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City to go to 24/7 police coverage

Monday, September 18, 2017 - Posted 8:13:23 PM
In an abbreviated session the Minonk City Council approved a recommendation from Police Chief Marc Wright to hire a 3rd full time police officer so that the city can receive 24/7 police protection again.  Currently, there is no police on duty from 3:00 am to 7 am.  The new officer will mean Minonk will have 3 full time police officers in addition to the Police Chief.  The money has already been budgeted for an additional police officer.

Mayor Bill Koos announced that the Illinois EPA has approved a grant of $288,000 for upgrades to the city's waste water treatment plant.  The grant was approved under the Clean Water Improvement Act.  The Mayor also announced that the city may receive a grant for street lights from ComEd.

In other business, Public Works Supervisor Cary Naas said the city has spent around $5000 on grass mowing this year and expects to spend a total of $7000 by the end of the year.