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Fieldcrest Board Meeting July 29th

Monday, July 27, 2020 - Posted 12:32:08 PM

Fieldcrest Community Unit School District #6

Board of Education Regular Agenda

Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 6:30 pm

Fieldcrest High School Gymnasium, Minonk

YouTube Livestream:

Google Question form for board meeting: by 6:00pm)


Tomorrow's Leaders Learning Today


  1. Call to Order - Roll Call


Public statement: The Fieldcrest Community Unit School District Board of Education is a deliberative and policy-making body, and follows a planned agenda at each meeting. The Board does not debate the subject of public comments during the meeting nor take immediate action on such comments, but rather may take any comments under review in making decisions and establishing policies. As a deliberative body, the Board does not act immediately on requests made by the Board.


  1. Regular Session
    1. Welcome
    2. Vision Statement- Tomorrow's Leaders Learning Today
    3. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Public Communications to the Board
    1. Persons addressing the Board should be guided and constrained by Board Policy 2:230. Copies are available online:
  3. Action Items
    1. Consent Agenda
      1. Meeting Minutes from past month - Appendix B, B1*
      2. Financials and Bills - Appendix C
      3. Treasurer's Report & Bills Payable - Appendix C
      4. Restore Imprest Fund - Appendix C
    2. Personnel Detail Agenda - Appendix D
      1. Certified Employment
      2. Non-Certified Employment
      3. Extra Duty Assignment
      4. Resignations
    3. Return to Learn Plan- Appendix A
    4. Permission to Spend Resolution- Appendix E
    5. FY21 Fees- Appendix F
    6. FY21 Revised Coordinator List- Appendix G
    7. FY21 Revised Calendar- Appendix H
    8. Student Handbook 2020-2021- Appendix I
    9. Employee Guidebook 2020-2021- Appendix J
    10. FY21 Risk Management Plan- Appendix K
    11. Disposal List- Appendix L
    12. Waste Bid- Appendix M
    13. Milk Bid- Appendix N
    14. MS Window Abatement Bid- Appendix O
    15. MS Window Replacement Bid-Appendix P
    16. 1st Reading/Press Policy 104- Appendix Q
    17. Transportation Serious Safety Hazard Finding- Appendix R
    18. GreenBear- Appendix S
    19. Resolution on Re-Opening- Appendix T
  4. Administrative Report-Superintendent-
    1. Facilities Committee
    2. COVID-19 District Response
      1. Daily Health Certification
      2. IHSA/IESA
      3. Staff Preparation
    3. Therapy Dog Program
    4. Thank you to the City of Minonk