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Fieldcrest Offers Gym to City

Monday, May 21, 2018 - Posted 9:05:23 PM
Fieldcrest Superintendent Dr. Dan Oakley asked the Minonk City Council if they were interested in the school's gymnasium and other buildings such as the bus shed and ag shop at the site of the Fieldcrest high school in Minonk.  He said if the city did not want the buildings, they probably will be demolished.  He indicated that an answer is needed within a month as the school is preparing its estimate for the new school buildings under consideration.  Dr. Oakley said he feels pretty sure the school board would agree to give the buildings to the city free of charge.

Alderman John Marcoline asked Dr. Oakley why the school doesn't fix up the current gymnasium instead of building a new one.  Dr. Oakley replied that it would be very expensive to upgrade the current gymnasium to Life-Safety standards that would involve new locker rooms and a new heating unit.  He said the new gym would have 2 side by side courts.  

Alderman Russell Ruestman said the city should consider the offer since the city's recreation program could use such a building.  Dr. Oakley said the gym could be heated by gas heaters instead of the forced air provided from the school's boiler.

Mayor Bill Koos said the council members along with Administrative Manager Bill Moline should do a walk-through the buildings to determine what is feasible and not feasible and then discuss the topic at the next council meeting.

In other business, the council approved a cell phone ordinance that would save the city $780 a year by eliminating 9 phones and keeping 2 phones for the ambulance squad and 1 for each police officer.

The council approved a motion to rescind an agreement between the Fieldcrest school district and the city to establish an emergency shelter in one of the school's buildings.  Administrative Manager Bill Moline said the agreement meant the liability would fall on the city and also there are several buildings in the city that could be use as an emergency shelter.

The council approved a motion to transfer $11,000 into the ESDA account as it is in the red for $10,000 and also  approved a few other minor amendments to the FY 17-18 budget.

Mr. Moline mentioned the upcoming I-39 Smoke-Off car show including street closures for the event.  He said the budget is in good shape.  He gave the council members a list of pros and cons for a Committee of the Whole plan and asked them to review them in preparation for making a decision on whether to go that route in the future.

Mr. Moline said a change order for $66,000 was given to repair broken mains on Oak Street.  He said the city clean up went well and many residents expressed their appreciation for the clean up.  An emergency siren will be installed this week at the Carolyn Development northwest of the city.

Mr. Moline mentioned the proposed 32 acre solar farm that would be located 1 mile west of the city on the Washburn road.  He indicated this should be no concern for the city as it is far enough way from a residential development.

In public comments, James Liner asked why it is taking so long for the city attorney to make a decision on the shed located at 215 E. 10th street.  He said it has been 6 weeks since it was brought up by Alderman Nick Caverra.  Mr. Liner said if the decision is to allow the shed to remain on the lot, it would mean that anybody with a shed on a lot in the city could live in it since the city has no rules against someone living in a building without water or electricity.