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WHAT HAPPENED-1940'S & 1951

compiled by Barth Weistart

These stories were compiled from old issues of the Minonk News and the Minonk News-Dispatch by Barth Weistart for use by in connection with the Minonk, Illinois Sesquicentennial Celebration 1854-2004.
These are articles from the Minonk News-Dispatch in the 1940's and early 1950's which you might be interested in reading. For some, the articles will bring back memories of the past. For others, well, they will just have to ask the old timers for more information. You might consider stopping at his office and asking the webmaster, Dave Uphoff, for a first hand account of these events. Happy reading! Barth Weistart

Will Complete Concrete Floor Over Basement

E. E. Young, owner of the Young Chevrolet Co., is completing the reinforced concrete floor over the balance of the old Schlitz building basement this week. Entry to the basement for cars will be made by a ramp entering from the north side. The business of this concern has increased so rapidly that Mr. Young had already made several additions for space. Later this fall he will probably put up a show room over this whole south portion as an addition to his present fine garage building. "Gene" is a pusher and is always looking for business and is expanding his plant accordingly. He has a fine filling station and equipment and expects to enter the tire business with more vigor than in the past and has taken on the Firestone line which he is advertising elsewhere in this issue.

Published: July 3, 1941

Stoddard Elevator Left to Leffers- a 30-Year Employee
Dean McCully Gets the Elevator On Santa Fe–Leffers & McCully Firm

According to the Provisions of the will of the late R. B. Stoddard, the elevator on the Illinois Central railroad right-of-way, was left to John H. Leffers and the elevator on the Santa Fe railroad to W. Dean McCully. Mr. Leffers and Mr. McCully have formed a partnership and will continue to conduct the business under the firm name of Leffers & McCully. The McCullys reside at Walnut and are not expected to move here for the present. Mr. Leffers had been in Mr. Stoddard's employ for over 30 years and since his illness, has had almost complete charge of the elevator, while Mr. McCully is a son in law and was formerly employed at the elevator. Aside from the elevator, Mr. Leffers was also left the 160-acre farm, 2 miles south of this city on route 116. The elevator at Chatsworth, went to Leland Livingston, who has been running it for a number of years. The other heirs were taken care of with lands, so as to make as equitable a division as possible, with provision made for Mrs. Stoddard. Bela Stoddard, a nephew, of Monticello, is to be named executor.

Published: February 19, 1942

Coal Mine and Optical Offices Are Moving

W. G. Sutton has moved his coal company offices into the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. A. H. Claycomb on the north side of his building. A desk will still be maintained by Dr. Claycomb's secretary in the rooms, and he is to have the whole suite back when he returns from the war. Dr. F. W. Henderson, who has had his optical offices in the Pickard building, will move into the offices vacated by Mr. Sutton, next to and just north of the Minonk theatre, Nov.1.

Published: October 22, 1942

Clay Wells Sells The Northside Grocery
Purchased by Jesse Bradbury

Clay Wells has sold the north side grocery, his residence property and store building to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bradbury. When they will take possession depends somewhat upon how much longer they are employed in defense work, which might stop at any time. Mr. and Mrs. Wells expect to move back to Leitchfield, Ky., from whence they came to Minonk 33 years ago. Mr. Wells was first employed as a section hand on the Illinois Central railroad, after coming here and later took a job in the machine shop at the coal mine. On April 26, 1922 Mr. Wells opened up his grocery store in a building he erected on the rear of his residence property, one block north of the Santa Fe depot. With the assistance of Mrs. Wells they got along without any outside help and made a good living right from the start. When asked what he expected to do in Kentucky, Mr. Wells said: "I will be 77 years old next Dec. 2nd and I am planning on retiring. We expect to buy a farm near Leitchfield and rent it out and live in town. I have a sister there and many relatives." Leitchfield is the county seat of Grayson county. Mrs. Wells is a native of Butler county, which adjoins. Its county seat is Morgantown. Their son, Dewey Wells, is now employed at railroad construction work in Old Mexico. Mr. Wells has a son and two daughters by a deceased first wife, and they, with a number of grandchildren, live in Louisville.

Published: August 23, 1945

Open For Business

The northside business, under the new management of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bradbury and son, Russel, is now officially open for business. An ad announcing the opening on another page of this newspaper.

Published: October 4, 1945

North Side Grocery To Construct Addition–Install New Equipment

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bradbury and son, Russell, who operate the North Side Grocery, are planning to build an addition to the present structure in the near future. The addition will be constructed on the west side of the present building and will be about eighteen feet wide. Plans are not yet definite, but the vacant lot on the west side of the building is being cleared in preparation for the building. The Bradburys also installed a new refrigerated meat show case this week making their store quite modern. They are also considering the remodeling of the front and interior of the present building.

Published: February 14, 1946

Minonk Produce Rents Odd Fellows Business Building

The Minonk Produce, owned by Gilbert McKeon, has rented the Odd Fellows business building on the corner of Fifth and Walnut streets, recently vacated by the Gardner Hatchery. The present location of the Minonk Product is two doors east of that building. Mr. McKeon states that he will continue to use his present quarters as well as the new building. With the added space, he may expand his business to some extent, he added. He is in no hurry to move, however, and will carry out the operation a little at a time, probably being moved and set up for business by next spring. The Gardner Hatchery is progressing rapidly in setting up equipment in their new quarters in the south block on Chestnut street. The larger building formerly owned by the George P. Hindert Hdw. Co., makes fine quarters for their business and the large amount of equipment for hatching has been already placed and set up.

Published: November 1, 1945

Morrison Buys Chocolate Shop Bldg. From Hill

Dr. W. S. Morrison has purchased the business building from Hopkin Hill of Streator, which is now occupied by Morrison's Chocolate Shop. The building has a 20-foot frontage and is just north of the Minonk State Bank and is considered one of the best locations in Minonk. It extends back 80 feet and has an ell facing on the street to the south. This has a frontage of 20 feet. Bob, who celebrated his 10th anniversary in the restaurant and ice cream parlor business this year, plans to put a "spiffy" new front on the building as soon as materials become available.

Published: August 15, 1946

Coal Co. Moves Into Newly Built Offices; Dr. Barrett Gets More Space

The Minonk Coal Co., will move its office into the newly furnished portion of the Sutton building, just west of their present offices, tomorrow. Dr. H. T. Barrett will then occupy the whole suite, including the rooms he already has had. All the plastering has now been finished on the whole new structure and the huge safe door is expected any day and the fronts will then be installed. Construction will start at once on a 50x80 foot garage building on the site of the old greenhouse, just back of the service station on North Chestnut street. Mr. Sutton will use this for his own trucks. Work was resumed at the coal mine Monday morning and the first coal was hoisted Tuesday. At the time work was suspended, hoisting was done every other day.

Published: September 11, 1947

Fortman Opening Big New Billiard Parlor Saturday

Mr. and Mrs. Harm Fortman and son, Jimmy, will hold a grand opening next Saturday, April 2, in Fortman's new billiard parlor, one door north of Goodwins Bros. & Co. garage, in the south business block, in the building just vacated by the Western Auto Associate Store. Fortman, who recently sold his restaurant and bar, in the same block, to Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Roley, of Sullivan, is returning to the billiard parlor business in which he was engaged for several years prior to going into the tavern business here. The billiard parlor will be equipped with all new streamlined pool tables and new lighting effects. He will also sell a full line of tobacco, cigarettes, candy, soft drinks, and chocolate milk, and Albert Eihlers will assist Harm in the operation of the business.

Published: April 2, 1949

New Produce Firm Rents Here

Barrington Produce Co., of Barrington, has rented the Tom Paloumpis building in the south business block where the Grampp Produce Co. was formally located.

Published: November 3, 1949

Change in Produce Firms

Priebe & Sons, Inc., have closed up their produce house on the east side and the Monarch Produce Co., located in the Tom Paloumpis building in the south block is apparently its successor as Donald Rich is in charge as manager of the new firm. Armond Puquin of Chicago, is owner of the firm and we are informed that it has no connection whatever with the defunct Grampp & Sons or of the reorganization group of creditors of that firm.

Published: November 10, 1949

Morrison Sells Restaurant to Melvin Liner New Proprietor to Take Over Friday

Robert Morrison sold Morrison's Chocolate Shop to Melvin Liner of this city, yesterday, and the new proprietor will take over the operation of the place tomorrow (Friday, May 5). Morrison retains ownership of the building. He has operated the place for 14 years, having purchased the businerss from Francis Kerrigan (now Mayor of Metamora) in 1936. He converted the place from a fountain and ice cream parlor to a restaurant and fountain, several years ago, and has made constant improvements and changes. When Bob started up there in 1936 he employed three persons. When he announced the sale to his employees last night there were 23 on the payroll. Mr. Liner came to Minonk from Oglesby and has recently been employed at Kents. He is married to the former Lorraine Loftus and they have a son and a daughter (twins). He has had some previous experience in that type of business, and she was employed at Morrison's for some time.

Published: May 4,1950

Ketchy's Tavern Sold To Joseph Copp

Ketchy's Tavern, operated by Anton M. Ketchmark since he took it over from the late William H. (Tonica) Ryan, 17 ˝ years ago, has been sold to Joseph Copp of this city. The sale is conditional upon the granting of a city license to the new proprietor. That will be applied for at the meeting of the city council, next Monday night, and when the license is granted, Mr. Copp will take possession on the following morning. Hereafter it will be known as Copp's Tavern. Mr. Ketchmark is retiring from business. Mr. Copp is a veteran of World War II, was employed at the Rutland postoffice for several years, and was employed at Ketchy's for some time. For the last several weeks he has been a salesman for the Sanitary Bakery.

Published: November 1, 1951