming to an end next week. Please get all your donations in by April 15. Every pair counts!

Thank you,
Sequential committee, St Paul's United Church of Christ

Marion Kennel

Help the Food Pantry if you Shop at Amazon

The Minonk Food Pantry is now registered with Amazon. If you shop Amazon, here's an easy way to make donations. Log into AmazonSmile and select Minonk Township Food Pantry and 0.5% of each eligible purchase will be donated to the pantry. Thanks for your help!

Lila McCulley

Rutland Cemetery Assocation needs help in a few areas

The Rutland Cemetery Association is in need of some help in a few areas which are detailed on our page. Our Spring Fundraiser is also underway! Raffle chances are available for a really pretty grave saddle. We are also accepting bids on several antiques. Please check out our page for more information on everything!

Christy Kline

Town Wide Garage Sale Reminder

Just a reminder that the Town wide Garage Sale is Saturday, April 27 from 8 am to 2 pm. If you want to participate please print out the attachment or pick up a form from The Sweet Shop or Minonk Community Bank. Please return the form to me at 626 Locust Street or in the boxes at the locations listed. The deadline for filling out the form is Monday, April 22nd. After that time I will be emailing everyone a copy of the map of the sales and posting a copy on

The sales are advertised in the following papers: The Woodford County Journal, and the Star; Streator Times Press; Toluca Star Herald; El Paso Journal. Each and every ad has a date/time of the sale and that the sales are posted on this website for everyone to see.

Thanks so much.

Cathy McKay

Needs to dispose of roof shingles

Are there any roofing contractors or something of the sort that could dispose of some roof shingles for me? I would pay you a little bit for it. I am trying to sell my house and the owner before me had a bunch of roof shingles in a wagon that I have since gotten rid of. I just need to dispose of them. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks!

Kirsten Horine

Ketchy's Tavern Bar?

Hi ...
My dad, Tony Ketchmark, owned and ran Ketchy's Tavern on Chestnut St. from 1932 > 1948 or 49 . I saw info that his actual back-bar was sold in 2010, and was wondering if anyone local knows where that bar is now located? There was a mention of Union, IL in one story. I think it was a museum in that town. Do you know if that's true? If so, I would appreciate a heads up , as my brother would like to visit and have a beer at the bar that provided for our education and good home.

Thanks for listening.

Jim & Gene Ketchmark ...

Contact: .... 707-273-8366

James Ketchmark