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Fieldcrest Board Meeting Summary

Friday, October 30, 2020 - Posted 2:34:44 PM by Dr. Kari Rockwell

Above Rachel Schmitt and Rebecca Hudson are sworn in as student representatives to the Fieldcrest School Board of Education.

The board meeting on Wednesday night was a time to celebrate the addition of 2 student representatives to the board, Rachel Schmitt and Rebecca Hudson. We are extremely proud to welcome these student representatives and look forward to adding their voices to board discussion. 

Florian Chevrollier from Akuo/Bennington Wind Farm gave a presentation on the wind farm construction plan and timeline as well as a recap of revenues local taxing bodies will receive. Not all taxing bodies were included in this list, so it is not comprehensive.

There will be 33 turbines each 500 feet tall measuring from the base to the top of the blade. Construction will be ongoing throughout the winter with the first turbine scheduled for installation by July 2021 and all turbines are to be completed by October 2021. In 2022 Fieldcrest will receive tax revenue of $770,000 from the turbines and all tax bodies including counties and fire districts will receive $1,190,000. Over the 30 year life of the turbines estimated tax revenue of $23,700,000 will be generated. To download a PowerPoint presentation of the Wind Farm, click here.

The board approved a Health Life Safety Bond Resolution which allows us to continue forward with our process.

A GeoTechnical Services proposal was also approved so that pre-work can begin at the high school. The process includes soil borings to provide geotechnical recommendations for an addition to the Fieldcrest High School. The cost of the project is $4000 plus expenses.

Mr. Poston spoke about the first 10 weeks of school at FMS and the wonderful events that have taken place in classrooms and across the building. 

A Renaissance program has been started and Gerjets Lawn Care donated t-shirts to every student and staff member.

In personnel Garrett Nix was assigned as volunteer with the Middle School Boys Basketball.