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City to Address Abandoned Buildings

Monday, July 02, 2018 - Posted 10:04:01 PM
The Minonk City Council appears ready to address the problem of abandoned buildings in the city. Alderman John Marcoline asked the council to review an ordinance by the city of Leroy that addresses abandoned buildings more effectively and see if the city can put a little more meat into its ordinance. Mr. Marcoline said there are several buildings on main street that give the appearance of being abandoned, especially the former Young Chevrolet garage at Sixth and Chestnut. He said there are abandoned houses in his neighborhood where windows are boarded up. Mayor Koos asked the council members to review the Leroy ordinance on abandoned buildings and discuss the issue at the next council meeting.

In other business, the council approved the payment of $31,290 to Mid-Illinois Mechanical for work completed on the waste water treatment plant upgrades, approved the Small Wireless Facility Ordinance that allows the City to charge a fee for wireless installations on its property, and approved a quote of $30,000 for the Oil and Chip/Spray Patch to be done by Ace in the Hole and Stephen 3D from El Paso.

The council approved the installation of a memorial sign in memory of the late Judy McNamara near the concession stand at Veterans Park that will read "Coach Mac Way".

Adminstrative Manager Bill Moline gave the following report:

1. New Sewer Project Update (All Public Works Employees received training on both items)
  •     Blowers were fired up Wednesday 6/27
  •     Lagoon aeration system installation completed Friday 6/29
  •     Week of 7/2 – Finishing up lagoon pump station and installing pumps
  •     Week of 7/16 – Start on Oak Street Water main replacement
2. Working with IDOT & Woodford County Highway Department on signage/crosswalk crossing Moran and into Millennia Park
3. Working with Risk Management of property coverage renewal packet
4. Reposting to fill open Public Works position approved earlier in the year
5. I-39 Smoking Car Show – both events went went well although the heat probably limited the attendance somewhat.
6. Reminder - July 4th Celebration –starting at the West side park and fireworks in the evening.

Mr.Moline also mentioned that he received a request from the area church council for donations and volunteers to help in the lunch program this summer for kids.  65% of the children in the area, or 225 students, are eligible for the lunch program which will be administered at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Minonk. 


Linda Williams: I would luv to go through the Young Chevy building. I bet there some treasures in there!!!
Donald Muzzy: It would be neat to completely empty that building out, fully restore it back what it looked like in the 40s, including the Texaco sign, and put a few old Chevys in the display area. Just like they used to be years ago before someone filled it with antiques, and let the building pretty much become it's own greenhouse.
Dedra Masters: I would love to volunteer for the lunch program, do I contact the city or the church