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Computerize Your Burial Records

Cemetery Web Site (CWS)by Datatron offers an affordable and easy to use system for computerizing cemetery records. Now is the time to seriously consider computerizing your cemetery records as the state of Illinois will require burial information on any new burials with the approval of the Illinois Cemetery Oversight Act.


  • Data Entry Service: CWS provides burial record data entry services.  Data can also be entered by cemetery personnel in an easy to use input form.
  • Cemetery Mapping: CWS provides a map of your cemetery in which the location of any burial can be specified by the click of a button.
  • Powerful Search Methods: Burial record searches can be done on many different criteria such as name, death date, burial location, etc.
  • Internet Web Site: CWS can design an internet web site which allows viewers to look up burial records. This feature will reduce the number of inquires to cemetery personnel and provide the public with much valuable information.
  • Reporting: Many standard reports are included that list burial information. Cemetery personnel can even design their own reports.
To view a cemetery web site using the CWS system, click here.

Benefits of Computerization

Creating a computer database of your burial records will provide many advantages.
  • Data Security: Once your burial records are added to a computer database, they will be secure for the future. Computer databases are backed up periodically and will never be lost.
  • Data Accessibility: Computerized burial records can be easily accessed. No more rummaging through cumbersome ledger books.
  • Time Saving: Data inquires can be easily handled through a computer look up of records. If you choose to add the burial records to the internet, viewers can answer their own questions by looking up the data on the cemetery web site.

Enhance Your Burial Information

CWS not only provides basic burial data but also enables the inputting of obituaries, articles and photos associated with a burial record through CWS's unique internet based system. This data can be entered by online viewers of the cemetery's web site or by the cemetery personnel. This data will provide a rich database for geneologists as well as friends and relatives of the departed.

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