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There are many stories from the past that deserve to be retold. Some of the stories were news events. Others are human-interest stories. Stories will continually be added to this section so it is advisable to return periodically to check out the latest. You are encouraged to send in a story that you feel is unusual or interesting. Send your story as an email or an attachment to To read a particular story, just click on the desired story shown below.

The Christophilis / Paloumpis Family History - Mary P.
Whistling an indication of happiness - Jack
Article About Minonk in 1954 - David
MDR Mohawks Midstate Conference Champions in 1962 - Jari Lynn
Minonk History -1962: Horse show, fall festival scheduled - Jari Lynn
Hello 1962 - Jari Lynn
1952 brings free pie, Halloween parade - Jari Lynn
1952: C. R. Denson marks 50 years in Minonk - Jari Lynn
1952 in Minonk: softball and trains - Jari Lynn
1942: the final chapter - Jari Lynn
1942: Phonograph records, bowling, and school buses - Jari Lynn
1942 in Minonk: The Draft, Rationing and Mining - Jari Lynn
The Christmas Train - Paul
Minonk's Dasher Hotel - Jari Lynn
Trains and hobos in Minonk in the 1960's - Mike
A dissertation on Abraham Lincoln n by Diedrich Ahlers - Jari Lynn
What's in a (Place) Name? - Jack
Longwall Coal Mining in Minonk - Jim
Sutton Mine Ventilation and Escape Shaft - James
Remembering Our Civil War Veterans - Jari Lynn Oncken
Dr. A.H. Millard, Minonk's Illustrious Doctor - Jari Lynn Oncken
Minonk in 1902 by C. R. Denson - Dave Uphoff
Kim's Story - The Morrison Family - Jari Lynn Oncken
Berniece's Story - Jari Lynn Oncken
Minonk's Famous People - Dave Uphoff
Harry's Story - Jari Lynn Oncken
Torpedoed by Subs - Lifeboat Sails to Brazil - Editor
Minonk Boys Marooned in Snow Storm - Albie Johnson
The Burning of the Sutton Building - Jari Lynn Oncken
A Step Back in Time - 1899 - Jari Lynn Oncken
100 Years Ago - The Baptist Church and Minonk - Jari Lynn Oncken
Sutton's Gardens - Jari Lynn Oncken
A history of Minonk's schools - Jari Lynn Oncken
Prologue to "Taming the Beast" - Byron Sabol
Old Men Dream Dreams - Barth Weistart
Boot Camp - Albin Johnson
Tribute to James E. Lee - James Hesselberth
For Crying Out Loud! - Albin Johnson
Must All Grapes be Wrathful? - Albin Johnson
Memorial Day, a time to remember - Albin Johnson
Bank Deposit - Art Kettelhut
Hercules Paloumpis Shot in Arm by Brother Andrew -
World War 1 letter from Eckhart Vissering - Doug Martin
A Story About My Mother - Albin Johnson
Thank Goodness for Memories - Albie Johnson
Summer School - American History MCCMXLII - Albin Johnson
Summer in Round Rock, Texas - Art Kettelhut
Birds of a Feather - Albin Jonson
Bank robbery - 1932 newspaper article
Those glory days - The Schlitz Opera House by Jari Lynn Oncken
Threshing dinners by Gertrude "Trudy" Denson
Rabbits, railroads, and mushrooms by Barth Weistart
Yes, there is a God by Wanda Patterson
Childhood memories by Dave Uphoff
Whistle memories by Barth Weistart
Bank corner revisited by Dave Uphoff
Spencer's hill by Barth Weistart
Ancient memories of Minonk by Albin Johnson
Walking home by Barth Weistart
Yesterday's bars by Dave Uphoff
The Polish Catholic Church by Barth Weistart
Rendered lard by Virginia McBride
Coal mine riot-1897 - Minonk News article 1898
My Benevolent Dictator - Chuck Warwick
Seed catalogs by Virginia McBride
A night to remember by Chuck Warwick
Radio daze by Albin Johnson
Merry Christmas by Virginia McBride
Life as a paperboy by Dave Uphoff
Streator Times-Press Carriers by Barth Weistart
Spring by Albin Johnson
Last Train from Minonk by Paul Vallow
A Parenting Guide by Albin Johnson
Teachers in 1938 by Barth Weistart
My Civil War Stories by Albin Johnson
Reflections of a longtime Cub fan by Jack Cullen
Those Wonderful "Comics" by Albin Johnson
Parallel Lines by Barth Weistart
1948 Minonk basketball team by Jack Cullen
The Wonderful World of Words by Albin Johnson
Letters from home - 1890 written by John H. Folkerts
News stories from the past compiled by Barth Weistart
What happened-1940'S & 1951 compiled by Barth Weistart
Letters from home - 1892 written by John H. Folkerts
History of the Dana Area by Eugene Klendworth
Minonk Bowling Alley opening - 1961 Minonk News-Dispatch
Can you hear me now? by Albin Johnson
Building fences? by Albin Johnson

History of Minonk's Water Tower -
The History of Groveland Township - Bill
The Lighted Good Shepherd Window At the Minonk Baptist Ch - Jari Lynn
1962 final: trains, 21 tractors and undefeated Mohawks - Jari Lynn
Tales of the Rails The Illinois Central and Santa Fe Railroads in Minonk, Illinois - Paul
Basketball, bells and horses in 1962 - Jari Lynn
Goodbye to 1952 - Jari Lynn
1952 brings Route 51 - Jari Lynn
1952 in Minonk: over 5,000 attend the 4th Of July celebration - Jari Lynn
1952: Red Blanchard visits Minonk - Jari Lynn
1942: Scrap metal, basketball and rationing - Jari Lynn
1942: Rationing and Scrap Metal - Jari Lynn
1942: Minonk on the Homefront - Jari Lynn
Dr. Morrison's Illustrious Career - Jari Lynn
Remembering Minonk of 1908 - Jari Lynn
A dissertation on Abraham Lincoln n by Diedrich Ahlers - Jari Lynn
A dissertation on Abraham Lincoln n by Diedrich Ahlers - Jari Lynn
Aunt Lita's House - Martha
Dedication of St. Paul's Chimes in 1939 - David
The History Behind the Two Projects - Jari Lynn
Texas in triple digits - Art
Interview of Minonk Residents on First All Star Game in 1933 - Dave Uphoff
Milking Time - Dave Uphoff
Jack's Story - Jari Lynn Oncken
A Tribute to Herc Paloumpis by a Former Student - Dave Uphoff
An Early History of Dana - Dave Uphoff
Growing up in Minonk - Jack Cullen
Schuck's Grove - Dave Uphoff
Minonk in 1902 - Jari Lynn Oncken
The Closing of the Minonk Bakery - Jari Lynn Oncken
Rosa and Susie Ford - Jari Lynn Oncken
The Old Philosopher - Jari Lynn Oncken
Baseball Announcers of YesterYear - Jack Cullen
Filling Up a Bucket List - Albie Johnson
Closing of the Minonk Coal Mine in 1951 - Terri Taylor
My Cinematic World - Albin Johnson
Hair - From Fuzz to Buzz to Fuzz - Albin Johnson
Common Ants, AiNT so Common - Albin Johnson
Robert Barth: Memories from the past -
Forgotten Friends or "memories can be painful" - Albin Johnson
Fine Art, Fine Wine and the Common Man - Albin Johnson
Dog-goneit! - Albin Johnson
The Baumann Family Farm - Brittany Baumann
Sin, sin, and more sin - Albie Johnson
The Beasty Buddies Gang - Dave Uphoff
Educating Albie - Albin Johnson
Memories, the mind's way of staying sane - Art Kettelhut
Keeper - Art Kettelhut
Crazy for Crosswords - Albin Johnson
Musings on music by Dave Uphoff
Just living in the 1940's by Barth Weistart
Chocoloate Shop Memories by Don Uphoff
A Tale from the Palm Trees by Albin Johnson
Midnight coal by Dave Uphoff
Lost aspirations by Barth Weistart
Good Roads Day by Bela M. Stoddard
Walking to Grade School by Barth Weistart
MY-HI-DAZE and the SLOYD MOVEMENT by Albin Johnson
Summer Kitchen by Virginia McBride
Quilts by Albin Johnson
The End by Virginia McBride
Reunions by Virginia McBride
Hunters and Gatherers by Albin Johnson
Vinegar in your diet by Virginia McBride
Chicken feet are copacetic by Virginia McBride
Saved by my guardian angel by Chuck Warwick
Happy Thanksgiving by Virginia McBride
Memorial for Louisa Elliot by Chuck Warwick
The Old Softball League by Jack Cullen
Movies in Minonk by Dave Uphoff and Martha Cunningham
World War 1 Letter to Home by Dean Memmen
High School Graduation by Albin Johnson
How to Raise and Show Award Winning Garlic by James Weistart
Early churches by Barth Weistart
Big Bend Reunion of 1896 - historical booklet of Minonk
The Eyes Have It! - by Albin Johnson
Sam Lee lost suit - by Barth Weistart
Minonk Township history - from Harry D. Smith and Robert Webster
Old news articles - compiled by Barth Weistart
Travel in 1900 - compiled by Barth Weistart
Thanks Ralph - by Rick Halberg
Legacy and Lore by Albin Johnson
The history of Groveland Township By Helen Y. Klesath
The Power of Smell by Albin Johnson
In Memory of Dudley by Barth Weistart
Parade of Lights by Joanie Miller
A Touching Tale by Albin Johnson
Civil War letter from Minonk soldier by Doug Martin
Second Choice by Albin Johnson