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Emails for March 2016

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Zoning Board Hearing for Tuesday night to be rescheduled | Good Friday Garbage Pickup East Side | Town Wide Garage Sale set for April 30 | Congratulations to FHS players | St. Jude Bingo Tickets Now Available! | Pancakes and Sausage | Dollar General | Dollar General | Update on Grosenbach's Grocery opening | Reminder on Fieldcrest Community Meeting | Dollar General | Dollar General | Presbyterian Church | Vote for Flanagan basketball player national 3 point contest | Minonk Presbyterian Church demolition | Presbyterian Church Destruction | Presbyterian Church | Fieldcrest Hiring Outside Firm for Inspections | Why is Fieldcrest hiring private firm for inspection? |

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Zoning Board Hearing for Tuesday night to be rescheduled

The Zoning Board Hearing scheduled for Tuesday, March 29th, is to be rescheduled for a later date. Updated information will be posted as soon as possible.

Libby Goodwin

Town Wide Garage Sale set for April 30

The Town Wide Garage Sale is scheduled for April 30 from 8 am until 2 pm. If you are interested in participating the sign up forms will be available at Grosenbach's Grocery, Minonk Community Bank or Pop's or download the form from this website.

To have your sale advertised in the map you must fill out the form and return it to me by Monday, April 25th.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me.

Cathy McKay

St. Jude Bingo Tickets Now Available!

The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Runners' Bingo Night fundraiser will be held on Saturday April 2nd in Rutland. Tickets are now available for purchase. Adults (age 10+) $25 Children $10. This includes your bingo cards for the evening, a complimentary pop or water and cookie as a thanks for coming, and the chance at winning a lot of fun prizes with friends and family, all while helping raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which has become very dear to our community's heart.

Doors open at 5pm for food- there will be a dinner of gondola sandwich, chips, and drink for $5 available, as well as an opportunity to purchase chances for our really great raffles. Bingo play starts at 6:30. All are welcome to come and purchase food, bake sale items, and raffle tickets, however due to the space, once Bingo begins we ask that all in attendance have a ticket. To guarantee your seat, purchase in advance by texting or calling Beth Hakes at 309-669-6354 or Sonja Frei at 309-287-2279. Last year we had a great time and raised over $11,500 for St. Jude! Let's do it again!

Sonja Frei

Dollar General

As our house faces the back of the Dollar General, the convenience of being able to get groceries has been great and the service outstanding. Having a grocery store with fresh meat and vegetables will also be nice in March.

Our only complaint has been that the trash that blows into our yard or that accumulates behind the store.

Also, it would be fantastic if the city would replace the sidewalk in front of our house with a business across the street. It is unlevel and cracked with dips and ledges.

Thank you,
Mike & Lisa Zimmerman


Update on Grosenbach's Grocery opening

Hi Dave-
Thank you for stopping in and seeing us at the store! With all the excitement in town and the surrounding area I wanted to send you a quick update on the opening of the store. We have had a few set backs in the store but nothing too significant. We will be opening the store on March 9th at 9 a.m. I apologize in advance if we have to change that again but it looks like we will hit that target date. I hope to send you some pictures of some new and exciting features that are coming to the store very soon. Be on the lookout for our official Facebook Page later this week. Let's get the likes going! The team and I are working hard and we can't wait to see everyone in shopping with us in March!

Thanks again,
Corey Grosenbach
Grosenbach's Grocery

Kay Gibbs: Corey and Sara, ,we the crew, and many volunteers have been working very hard turning this store into a beautiful functional grocery store....updating the machines, cleaning, ordering the hundreds of grocery items for the shelves,, setting up shelves, painting, setting up vendors, it all takes time,,, and finally its gonna happen...soon...this store is so awesome, lets back our little town and shop locally.....we are going to have items in produce, meat, deli, and food you have never seen before come see us March 9th....Corey....your dream is happening....

Dollar General

Hi Dave, Seems to me as long as the author adds his or her name this is a good forum. Both sides have their chance. We used to do this on the Bank Corner but sadly that is no more.

Bob Schmitz

Presbyterian Church

This is a terrible failure of stewardship on the part of the school administration, which allowed this beautiful building to be turned into a dumping ground, and a failure of the school board for not keeping tabs on an inept administration. I feel so sorry for my home town, losing a landmark historical building of architectural significance. The site will probably become a scenic parking lot for school administrators, who apparently have no appreciation of our town's heritage.
Dean Uphoff
MDR 1954

Becky Peiffer: They need to give the community the opportunity to buy it. It's going to cost them more in the long run to tear it down, that's just how stupid our school district and school board members are!

Tina Dunning: Well said!

Minonk Presbyterian Church demolition

I am totally shocked at the announcement that the Presbyterian Church is slated to be demolished, and I am equally appalled at the condition in which it now appears!!! This beautiful building has been a Minonk landmark nearing 100 years. So what happened to the Fieldcrest School District's intention to use it for offices and public events vs dumping its unused "garbage" there? This is an edifice which should be considered for Historic Preservation, not demolition. My hope is that a group of private citizens will rise to the occasion and try to salvage this memorable site of Minonk history with the help of those such as myself who care enough to help in the effort.

Carol Palmer Schmidt

Presbyterian Church

This is such a tragedy to see such a beautiful piece of architecture and important part of Minonk history being destroyed. How did it come to this point after 10 years under the jurisdiction of the Fieldcrest School District? Does this give some indication of the leadership within the district? Where is the district headed next?

Pamelia Palmer Goy

Lynn Barth Manning: My sentiments exactly. It appears they threw $$$$ away and I wonder if the sellers knew this was going to be the outcome, if they would've sold it to the school district.

Becky Peiffer: I would love to buy the church

Why is Fieldcrest hiring private firm for inspection?

Please correct me if I am wrong regarding the facts. A report on Minonk Talk that states that the Fieldcrest Consolidated Unit #6 School District Board of Education has hired the firm of Farnsworth to conduct an inspection of all buildings within the school district.

If I recall correctly, during a school board meeting I attended, a statement was made by a District #6 school board member or the superintendent of the District, regarding a scheduled 10 year inspection by the Illinois Board of Education of all District buildings that would occur in 2016 to determine District #6's compliance in regard to the Illinois Board of Education building codes.

My question is this: What explanation did the District #6 school board present as to why the District #6 board voted to spend our tax dollars on hiring a private inspection of the district's buildings when the State of Illinois is scheduled to do the 10 year inspection free of charge this year?

Gene Oncken

Good Friday Garbage Pickup East Side


Would you know if East Side of town have garbage pickup on Friday?

Thank you,
Mike Zimmerman

Editor's reply: City Hall confirmed that there will be garbage pickup on Good Friday.

Mike Zimmerman

Congratulations to FHS players

Today at 11:48 AM
Congratulations to Abbie Fuller, Brooke Klendworth, Drew Barth, and Matthew Modro on being selected to represent the the Heart of Illinois Conference in the Heart of Illinois Conference vs Sangamon Valley Conference all-star basketball games. The games will be played Saturday, March 19, at Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley High School in Gibson City. The girls' game will tip off at 6 p.m., followed by a dunk contest and then the boys' game at 7:30 p.m.

Mitch Neely
High School Physical Education Teacher
Fieldcrest High School Head Girls Basketball Coach
Fieldcrest High School Football Defensive Coordinator


Pancakes and Sausage

Dana Fire Department
Published by Ricky Bane · 1 min ·
Dana Fire would like to express our heartfelt thanks and admiration to everyone who came to eat at our Pancake and Sausage breakfast. Also we are very grateful to all of our sponsors and donors with out whom it would be much harder to make this work as well as it does We are proud to say that we set a new record by serving over 1070 paying customers! that is a new record by a long shot, the weather was a very important factor in that number! We were able to raise some very important funds that will be used to improve the services that we provide to the community.
the following people won prizes

Shelly Barth 50/50 $350
Robert Sechrest 1/2 hog from Chenoa Locker
Laptop/tablet Wm. Bane
Kendle Fire Jibben
4000 watt generator Tami Coons

Congratulations to all of our winners!
Again thank you to all involved and a special Thanks to all of the Firemen, Board Members, Karate kids, Former
Firemen, their families that put in the many hours to put on a production of this scope.
Thank You All

Ricky Bane President of the Board
J. A. Seanard Fire Chief

Dana Fire DEpt

Dollar General

I feel I must say think you to the entire staff at Dollar General. Since IGA closed, they've done a great job keeping the town fed. The amount of pressure that Pat and everyone working at Dollar General was under must have been staggering!
I do find it funny that the people complaining are in there every day. If you really don't like it, why don't you go somewhere else?
In closing, thank you again Dollar General staff for all your hard work and handling the responsibility well.

Scott Sharp

Diana Monday Ford: I am from Tennessee and my sister used to live and work there. I have been a manager of 3 retail business's. Kindness is best if you want to keep your customers. Pressure or not that's what retail is all about. A smile goes a long way and a kind word does too . A hello how are you and thank you for shopping with us or a stop to chat if your stocking. Don't know about now but from the remarks it looks like things haven't changed much.

Kari Stewart Jones: They run a corporate business. The corporate business would be ran the exact same way with the exact same supplies whether there be a grocery store in town or not. That's fact. The point being made is that it takes extremely little effort to be a nice person at least a majority of the time.

Richard Williams: I have always been treated well in there. Every single staff member that I've met has been pleasant.

Reminder on Fieldcrest Community Meeting

A reminder that the Fieldcrest CUSD 6 building project Community Meeting will be held this Thursday, February 18, 2016, at 7:30 pm in the high school cafeteria.


Dr. Dan Oakley

Dollar General

Is it me or is the manager of dollar general the most unfriendly person there is. You can tell they don't have any competition in town. You can go in there and there will be a line with 10 or more people in line, one person checking out and one keep stocking shelves. I personal can't wait until the grocery store opens then maybe DG will change their ways.

Jack Allen

John Brett Glowacki: Wow. I love living in Minonk as I was raised here all my life, moved away and realized how much I missed living in Minonk again but this goes way too far!Shame on you for honestly complaining about a person on Minonktalk and shame on you Dave Uphoff for allowing this post!

Melanie Olson Mills: If you pick up any paper or magazine, you will find educational sections, want ads, advertisements and yes....a gossip section. We are privileged to live where our opinions and thoughts can be shared whether or not the public agrees. I think we are lucky to have Minonktalk. We have someone that spends his valuable time and energy on a town and people that he cares so much about. Countless hours at board meetings, taking pictures of parades, gathering historical data just to name a few. As a "reporter" if you will, he shares all information, good or bad. I am thankful for David Uphoff. I am also thankful for all that he has done in our community. And my opinion!

Tonya Grubb: That lady has always been rude. I know first hand that some customers can be rude etc... but she's always rude and it's like if you don't like helping ppl or your job maybe you should do something else.

Christine Vallera Simmons: Or better yet complain to corporate. If you tell them they loosing money bc of an employee perhaps they might do something about it!

Linda Bottcher Thacker: I'm thankful to have a dollar store. If you are unhappy with the service, complain to the store. I would find that more appropriate than a public forum.

Sara Baker: I worked there and know for a fact people have complained to corporate about her, she just denies it and they say ok.

John Brett Glowacki: Seriously? Are we really badmouthing people online?

Bryan Lowery: I agree that's why we take the time to go elsewhere

Sara Baker: I agree there are better ways to go about this. However having worked there and seeing how eldery are treated by her, employees actually being told to "stop catering to the elderly" amongst other comments and issues, i dont think its that bad for people of a community to discuss or complain about an issue in our community. Especially about somebody who is not from our community, if the complaints go un noticed or get bypassed by corporate, and if u say these things to her herself she simply tries to ban you from the store. If a good portion of people from town have a problem there then there is reason for complaint. If anything she is the one bullying the people of Minonk and the very customers that they need to survive.

Heather Renner Meyers: Not just the manager is rude but the district manager is in complete denial about the problems in the store. Just because we live in a small town doesn't me we don't deserve good customer service.

Renee Williams Jeesh: whether this is true or not.. This is not the place for this... We teach our children about bullying yet adults think this is ok... There are better places to lodge complaints..

Vote for Flanagan basketball player national 3 point contest

Flanagan basketball player Jonathan Barth was selected to be a contender in a national 3 point contest. He was selected for the American Family Insurance "#DreamFearlessly Fan Vote" 3-point championship. Voting began at noon Wednesday and features the top 16 3-point shooters in the country in a bracket-style competition. For more on the contest, click on the Pantagraph article here..

Fans can vote once per day from each platform at I think it would be nice to have an area boy selected to be involved in the national championship in Houston, especially since he is from a small school and will have a lot of competition and also because his great grandparents were from Minonk. So click on the above link and vote.

Dave Uphoff

Presbyterian Church Destruction

Hi Dave,

I read your article on Minonktalk about the Presbyterian Church. I am so saddened to see this beautiful building slated for demolition. I have such fond memories of church and Sunday School there. I hope and pray someone decides to buy the building and do something positive with it. It is to me part of what makes my childhood in Minonk wonderful and memorable.

Thank you.

Sonnie Moritz
Roanoke, IL


Fieldcrest Hiring Outside Firm for Inspections


I recently read a "Letter to the Editor" by Gene Oncken asking why Fieldcrest would hire a private firm to conduct a 10 Year Inspection when the ISBE(Illinois State Board of Education) would do it for free. I am going to try and answer his question.

In 2009 I retired as Macon-Piatt Regional Superintendent of Schools (Decatur IL area) and one of the many duties of the office was to oversee all local school districts Health and Life Safety Code files and report our findings to ISBE.

Regional offices of education, ISBE and your local school district keep copies of Health/Life Safety information for all of your school buildings. They include annual inspections, 10 Year Inspections, requests by districts to ISBE to use funds for building improvements, additions, new construction, demolition, etc. The annual inspections are performed free of charge by your regional office of education but the 10 Year (Decennial) Inspection, required by the IL Administrative Code 180 must be conducted by a licensed architect. Please read below from the "23 IL Administrative Code 180" (Health/Life Safety Code for Public Schools):

Section 180.310 Decennial Inspections (10 Year Inspections)
Each school board subject to this Part shall have its school buildings surveyed in conformance with Section 2-3.12 of the School Code. No less often than every ten years, each school board subject to this Part shall have its school buildings surveyed by a licensed design professional in conformance with the provisions of Section 2-3.12 of the School Code.
a) In the course of his or her on-site inspections, the architect or engineer shall check the accuracy of the safety reference plans, verify the information shown on the facility inventory records, and make such corrections as are necessary.
b) The design professional conducting the survey shall prepare a safety survey report conforming to the requirements of Section 2-3.12 of the School Code and including the materials specified in Section 180.320 of this Part.
(Source: Amended at 29 Ill Reg. 15904, effective October 3, 2005)

I hope this information has helped clear up any confusion regarding your district hiring an outside firm to conduct such an inspection. If anyone has any further question(s) regarding Health/Life Safety Code for schools, just Google "23 Illinois Administrative Code 180" and you should be able to find most of your answers or contact your local regional office of education.

Richard "Dick" Shelby
MDR Class of 1970

Richard Shelby