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Fieldcrest Hires New Superintendent

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - Posted 8:35:38 PM

           Dr. Kerry Rockwell
The Fieldcrest Board of Education approved the hiring of Dr. Kerry Rockwell as the new Fieldcrest Superintendent. Dr. Rockwell's employment will start July 1, 2019. She will work with the current superintendent, Dr. Dan Oakley, until Dr. Oakley's retirement on December 30. 2019. Dr. Rockwell lives in Peoria and is currently the principal at Kiefer School in Peoria.

In other business the board approved the Senior Class Trip to Sandusky, OH at Cedar Point, an amusement park, and renewed membership to the IHSA and the IESA.

In personnel matters, the board approved the hiring of Betsy Kuehn as Primary Self-Contained Special Education - FY20, Clayton Nettles for High School Social Studies - FY20, Lisa Junker as Bus Monitor effective immediately, Greg Peterson as MS 8th Grade Boys Basketball Coach - FY20 and recognized the resignations of Nicolas Cincotti, IS/MS Music Teacher, and Linda Seggerman, Primary Yearbook Sponsor, effective at the end of FY19.

The board approved membership to the Woodford County Special Education Association and named Mykin Bernardi as the board representative.

The board approved the FY19-20 school calendar with some caveats from Dr. Oakley who said the calendar is based on passage of a bill by the State legislators. Dr. Oakley said digital days may be used to make up for days lost due to bad weather. He said this is a positive as it allows a teacher to administer their class through online courses. The downside is that this may be a hardship for families without internet access as they may have to go to the library or other community web kiosks for internet access to the courses.

Dr, Oakley said a report on the Wenona Engineering Field Study should be done by mid April. He said the next board meeting will be April 24 at which time the newly elected board members will replace the outgoing board members.

At the end of the board meeting, Fieldcrest Primary Principal Jason Chaplin brought some of his kindergarten teachers to exhibit the new flexible seating project at the school. New seats such as wobble chairs and seating pads are used to give the students a more informal and relaxed environment for learning. The teachers explained that allowing the student to choose their seating gives the student a sense of empowerment. Mr. Chaplin said there are 22 of these special seats in each of the 3 kindergarten class rooms.

Above are the special seats used in the Fieldcrest kindergarten class rooms in Minonk. From the left is a wobble seat that allows the child to move around easily, a reclining seat, floor pads and a combination seat and desk top on the right. Behind the seats from the left are teachers Sarah Miles, Amy Baker and Jane Kalkwarf.