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Election results for April 2, 2019

Tuesday, April 02, 2019 - Posted 10:24:59 PM

Scott Hillenburg lost his re-election bid as Jordan Meyer, Joseph Stasell and Heather McKay are the newly elected board members to the Fieldcrest Board of Education. The election results for the Fieldcrest Board of Education are shown below:

Candidate Woodford Marshall LaSalle Total
Jordan Meyer 424 340 106 870
Heather McKay 385 307 102 794
Joseph Stasell 88 434 94 606
Scott Hillenburg 351 117 70 538

In the Minonk city council race, Lisa Junker defeated Steven Omiotek by a vote of 98 to 12 in Minonk's 3rd ward to replace outgoing Nick Caverra. Jonothan Stears ran unopposed in the 1st ward with 97 votes to replace outgoing John Marcoline and Trent Ruestman ran unopposed with 166 votes in the 2nd ward to recapture his seat on the council.

Gary Wolf ran unopposed to be elected as a trustee with the Minonk Fire Department with 384 votes.