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City Approves Demolition of Former Young's Garage Building

Tuesday, November 05, 2019 - Posted 9:10:28 AM

The Minonk City Council approved an agreement between the Minonk Fire Department and Dennis Berlin for the demolition of the building at 616 N. Chestnut Street. The building is the former Young's garage building and was purchased by Mr. Berlin after Young's closed their business. The building has mainly been used as a storage building since then and is in a state of disrepair.

The Fire Department purchased the building for $28,000. Mr. Berlin has until June 1, 2020 to remove the building of its contents at which time the building will be demolished. However, if the contents are removed before then, demolition may proceed sooner.

In other business the council approved a TIF 2 award of $2585.41 to Gold Star Banquet for improvements to their building including installation of another restroom.

City Administrator Bill Moline gave the following project updates.
  • WTP - game planned today for tie in to raw water lines and new piping tomorrow morning. Once tie in is completed they will chlorinate new piping and media tanks and check for leaks. Once water samples results are back and good, our guys need to get the RO system ready for water to go back through them. Plan is to hopefully have everything back to normal by the weekend or depending on water sample results, next Monday or Tuesday worse case.
  • Flush hydrants - working in conjunction with WTP RO system being put back on line
  • Leaf pick up - We will start cleaning streets and any leaves already pushed to the curb/street this week starting East side of town and continue to work on throughout town, weather permitting. Still a number of leaves that need to fall.
  • Need to continue cleaning off tops of the sand filters at the WWTP


Jan Sweet Hovey: Another building neglected in town to be torn down.
Kathy L Harms: Did they get rid of all the stuff inside?
Janet Magers: Winters He has until 6/1/2020 to remove all items per the article.
Theresa Parks Curless: Kathy L Harms I would love to see all the stuff inside. It has been packed for years
Dale Sarah Merriman: any chance of getting Mr Berlin contact info or give him mine Dale Merriman 815 973 4568.
Sybil DeTrempe: Hope they have an auction I've window shopped there every time I drive by got some neat stuff!