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Police Chief Wherry Not Re-Appointed

Monday, June 05, 2017 - Posted 8:56:16 PM
Mayor Bill Koos released his list of appointments for the city at the semi-monthly city council meeting Monday night and there was no appointment for Police Chief which implies that Police Chief John Wherry will not be re-appointed. 

During the council meeting, Chief Wherry's mother, Nancy Wherry, asked the Mayor why he did not inform Chief Wherry that he was not re-appointed. Mayor Koos said he released his list of appointments Friday afternoon and assumed that the Chief would know he was not on the list. The Mayor reiterated his contention that Chief Wherry knew when he was hired that the conditions of employment were that he must become a resident of Minonk. 

The council adjourned into executive session after the regular meeting to discuss further the status of the Police Chief. After the executive session the decision to not re-appoint Police Chief Wherry remained intact. This means Chief Wherry will remain Police Chief until someone is appointed to the position or Chief Wherry resigns.

Below is a list of the Mayor's appointments.

City Treasurer: Steve O'Riley
City Depository: Minonk Community Bank
Police Chief:
Ambulance Chief: Mindy Goodrich 
ESDA: Tonya Mintz
Water and Sewer Commissioner: Cary Naas
Superintendent of Streets: Jim Brown 
Food Pantry Advisor: Mark McNamara 
Council Rep to Parks and Rec: Larry Fortner
Parks and Recreation Board
    Candi Mangan
    Allison Anson
    Lindsey Hahn
    Dustin Freeman
    Bryan Morris
Planning Commission
    Craig Meyer
    Kenneth Reese
    Jerry Welch - Temporary Chair
    Lisa Junker
Library Board Rep: Jack Marcoline
    Library Board
    Karen Podamsky
    Mary Ryan
    Marica Stolt
    Robert Turner
    Paul Vallow
    Judy Marcoline
    James Cinnamon
    Shirley Barth
City Attorney - General: Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni and Krafthefer, P.C.
City Attorney - Land Use: Davies-McGrath Law Office, P.C.

TIF II Applications Approved

There were 4 applications for TIF II funds. Grosenbach Grocery requested a 50% grant to cover a $10,857.14 expense to repair a broken cooler. The council tabled the request because the request was made after the repairs were made.

The council approved a 50% grant of $7,421 for a $14,842 repair bill at the Filger Library to remove a damaged soffit. gutters and roof at the library. Mayor Koos broke the tie after aldermen Nick Caverra, Mark McNamara and Larry Fortner voted no.

The council approved a 50% grant of $2300 to The Sweet Shop for $4600 worth of overhead lights with LED fixtures and approved a 50% grant of $4772 to upgrade the parking lot of Minonk Car Wash which has a project cost of $9545.

City Administrator Austin Edmondson said if all TIF requests are granted, the revenue in TIF II will be depleted for the year. The City was allocated a total of $26,600 to do the message board and fire site work. To date $20,120 of the $26,600 has been spent with additional electrical installation work going. He said he doubted the city will be able to complete the remaining portions of the fire site project within the funding allocated.

Filger Library Annual Report

Filger Librarian Debra Blunier presented the council with the library's annual report as of May 1, 2017 which is listed below:

Money received: $86,741.95
Disbursements: $93,478.55
Balance in Library Funds: $60,448.33
Materials available to patrons: Print 29,840, Ebooks 35,632, Audiobooks 4,923 DVD.s 865, Periodicals: 65 subscriptions, plus back issues dept for one year. Total 780
Number of books and periodicals lost or missing: approx. 35 per year
Visits to library: 14,091
Books and materials loaned out: 13,784
Programs offered: Adult 115, attendance 565; 
                              Children;s 107, attendance 2.2523

July 4th Activities

Julie Redenius, head of the July 4th Committee, said all July 4th activities will take place on Tuesday, July 4th. This will include the parade, chicken dinner, bingo and games in the Westside Park, fireworks and band at Sutton's Park in the evening. She also said the annual Pumpkin Patch in the Park will be held Sunday, Sept. 24th in the Westside Park and the circus will be coming back to town this year at Sutton's Park on Saturday, Sept.30 with shows at 2 pm and 5 pm. She said volunteers are needed to help with these activities and those who wish to help should contact her.

Cupcake Law Approved

The council approved an ordinance that covers selling food products out of the home, commonly known as the "Cupcake Law". The law will be enforced and monitored by the Woodford County Health Department.

TIF Funds Approved

The council approved the use of TIF 1 funds to purchase rip rap for the pond at the Carolyn Development and a weather siren. The TIF 1 currently has $57,723.64 with a total of $25,000 allocated for the above projects.

Police Report

Expect enforcement of City Ordinances to increase as the summer weather approaches. There is ample time to correct violations without fines or court appearance and costs, as long as the correction is documented by the Police Department. There are four juveniles and one adult working on completing community service hours for Minonk Police Department cases only, which is managed by Minonk Police Department. Please contact the Police Department if any community service is needed. The community has been actively reporting any suspicious activity, which has been a great assistance. The Chief urges the public to continue reporting any suspicious activity or vehicles in their neighborhood.

In other business, the council approved the purchase of a Portable Sound System by the Parks and Recreation Department for $800 to be used mainly for outdoor movies in downtown Minonk.  There is adequate funding available as the Recreation Fund has a balance of $67,792.73.  A camera shot used in the Elm Court Sewer Project shows the sewer tiles are deteriorating.

In public comments Harold Tjaden asked the council to provide a handicap ramp at the corner of First and Chestnut streets.

Mayor Bill Koos thanked Dave Uphoff, who recently sold his building at Fifth and Walnut, for providing several of his oil paintings in the city council chambers on permanent display.  Mr. Uphoff also has several of his paintings displayed in the Filger Library.