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Emails for January 2011
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Thank You

Granny Velma Klendworth would like to thank her family and friends for the celebration of her 90th Birthday. The family dinner, cards, gifts, and phone calls have touched my heart. Thank you.

Velma Klenwdorth


I do use Facebook but I agree with everything printed in the editorial. I think texting is also contributing to our loss of interpersonal skills. Now people don't even call each other -- they email, twitter, facebook or text. Correct spelling will also go by the wayside because of the accepted abbreviations. Sometimes, progress truly does set us back.

Melody Stonier

Granddaughter is Missing

Our granddaughter, Alyssa Mercer went missing on or about December 29, 2010 in the Lake Placid, FL area. Anyone who lives or is vacationing in the Lake Placid/Sebring or Orlando/Lakeland, FL areas, please pass along this information. She is also included on the National Center for
Missing and Exploited Children website. All of the information for contacts and information about her is on the website listed below. You can also email me from the website. Thank you,

YouTube Video

Steve & Sonnie Moritz

Marching Knights Valentine Raffle

The Fieldcrest Band Booster's are sponsoring a Valentine's Raffle. We will draw the winner on Feb. 11th. Chances are $1.00 each and all proceeds directly benefit the Marching Knights with expense during the year. You can get your chances from Christy Kline, several of the band boosters, at various Middle School/HS sporting events. The raffle contains a 31 MARCHING KNIGHTS tote, a SCENTSY "HOPE" with blueberry scent, a cute stuffed lion, a box of sugar free Whitman's chocolates and 2 rose suckers! GREAT GIFT for the one you love......

Christy Kline


Thanks to Life Skills Teacher

A THANK YOU TO SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER , JESSICA STERMLAN , For Her LIFE SKILLS program at Heritage Manor - Minonk. We think that's great, these kids will never forget this opportunity they have had to do this. Thanks JESSICA.

Fred Baker

hi jari lynn

iust wanted to say i enjoyed your stories about minonk. i went to school with your brother john, my name is joyce hill- shelton. my sister still lives in minonk her name is iris ketchmark.anyway just thought i would say hi.

joyce shelton

Post Office drop box

Would it be possible for the Minonk Post Office to install convenient drop boxes in a manner similar to the set up in El Paso? Over there it is possible to drive up from either direction and post mail. There are two boxes side by side.

Here in Minonk many, which did include me but not anymore, drive up from the wrong direction. In that way the driver is able to post mail without having to get out of the vehicle if there isn't someone with them to do so from the passenger side.

Since I was almost hit recently, although I wasn't aware of it at the time, I will from now on pull up to the correct side of the box, get out and mail my correspondence.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.

Millie Froman

Reminder for Fieldcrest Band Boosters

The next meeting of the Fieldcrest Band Booster's is Thursday, January 27th at 7PM in the HS Band Room---anyone with a student in band in the Fieldcrest School District is invited to attend. Next meeting after that is Thursday, February 24th at 7PM in the HS Band Room.

Christy Kline