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Pickle Ball Courts Added to Millennium Park

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - Posted 7:07:18 PM

Players engage in a game of pickle ball at Minonk Millennium Park.

Two new pickle ball courts have been installed at Minonk Millennium Park at the north edge of Minonk.  The courts are located inside the north end of the hockey rink.

Pickle ball has become a popular past time for young and old.  It is being played at large communities such as Bloomington. Minonk is one of the first small towns to provide pickle ball facilities. 

The game is played similar to tennis except a paddle like a ping pong paddle is used instead of a tennis racket and the ball is more like a whiffle ball being plastic and light.  In addition, the court is smaller than a tennis court and therefore is less strenuous than tennis.  So the game can be played by both seasoned athletes and couch potatoes. 

Scoring can be done like tennis or you can make up your own scoring technique.  Paddles and balls will be available at the courts. However, those who are interested may want to purchase their own paddle and pickle balls.  Portable nets are provided and can be moved to the side of the rink if need be.  

The courts will be open starting next Monday, June 24, and will be open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from noon until dark.  

Above from the left is Bob Hakes and Jack Jochums holding a pickle ball paddle and a pickle ball.  Bob and Jack are members of the New Millennium Group which was instrumental in setting up the game for the Minonk community.

This game is provided by the New Millennium Group of Minonk who maintains the grounds and the recreation at the Millennium Park.  Other improvements that have been made recently is the installation of stainless steel fixtures at the rest rooms in the park.


Ruth Elliott: If interested, I will be in Illinois in July to play a tournament in Chicago.... i am happy to host a clinic at the Minonk Courts to teach the skills of the game.
Janet Ioerger Peggy Edwards come visit and teach me!!!
Amigoni Gene: Thank You! We will differently use it. We play it all the time in AZ. Fastest growing sport in the West.
Chrissy Harris How about a dog park in minonk?
Krista Cunliffe: Yes a dog park would be very nice to have. How about we make one of those
Susan Skaggs Thank you to millennium park group!
Ann Knighton Fantastic! Such a fun game!
Deb Weiland Great sport so glad to see it has come to minonk
Billie Stokowski are these available for us or do we need to supply our own paddles and balls?
Answer: They are available at the courts.