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KKK Literature Distributed in the Area

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - Posted 7:23:21 PM

Television station WMBD in Peoria and radio station WLPO in LaSalle have been reporting on the distribution of Ku Klux Klan literature in this area.  We were aware of this but hesitated to publish anything so as not to give the KKK any publicity.  However, since it has been reported this is what we know.

Some people on Walnut Street in Minonk woke up Sunday morning this week to find KKK literature packaged in a plastic sleeve on their drive way.  People in Rutland, El Paso and LaSalle-Peru also received the same literature and the local police are aware of the distribution of this material.  It seems the literature was distributed in the early morning hours before dawn on Sunday morning.
Even a WLPO Special Agent in LaSalle received the literature.

The web site mentioned in the literature was listed as suspended when attempts were made to view it.  In addition, it appeared the telephone numbers were bogus as well which questions the intent of the literature.

The comments on WLPO's Facebook page revealed that people were angry that the station reported the event and even published a photo showing the website and telephone number for the organization.

For more on the story, you can click on this link to the WMBD website.

Below is a photo of some of the KKK literature.


Vee Filipiak: I deliver to this radio station and know most of them personally, as it what we call a dismount. (We walk their mail into them). I will be questioning this absurdity and cannot wait to hear the response.
Stillwell Richard: I've seen that post at least a dozen times. The ONLY difference in the posts was the name of the town it was found in. It just seems kinda strange. Christine Cunningham: You are implying that this is a hoax and didn't really happen?
Stillwell Richard: Christine Cunningham I am NOT implying anything. It just seemed strange that I saw the same post verbatim with just the name changed. I know there are idiots out there that distribute that filth.

Pam Jolly: Hate is everywhere! Just have to throw it in the garage and not give it any thought.
Jeff Davis: Oh my
Kevin Persic: Who cares? Idiots come in all shapes and forms. This just gives the boogeyman free publicity. Regardless of how stupid this is they do have free speech.
Peyton Snyder: Kevin Persic That doesn't mean that we should remain silent. This disgusting form of hatred should be called out along with the despicable people who take part in it.
Kevin Persic: Peyton Snyder I have no problem with that. I have a problem when people try to criminalize free speech. "The police have been informed." My goodness! Let's inform them every time a Jehovah's witness leaves a bible tract! (Sarcasm) Fear mongering doesn't help anyone. A society that stops giving any credibility to stupid people will overcome their ignorance in my opinion. What I don't and won't tolerate is someone telling me something is hate speech so you can't say it. Freedom of speech was never meant to protect popular speech because there is no need to protect what is agreed upon.
Peyton Snyder: Kevin Persic On the issue of the police being involved, I'm sure the reason they were alerted isn't to infringe upon their first amendment right to free speech. They were informed because, as any American that's had any form of education within the last 50 years should know, this group has a history of extreme violence. Yes, these disgusting excuses for people have their constitutional right to speak their minds, but we, the majority, maintain our constitutional right to object, call out, and make it clear that there is no place here in Minonk or the surrounding area for these people.
Kevin Persic: Peyton Snyder they are a paper tiger. A dying group of racists. I would personally be more worried if a group like Antifa was spreading literature. We have very recent examples of their violent activity.
Peyton Snyder: Kevin Persic And if ANTIFA was in the area spreading hate, I'd be saying the same things I'm saying now. That's not what's happening though.
Christine Cunningham: Kevin, you are seriously comparing the KKK to Jehovah's Witness??? Jehovah's Witness doesn't not promote race superiority nor violence towards races.
Peyton Snyder: Kevin Persic Not to mention, haven't you been watching the news lately? This form of hate has been on the rise within the past few years. Remember Charlottesville? Don't act like it's not a problem anymore, because it certainly is one. A serious one.
Kevin Persic: Peyton Snyder it is not a crisis like CNN makes it out to be. We have had the KKK for 150 yrs. They are so minimal in numbers compared to the 60's that they are hardly worth mentioning. For every Charlottesville, there is 10 stories of other groups like BLM or Antifa battering and attacking someone for their skin color or political affiliation. Hate comes in many forms.