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City Raises Ambulance Service Fees 20%

Monday, September 17, 2018 - Posted 7:44:31 PM
The Minonk City Council approved a 20% increase for the Ambulance service fees. The original request was for 10% in the council's last meeting, but it was decided that 20% was needed in order to be more in line with rates charged by other communities in the area. Administrative Manager Bill Moline said some community ambulance services have fees that were 40% higher than the Minonk ambulance service.

In other business, the council approved a motion to lower the age limit from 21 to 18 for anyone who drives an emergency vehicle and approved a payment of $177,291.50 to Mid-Illinois Mechanical for work performed on the sewer upgrade project.

Below is the project updates from Administrative Manager Bill Moline: 

Sewer plant/Oak Street Water Main 
    o Oak street water main - area graded and grass planted. 
    o Punch list being worked on and should be completed early next month.  

Water Plant - finishing wiring and tying everything in week of 9/17 
    o Will see reduced energy costs 
    o Reduced ware and tear on motors  

Continuing to work with Police Department on ordinance issues.  

Met with Gary Wolf (Fire Department) to start discussions on additional Ambulance support.  
Reviewing repair costs for water plant - Farnsworth provided 
    o EPA audit suggestions - 5 year continuous improvement plan needed

In council comments Alderman Russell Ruestman asked for a clarification on the newly approved intergovernmental agreement that enables Minonk police to respond to dispatches that take place outside the city.

Mr. Moline agreed with Mr. Ruestman that per City Code no officer shall leave the city limits unless dispatched to assist another law enforcement agency to assist, or while in pursuit of an individual believed to have violated the law within the city limits.  Officers are not expected to patrol outside the city limits, but if approved by the other governing bodies will have police powers when dispatched to assist, so that they may properly assist a victim in need,or act on criminal behavior  

According the Chief Police Wright, out of city requests only happens a couple of times a month and has no reason to believe that volume will change.

Mr. Moline said the Minonk Township Supervisor approved the agreement with the city while the Woodford County sheriff may want to limit the area in which the Minonk police will be allowed to respond.