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Fieldcrest Reaffirms Dedication to In-Person Learning

Saturday, August 22, 2020 - Posted 1:37:25 PM by Dr. Kari Rockwell

Saturday, August 22, 2020 

Dear Fieldcrest Community, 

Today the Fieldcrest Board of Education met to reaffirm the dedication to in-person learning for all families that have made this choice. In order to uphold this commitment, I would like to share what we will continue to do at school and what we need your help with at home. 

1. All students and staff will wear a mask every day when in the presence of others. Indoors, this is at all times even with social distancing. Outside, masks are required when social distancing cannot be maintained. The students and staff did an outstanding job with this on Thursday and Friday!   
    a. Gaiters/athletic face coverings are now listed as not recommended. Fieldcrest will continue to allow these, but encourages all individuals to try a face mask if possible. 

2. Handwashing/hand sanitizing regularly. 

3. Social Distancing will be maintained and adhered to as much as possible. 

4. Students will be assigned seats in the classroom and bus. 

5. Daily Heath/COVID Screening is required for all prior to boarding a bus, being dropped off at school, walking to school, or driving to school. This takes approximately 30 seconds (or less) for each individual. There is iPhone app access, however Fieldcrest has no control over app development for TeacherEase. Runny Nose has been removed by IDPH as a symptom. 

6. Water bottles are welcomed and encouraged- water fountains will NOT be used. The district has received notice of a grant for water-bottle filling stations, however the stations have not yet arrived. 
    a. Donations of bottled water are welcome at all schools! 

Direct (to parent and/or staff) notifications about the need to quarantine will only take place if your student/staff is considered a close/direct contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more). 

The district will soon implement a COVID Update Dashboard located on the website. When reviewing Fieldcrest COVID updates, please keep the following in mind: 

1. IDPH requires a household quarantine which means that if a student has school-age siblings, the quarantine numbers will rise. 

2. Quarantine is a precaution in many cases and does not guarantee symptoms have occurred. Quarantine is mandated by the IL Department of Public Health. 

3. Many individuals in quarantine were exposed to the virus in other places outside of the school or bus. 

Respectfully, Kari L. Rockwell