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City approves updated peddlers ordinance

Monday, March 06, 2017 - Posted 8:43:18 PM
The Minonk City Council approved changes to the City's Peddlers Ordinance at their normal Monday night meeting.  One of the changes allows residents to register themselves on a "No Knock" registry which will be posted on the City's website.  Peddlers and solicitors must review this registry and avoid soliciting those residences on the "No Knock" registry.  All peddlers and solicitors must pay a $250 application fee and a $50 per person fee for a peddlers license in order to solicitor business in the city. Any person violating this ordinance can be fined up to $750 plus court costs.

In other business, the Minonk City Council approved the purchase of a Skid Steer for $16,800 from Bobcat of Bloomington from among the 5 companies who submitted a bid.  The purchase price includes the trade-in value of the City's current Skid Steer.

City Administrator Austin Edmondson said work continues on the Elm Court Sewer project.  He said the work is slow but will continue until completed.  He also said the city is planning to have a spring clean-up day sometime in May.

Alderman Nick Caverra asked that discussion on a 16 hour work schedule for the police department be put on the agenda of the next council meeting.

Alderman Mark McNamara and Mayor Bill Koos expressed their thanks to the Minonk Public Works employees who helped the City of Washburn clean up after the tornado hit the town last Tuesday.


Jason Hoyer:The sixteen hour cop schedule is a joke. This is not a big city crime area. Work 8 hours and on call the other eight?

Nicole Embery: You may think it's a joke but today I had to call 911...first time i have ever called for anything but an ambulance. The officer was here in MINUTES. While it turned out to be nothing...what if it hadn't been? What if my children had been here? I couldn't believe how fast the officer was in my yard handling the situation. And I am so grateful he came as fast as he did...while I sat here shaking and imagining worst case scenarios. If he had simply been on call he could not have gotten here so quickly. Watch Facebook. How many stories have been posted in the last month about break ins and attempted break ins in small towns like this? I don't know about you but I feel a bit safer knowing if I need to call...someone will come and it isn't going to take an hour.