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Emails for February 2007
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Water deposits request


With the recent change in policy regarding the water deposit, I take it that those of us who have already paid the $75 and pay our bill on time will now be hit with another bill for $75. It would be helpful if the city would consider splitting this $75 over 3 or 4 payments, as I am sure others like me find the household budget tight at this time of year, especially as our electric bills have risen, and we are paying winter gas bills.

Sharon Russell

Regarding water deposits

This is in response to Larry Tasker not realizing that the topic of water deposits was up for discussion.

The first time I found water deposits mentioned is on November 26 th. It was posted out on Minonk Talk for public viewing. It was mentioned again on December 25 th (, January 7th (, February 11 th ( and finally the recent posting of February 24 th ( So, this is not a new topic. The public was welcome to comment at the City Council meetings. You can view all past headlines by clicking on "News" and then "Headlines" at the top of the Minonk Talk homepage.

Unfortunately like most things, it only takes a few who skip out without paying to ruin it for everyone else.

Sherry Willis


Discovered MinonkTalk

I just discovered your great web site thanks to Harvey Parks, my nephew who manages the Rufus Parks farm west of Minonk. My wife and I were born and raised in Minonk and treasure fond memories of the town. My wife, Elizabeth (Betty Smith), died two years ago. She graduated with the class of 1939 and I was in the class of 1937.

There is one small error on the "Early Settlers" page. At the bottom of the center column mention is made of Oliver Parks. The name of the college that he founded was Parks Air College and not Parks Air Force College. I graduated from the school in 1941 and at the moment have my framed diploma on the wall of my den. Oliver was my first cousin and we were both grandsons of William Alva Parks. I think that I am William's last surviving grandchild.

The web page is outstanding. Thank you for your efforts.

For the record, my address is:

933 111th Avenue NE Apt. 436
Bellevue, Washington

Dan Parks

Water deposits

What a bunch of bull this is raising the deposit from
75.00 to 150.00! Good luck finding people that can get
1st.and last months rent plus this charge. I hope your
houses go unoccupied for months. Also it says the
landlord will still have to pay the unpaid bill but
will turn it over for collection. If the city is paid
the bill then how can they turn it over to a
collection agency? Shouldn't the landlord have to do
it? I would think a landlord could put in his/her lease
that any unpaid bills that they might have to pay
could be taken out of the deposit. I for one will be
paying future water bills in coins. Hope the lady at
the desk has lots of time on her hands.

Larry Tasker

Helping the Hill Family


Hello, I am Kris Egli, General Manager of Motel 6.

I spoke to Steve Hill last night and he asked me to see if I was able to get a low rate for his family at the Motel 6 in E. Peoria.

I am in talks with that hotel but I thought it would be nice for the family if they didnt have to worry about the cost.

My idea is if maybe you could get something on the Minonk Talk site letting the people know that I am taking donations here at the hotel to cover thecosts.

Also if there are any other donations being taken for the 3 other angels we lost I would like to give in my hotels name.

Thank you,
Kris Egli

The uncertainty of life


No words can express the grief, heartache and sense of loss when young people are taken from us in the dawn of their lives. This needless tragedy is compounded in small and close knit communities that make up the Fieldcrest Community and to the same degree in the neighboring community to the south, El Paso.

Monday evening's remembrance ceremony, at Fieldcrest High School, for these young men will go a long way in beginning the healing process for the school and school community. It is very difficult for youth to grasp the preciousness of life and more so when young life ends on quickly without benefit of farewell hugs and goodbyes. As a parent myself, one never forgets that even when children grow up, leave home and start a family, they will always be children in the eyes of the parent. This never changes.

I grieve for the parents of these young men and women who never will have the chance to share again the exuberance and carefree spirit of their youth with others. Nevertheless, I laud the Fieldcrest administrators, teachers, counselors, staff, and countless others for their quick and thoughtful outreach to the Fieldcrest and El Paso communities.

Monday evening's remembrance ceremony at Fieldcrest High School will instill fond memories of these young men forever in the hearts and minds of their friends, family and community. Last, I am very thankful that the Reverend Craig Swenson, an eternal friend of Fieldcrest youth, will contribute his time and talents to helping the school community heal and understand this loss of life. And at the same time offer prayers for the recovery of the El Paso student.

Michael Stagliano

Baseball games should remain in Minonk

Mr. Uphoff,

I agree the baseball games should be kept in Minonk because that is where the high school is located and the players should not be driving up and down US 251. If they do move the baseball games to Wenona, maybe more people will appreciate how Toluca felt when our junior high was moved to Wenona.

Jim Clanin

Basketball game postphoned until Thursday at Toluca

The Fieldcrest boys basketball game that was canceled on Tuesday has been moved to Thursday night 2/15/07. The game will be played at Toluca due to the girls sectional games at the High school.

Richard Meierhofer

Fieldcrest Youth Football Sign-up

This year the FYF Board is excited to announce that we will be extending the program to 3rd & 4th graders. We are also excited to announce the creation of the Heart of Illinois Junior Football League. This league will consist of teams that are in the High School Heart Of Illinois Conference. This year we will be playing teams from El Paso, Flanagan, Lexington, Heyworth, Fisher, Blue Ridge and Leroy. Sign up will be on Saturday March 10th & March 17th from 10:00am - 2:00pm at the Fieldcrest South Elementary School Lobby in Minonk. For more information please visit There you will be able to download the sign-up forms and get more information.

If anyone has any questions please email:

Jason Buchanan

Kudos to Karen Lindsay

After reading the article on MinonkTalk about the heroic actions of Mrs. Lindsay, I would like to offer kudos to her as well. Judy, you have done a wonderful job writing this article, and you were right on by calling Mrs. Lindsay a hero, as a hero is someone who is noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose! The mere fact that Mrs. Lindsay showed more concern for the safety of others undoubtedly saved lives and is a true feat of courage. Her purpose was noble, and I know God definitely was watching out for Mrs. Lindsay as she laid down her life to help others. Over the years from what I've observed of the Lindsay's, they strike me as people who are compassionate and considerate of others; the actions shown during the fire further cement my opinion. I am glad that lives were saved today, and pray for a speedy recovery for Mrs. Lee. I would also like to inquire whether there are services or a center that is taking care of the needs of the displaced individuals. Is there any one that concerned citizens can contact to inquire about donations, etc.?

Christina Jenkins

Comments on phone book cover

I was just wanting to let anyone know who uses the white plastic phone book covers that the phone number for poison control is that of a sex hot line. The correct number is 1-800-222-1222. I was rather disgusted when I called it today with a question and realized the mistake of the company that made them.

Heather Peiffer

Reply to water deposits

Let me say a few things.By empty houses I meant be
carefull what you wish for.The landlords pushing this
might have just priced themselfs out of some
renters.It is hard for a avarage joe to come up with
rent and deposit not alone this deposit.I have never
harrased a city empoyee even though years ago I was
harrassed by them.That is a different story.The lady I
pay the water bill to I have never said anything but
hi, thankyou and have a good day.By saying I was going
to pay in coin I am going to pay in coin but they will
still be in the rolls from the bank.Maybe I Should not
have said hope she has lots of time I do not know if
she would still count them.This is not a post about
landlords I have a very fine one and he might have
even been one of the pushers of the bill.There is
nothing wrong with asking for the moon and getting
it.My question is for the city council that before
this was brought up by the landlords did not even
concider this as being a bussiness dissusion .In my
view they voted yes for a few people over dozens and
dozens of renters in town.If you can show me in the
minutes of the mettings where it came up before that I
would like to know.I did not know you had to run for
office to have a thought on this matter.I would like
to thank the one no vote and would like to know why
the yes votes were cast for this when it was not a
city problem but a landlord problem.I have been wrong
before and will be again but this is my view on
this.Have a good day.

larry tasker

Water Deposit Comments

Hi Dave
I would like to comment on the statements made about the water service deposits. This issue has been the topic of discussion well before the vote. There was one NO and one abstaining vote. Had this person contacted his alderman and the mayor and successfully convinced them to vote against this issue, maybe we could have been spared his childish threats of empty houses and harassed city employees. As for "the lady at the desk" she does a great job and doesn't deserve to be harassed by the immature action of this individual. If this author doesn't like the way the city operates he should run for office.

Bob Jackson

Congratulations to Jr. high scholastic bowl team

I would like to congratulate the Jr. high scholastic bowl team on their recent win at the Ottawa Rotary Tournament on Saturday February 17th. They won all five matches leading them into the two championship matches. They brought home the first place trophies, one of which they get to keep and one that travels temporarily to the winning school. Their team name is engraved on the traveling trophy.

I am so proud of these kids. They are a fine group and we should feel it is a privilege to have them represent our school. I would also like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mrs. Nancy Reiter for her dedication to our children. Nancy, thank you for all you do.

Thank you,
Dawn Geringer

Baseball games should stay in Minonk

I agree that the High School baseball should stay in Minonk!

As far as Mr. Clanin's comments about appreciating what Toluca went through
when they lost their Jr. high....let's re-cap--Minonk-Dana-Rutland lost their Jr. high when we first consolidated. MDR kids have been bussed 5-8 grade since the beginning. So yea, I can "appreciate" how Toluca felt when their Jr. high was moved!

In response to Ms. Yunker stating her kids being on 251 everyday for "a few months"....MDR parents and children have been living with this issue for "YEARS"!!!!!

When my kids went to Toluca the games were there and we dealt with it. When my child was moved to Wenona the games were there and we dealt with it. Now we will be back in Minonk and I want the games there!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, if my child wants to play baseball we will deal with wherever they play.

Debbie Rippel

Baseball games comments

Mr. Uphoff,

As the parent of two high school students I agree the games should be played in Minonk since that is where the high school is. However, having said that I believe it is a well known fact that the ball diamonds do not drain well and games have been cancelled due to that problem. My daughter will play her second year of softball and there were cancellations last season because of the drainage situation. Also, in talking to other parents who had children play on the diamonds years ago, they too commented that the fields did not drain well. Just because no one ever complained doesn't mean that it wasn't an issue. In fairness to Mr. Brown, you didn't mention that he resides in Eureka so I don't really think it is a matter of convenience where he holds practices. Either way he is driving to Minonk and keeping his players waiting for him or they are driving to Wenona and making him wait which I would imagine the wait time for him would be longer as it will take the kids longer to travel and get ready for practice if they are the ones traveling.

As a resident of Toluca, my kids are up and down 251 EVERYDAY not just on practice or game days. I understand the concern there, but it is an issue I live with for several months not just a few.

Kim Yunker

Thanks to city for wonderful snow removal

I would like to thank the city employees for a great job of snow removal. I know that they spent many hours preparing before the snowfall and many hours during and after. I know in emergencies and times of need the workers of Minonk give up much individual and family time to help others out. I just would like to share my appreciation for the time you do give and a job well done!

Dee Ragusa

List of Fees Swept by State Government

Dear Dave,

Government raising a Fee for a special purpose on a specific constituency or user, i.e.: camping fees or nursing home licensing fees, when it really doesn't need the money for that purpose is bad enough, but when government then says there is "extra money" in those specific accounts and takes some of it for general spending is wrong. That is exactly what the Blagojevich Administration has done! We started the Committee for Legislative Action (CLA) to bring sunlight to that practice.

We have compiled a list of funds that are being swept, the dollar amounts, where the money comes from, what the money is supposed to be used for and what groups are directly affected. You may review the list on the CLA website.

One would expect camping Fees ($5 million raid) and boat registration Fees ($8 million raid) to be spent on campground maintenance and water safety programs and not taken for general spending. If there is enough money in the accounts for what the Fee was supposed to be levied for, Government should not raise the Fee even more, with the intent to take it away for other purposes.

Another example is the Underground Storage Tank Fund ($12 million raid). It receives monies from Underground Storage Tank Registration Fees which are paid by petroleum providers, gas station owners and consumers indirectly. That fund is meant to pay for clean up of problematic Underground Storage Tanks. Therefore, when money is taken from that account (as is happening) for other purposes, the businesses and consumers who paid into the fund have an argument about why they should be paying that much of a Fee to begin with.

The list shows that money was taken from, and used for other purposes: Teacher Certification Fund, Fire Fighter's Memorial Fund, Long-Term Care Monitor/Receiver Fund and scores more.

Dave, I will continue to keep you informed on the efforts to increase Taxes, Fees and Government Regulations. Please visit the Committee for Legislative Action website!


Dan Rutherford
State Senator
220 West Howard Street
Pontiac, IL 61764

Praise for quick reactions on fire

I would like to commend Judy on such a nice article about South Haven. I too believe that Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay should be praised for their heroic efforts. As a child, South Haven was somewhat of a second home to me. My grandparents lived there for several years and I enjoyed visiting with them and the other tenants. I am so very glad to hear that no one living there was severely injured. I just want to thank the Lindsay's for their quick reactions and also to Judy for providing such a nice article.

Stephanie Fuchs