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CIty Approves Parking Pin-Striping Contract

Monday, October 15, 2018 - Posted 8:59:07 PM
The Minonk City Council awarded the pin striping of downtown Minonk's parking area to A-Line of Roanoke for $1900. The striping will cover Chestnut street between 4th and 6th streets, plus some of the side streets in the business district and the parking lot at city hall.

The council approved the purchase of a used salt truck for $2500. The truck has 52,000 miles and will probably need a paint job according to Adminstrative Manager Bill Moline.

The council approved the purchase of a used leaf vacuum for $7000. Mr. Moline said a new one man leaf vacuum costs around $65,000. This leaf vacuum will require one man to run the truck while another operates the vacuum. Both Mr. Moline and Alderman Russell Ruestman said the use of the leaf vacuum will discourage people from burning leaves in the fall. Mr. Ruestman suggested the City devote extra time to the leaf vacuum operation to encourage people to rake their leaves into the curb and use part-time help.

The council approved the authorization to open a brokerage account at the Minonk Community Bank in order to transfer funds into a trust for the library fund.

Mr. Moline presented a proposal to the council to consider adopting a 5 year plan for upgrading the water treatment plant. He said some of the equipment and parts at the plant are accidents waiting to happen if plans are not to taken to replace old and worn out parts. He specifically mentioned replacing pvc piping with iron piping. The upgrades would cost around $500,000 over 5 years. Alderman Ruestman said that was a pretty expensive project and wanted to hear more about the plan from the city's engineers. Mr. Moline said the city's engineers would be at the next meeting to discuss the plan.

Kanti Patel, the owner of Motel 6 in the Carolyn Addition, asked the council to increase the percentage the city's TIF grant from 33% to 50%. However, City Treasurer Steve O'Riely said TIF grants are limited to 33% of the project cost. Alderman Ruestman said TIF 1 is to expire at the end of the year and the city has already awarded the amount that is remaining so there is no way the grant amount can be increased. At the previous council meeting, the council approved a motion to grant a TIF 1 payment of $31,680 to Motel 6 at the Carolyn Addition for asphalt paving on their parking lot. The payments would represent 33% of the total cost of $92,000 for the project.

Administrative Manager Moline said they are still waiting on a pump seal to be corrected later this month and finish the punch list at the Sewer Plant. Also he said Woodford County was contacted about the bump on the road coming into town and was told they are monitoring it.  The city received a $500 bid on the dump truck and Mr. Moline said that was the asking price and will go ahead and accept the bid.

The trick-or-treat hours for Halloween will be between 6 and 8 pm on Halloween night, Wednesday, October 31st.


Kayla Jones: Love the fact of no more burning leaves especially for people with breathing problems. But why would we need to purchase a $7000 piece of equipment when we already have a Vactor truck that does this same thing?