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New Business in Minonk

Monday, August 06, 2018 - Posted 10:37:34 PM
Minonk has a new business at 456 N. Chestnut Street.  Dberg's sells houseware items including shop vacs, generators, shop lights, lawn mowers and a large assortment of knives.  In addition to its retail section, Dberg's does small engine repair,saw sharpening, and  also offers custom metal work.

Dberg's is owned and operated by Jerry Dronenberg and currently is open from 5 to 7 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday's.  Starting in September Dberg's will be open during the day.

Stop in and say hello to Mr. Dronenberg and check out his merchandise and services.  Their phone number is 309-830-8344.

Above is Jerry Dronenberg and his son Jerry, Jr.

Some of the merchandise for sale at Dberg's.

Examples of custom metal work at Dberg's.

Cobrateck knives on display as well as other knife brands.

Dberg's is located in the south block of downtown Minonk at 456 N. Chestnut.


Christina Jenkins: Jerry saved my little tiller and now I have a wonderful garden this year. His prices are crazy low and the service was SPEEDY! I have taken this tiller to two other places and it still wasn't right until Jerry worked on it. He's VERY helpful and I will definitely be back. I'm THRILLED for this service in my hometown. Welcome Dronenburgs, best wishes and may you experience much success in Minonk!!!!
Jerry Dronenberg: Thanks everyone! And special thanks to Dave Uphoff for taking time to come meet us. We appreciate his support!
Kimberly Sullivan: That's awesome!! More businesses downtown help out everyone!!!! Wishing them all the best!!!
David Dunham: Wishing them the best. It's great to see store fronts filled!!
Betty Stephens Griffith: Will have to stop in and check it out.
Gloria McGough: Good luck!!!
Jack Jochums: Great !!
Linda Thacker Welcome.
Rita Hemken: Awesome! Manage