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New Piping Installed at Water Treatment Plant

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - Posted 10:18:12 PM

Above and below are photos taken at the Water Treatment plant today of the new piping going in. Once everything is put back together the filter tanks will be painted so it all looks nice and shiny.

Photos provided by City Administrator Bill Moline.


Heather Payton: Yes!!!! Are we still looking at the 15th to have the after tasting back to normal? I miss Minonk water!!!
Christine Cunningham: Hopefully they will update when the water will taste normal again.
Russell Ruestman: Christine Cunningham the last update was maybe 7/8 more working days if all goes well. Now that the piping in here they are moving right along. Bill will definitely send out an update as soon as we know it is going back online.