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City Council Meeting Summary

Thursday, January 04, 2018 - Posted 9:08:03 PM
The Minonk City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting sexual harassment in an abbreviated session at the normal Monday night council meeting.  In other business, Alderman Russell Ruestman recommended that the Public Safety Committee and the Public Works Committee be re-established in the absence of a city administrator.  The meetings would be informational only and their requests would have to be brought back to the council for approval.  Aldermen John Marcoline, Russell Ruestman and Nick Cavera will be on the Public Safety Committee while Aldermen Marc McNamara, Trent Ruestman and Gary Fortner will be on the Public Works Committee.  The Public Safety Committee will meet at 6 pm prior to the first city council meeting each month, and the Public Works Committee will meet at 6 pm prior to the second meeting each month.

Alderman Trent Ruestman requested parking be restricted on the 4th Street hill just west of Jefferson Street due to congestion. 

In public comments, Public Works Supervisor Jim Brown said higher than usual water usage has been detected which  indicates a leak somewhere and asked the public to be on the lookout for leaks.

Mayor Bill Koos said he has received two bids for the weather siren project and will be meeting with the Police Chiefa and Public Works Department to discuss parking issues during snowfall.