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City Discusses Abandoned Building Ordinance

Monday, July 16, 2018 - Posted 9:07:46 PM
The Minonk City Council decided to update their abandoned building ordinance to give more teeth to it in enforcing the ordinance. Administrative Manager Bill Moline said he had examples of abandoned building ordinances from LeRoy and Eureka for reference and will try to add some of the features from their ordinances into Minonk's ordinance. Both council members John Marcoline and Russell Ruestman said the main issue is the enforcement of the ordinance.

Mr. Moline gave the council an update on city projects as follows:

· Sewer Project - aeration is up and running, working on lagoon pump station piping and structure still. No work being done this week due to regular crew chief on vacation.

· Oak Street water main project to start week of 7/23.

· City street work:

   - Ace in the Hole spray patching - week of 7/23.
   - Steffen 3D - Oil & Chipping - weeks of 8/20 & 8/27.

· Starting to work on sidewalk replacement over the next few weeks.

· One of the PT slots on the Ambulance crew was filled by Sarah McCullough who also works for the Lexington Ambulance squad. The new ambulance is scheduled to be delivered some time the week of August 13th.

Mayor Koos thanked the 4th of July Committee for their work in providing Minonk with another successful July 4th celebration.