Abandoned ferret looking for a home

Friday, May 04, 2007 - Posted 7:13:22 PM
Jack Devine of rural Minonk reported that someone dumped a ferret on his property the other day.  He first thought it to be an Illinois Weasel when it poked its head out from the bush. But when it followed him up to the house he figured out it was a ferret. 

Jack said, "I had noticed someone had driven into my drive earlier obviously to pitch it out into the cruel world of the wild." Jack says it looks healthy and is friendly and thinks it would make a good pet for someone into ferrets. He said leaving a pet to fend for itself against predators such as coyotes, fox, great horned owls and feral cats is mean.

He said,  "A few things bother me about other people. I don't like people that dump pets.  I don't like people that litter. I have a special dislike for the person that picked up the televisions out for cleanup day and drove around throwing them."

Jack hopes that someone will want to give it a good home soon.  Anyone who wishes to adopt the little ferret should contact Jack at gunssavelivesnow@yahoo.com> or write to this website.

Pictured below with the ferret is Kay McNamara  who is very experienced with animals from working with dogs.