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Marge Dunham Inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame

Wednesday, August 08, 2018 - Posted 8:47:22 AM by David Dunham
Marge Dunham is a dedicated 4-H volunteer serving Livingston County. While she did not grow up in the 4-H program, it became a large part of her life as she helped each of her four children complete their 4-H careers. She also had two grandchildren and now four great grandchildren in the club now. For over 40 years, Marge has dedicated countless hours of volunteer service and leadership to her 4-H members and community as a 4-H leader and 4-H Superintendent. Marge continues her service to 4-H, along with her son David, as the leaders of the Flanagan Ever-Ready
4-H Club.
Marge will be inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame at 3pm, August 14th during the Illinois State Fair in the Orr Building.


Cindy Ketchmark Meyer: Marge, I can't even imagine how many hours you have volunteered. This is a very nice honor! Congratulations!!!
Rhonda Weppler Gordon: Congratulations! I was in the Flanagan Ever Ready club during my formative years. Kathryn Klendworth and Bev Harms were my leaders. Learned how to sew well with those two! Best wishes to you!
Deb Nelson-Haugens: Congratulations!
Jill Fletcher Koos: Congratulations Marge. Great honor.
Debra Wiechman: Congratulations!
Mark McNamara: Congratulations
Patrick Copp: Congratulations
Kim Hovey Krischel: Congratulations!!!
Crystal Giannerini Binkley: Congrats marge!! You desearve this!!