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Emails for January 2019

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Legal Notice:from Fieldcrest School District | City Water Leak Resolved | City looking for water leaks | Filger Library will open Thursday at 10:30 am | Garbage Pickup Moved Back One Day | Library closed on Wednesday | Fieldcrest closed Tuesday and Wednesday | Mine Personal Records | A birthdate tribute to Edmona Lohr | Library Closed Today | Ride to Peoria airport | Fieldcrest Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Set For Jan. 26th | Congratulations to the Class of 2019 FHS Athletic Hall of Fame inductees |

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Legal Notice:from Fieldcrest School District

Fieldcrest Community Unit School District 6 will begin destroying any intact student temporary records, beginning June 5, 2019, for any student who last attended school in the Fieldcrest district in the 2013-2014 school year or prior.

Any former student or legal adult guardian of a former student wishing to retain these records should contact the building which the student attended prior to this date.

Fieldcrest Middle School – 815-853-4331;
Fieldcrest High School (Minonk) – 309-432-2529;
Fieldcrest Primary School – 309-432-2838;
Fieldcrest Intermediate School – 815-452-2318.

(105 ILCS 10/4(f))

Superintendent Dr. Dan Oakley

City looking for water leaks

If anyone sees steam or water coming out of the ground in the city of MInonk, please call City Hall at 432-2558. The City suspects there may be a water leak somewhere.

Lisa Blanchard

Garbage Pickup Moved Back One Day

Garbage pickup for Thursday will be Friday and garbage pickup for Friday will be Saturday.

City Administrator Bill Moline

Fieldcrest closed Tuesday and Wednesday

Fieldcrest schools will not be in session Tuesday January 29 or Wednesday January 30. A decision for Thursday January 31 will be made Wednesday.

All evening activities for Tuesday and Wednesday are either postponed or cancelled, including the regular January school board meeting.

Make up dates for postponements will be announced once they are available.


A birthdate tribute to Edmona Lohr

Today is a special day for a special lady who has touched so many lives.

My mother, Edmona Lohr, turns 90 years young today!

She has given so many wonderful memories to her family and friends over the years.

The holidays were always a special time in our home mainly thanks to Mom. All of her hard work with the cleaning, decorating and cooking! She created a very warm and comforting holiday feeling that will always be with me!

She has always given so much of herself to help her family and friends. Helping take care of her grandchildren when they were young included many trips to Macomb (Jack) Crystal Lake and Michigan (Susan) and Bloomington (Lisa).

When I had my first child I don't know what I would have done if she was not there to help, guide and comfort me when needed! I have always said the older I got, the smarter my mom got!!

She thoroughly enjoys attending her grandchildren's activities regardless of how far she may have had to drive. Numerous dance competitions and recitals. School plays and band competitions. Sporting events (including more baseball games than I can even begin to count)! And she is cheering each of them on! Edmona's children and grandchildren have a very special place in her heart and there is nothing she wouldn't do for each and every one of them.

After she retired, she continued being active in church functions, working at the library, and helping out at the nursing home and meals on wheels. She also gave rides to many of her friends who could no longer drive to their appointments and activities. She also took care of my father, John Lohr, for almost 60 years-that's an accomplishment in itself!!

She has had her fair share of obstacles also. In her 80's she had knee replacement surgery (which was successful because she was committed to doing all of her physical therapy exercises) and she battled and beat breast cancer! She is and has always been a fighter.

My mom has always been there for me and for all of her family-regardless of what was needed--a shoulder to cry on or to celebrate an event or accomplishment. She is an inspiration and a positive role model in my life! I am proud to be her daughter.

Here is to 90 years Mom - you have lived them well!!


All my love -

Lisa Goropesek


Ride to Peoria airport

Wanted a ride to Peoria Airport from Rutland on Thursday, January 17th at 8 a.m. will pay fee. Contact 815-863-5146. Ton Cleary

Tom Cleary

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 FHS Athletic Hall of Fame inductees

Molli (Springer) Kilburg, Jordan Krone, Judy McNamara, and Jack Jochums
will be honored on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 prior to the start of the Boys' Varsity Basketball game against Tremont. Public is encourage to attend and celebrate the Class of 2019 inductees.

Sherry L. Tjaden

City Water Leak Resolved

City Hall has resolved the concern of a suspected water leak. We also ask everyone to please continue to be vigilant during extreme cold temperatures in protecting their homes.

Thank you!

Lisa Blanchard

Filger Library will open Thursday at 10:30 am

The Filger Library will open late on Thursday, Jan. 31, at 10:30 am. Also, the PreK story hour will be at 4 pm on Thursday, Jan. 31.

Susan Ryan

Library closed on Wednesday

The Filger Library is closing at 3:30 today and will be closed for the day tomorrow (Jan. 30).
Susan Ryan

Susan Ryan

Mine Personal Records

Does any one know if any records exist for the men that worked in the mines in Minonk? We know that there was a large migration of Germans to Woodford County to work on the farms and be believe that the other reason was to work in the mines. Trying to help my family and others to see if this is where past family members worked when they first came to USA.
Beth Harms Miller
Vice President of Woodford County Historical and Genealogical Society

Beth Harms Miller

Library Closed Today

The Filger Library will be closed today due to bad weather.

Debra Blunier

Fieldcrest Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Set For Jan. 26th

On January 26 starting at 3:00 PM Fieldcrest Cub Scouts will be having their annual Pinewood Derby. This year it will be held at the Toluca Intermediate School. All community members, family and friends are welcome to attend.
There will be raffle items and concessions available, please come support your local Cub Scouts.

If anyone would like to participate, we have an outlaw bracket they can race in. Cars are $5.00, if interested please contact Teresa at 708-663-3320.

Thank you. Hope to see everyone there.

Teresa Beckett