A look at
Minonk's past

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Yes, there is a God

By Wanda Patterson

I moved out here in the country 5 miles from Minonk. I was a foster parent at that time. Its actually the reason I bought this place out here, for the Foster kids. The first Xmas out here was last year. It was terrible as everyone can remember. Terry Pille had been clearing the snow constantly with his huge snow blower/tractor set up he has ( its a dandy too). However, the drive way would close up right behind him. I even had friends taking me to work during that time. I had a foster boy here. We were to go to my family Xmas dinner/get together. It was always like a reunion for us and a lot of family of all ages come. I had told the Foster boy about some of the fun things we did, and the good food and the teen girls in the family who would be there too. He was looking so forward to going. He had got his clothes he wanted to wear all washed up and cleaned his shoes and all the preparations for getting ready. We had to leave early in the morning Xmas as my sister lives in Aledo, and that's a long drive for us. We woke up to a snow covered drive knee deep drifts. The boy was wanting to go so bad he wanted me to let him shovel the whole driveway. Well, my driveway is very long and there was no way anyone could do that and I told him. He was upset about it. I finally told him that o.k. we will get in the car and see how far I can get and then maybe you can shovel out when we get stuck. He said to call Mr. Pille and ask him to come. I said no we can't do that at all. This is Xmas and he has done this so many times already. No way will we bother him on Xmas. I no sooner said that than here came Terry Pille and his machine went one swipe up and one back and he was done, and off we went. The irony of this story is that I told the Foster boy the night before to pray for good weather so we could get out. He told me he wasn't sure there even was a God. I said sure there is and I hope some day you will feel so too...and hugged him. Standing side by side at the window he waved at Terry Pille. I said, see, there is a God and he sent Terry Pille on Xmas day. God bless Terry Pille. We went and had a wonderful time.