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City to get new computers for police cars

Monday, June 18, 2018 - Posted 10:39:29 PM
In an abbreviated session Monday night the Minonk City Council approved the spending of up to $8000 for the purchase of new computers for the police cars.The new computers will be faster and have more features than the current computers.

In other business, the council discussed a Small Cell Wireless Facilities Ordinance which the city must approve if they want to be able to charge a wireless carrier for using city property to install wireless communications.

Administration Manager Bill Moline said auditors have been in house for 3 days finishing up the end of year audit and everything seems to be going well.

The structure at 215 E. 10th street was removed last week and the property owner was told to remove items on the property due to not having a primary structure on it.

The recycle pump force main and bar screen were installed last week for the upgrades to the sewer plant and 48 RO membranes were delivered and the city crew is working on an installation plan at the water works.