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The cornoavirus is more deadly than the flu

Saturday, March 14, 2020 - Posted 10:35:10 AM by Dave Uphoff

Since the publication of the editorial on the cornonavirus Friday evening, I have received comments that this "whole virus thing is overblown and is not anywhere worse than the flu". THIS IS NOT TRUE!

While more people have died from the flu that from the coronavirus so far, that is only because the coronavirus has just started. In fact, experts say the coronavirus is 20 times more deadly than the regular flu.

The fact that President Trump and Fox News have downplayed the seriousness of the virus for political purposes is the height of irresponsibility and will cost many more lives to be lost because people will not take the virus seriously and its spread will be more rapid.

Experts are now saying that if we do not mobilize our efforts to ban mass crowds and do not take measures to protect ourselves, up to 200 million people could get the virus and up to 1 million people could die because our hospitals will be unable to handle that many patients.

Because we have waited too long to address the virus, it has taken hold in our population and we have no idea how many people actually have the virus because of the lack of test kits.

So listen to the experts, not the politicians, and take this virus seriously by taking measures to protect yourself and to avoid crowds until the virus is contained. If we do that, the virus will be brought down much quicker and many lives will be saved. This may be considered a draconian measure but to do otherwise will only prolong the virus and increase the death rate.


Carrie Timmerman-Huenecke: 100% agree with this. This not a regular flu and not something to be laughed off. Read news from experts not politicians. Testing numbers still aren't where they need to be and they expect it to get worse before better. This is not about IF you are healthy and can beat it. This is about people you can transmit it to who can't fight it off. Also so we don't overwhelm the healthcare system like what happened in Italy. We have great healthcare in the US but all experts (I am not one) say we are not prepared for numbers like Italy. Stay home if you can and take it seriously.
Jacqleene Meyers: The Coronavirus is not "nothing", but as more tests come in the deaths to confirmed cases rates are dropping not rising. Washington state has so many deaths relative to cases because a large portion of deaths were among those in long term care facilities whose systems were compromised to begin with. This disease is enough on its own without fear mongering or scare tactics. Keep it real, people. Look at the actual numbers not who is spouting whatever info. Check on your elderly neighbors, if you find that you bought more that you need when fearful and shopping, please share some with those who have limited transportation and mobility. Focus on helping, not on adding to fears.
Elizabeth Courtney: YES!!!! Great editorial. To put this in context, yes, we have not had many deaths YET. But when the citizens of Paradise, CA smelt a whiff of wood smoke in the air, they had no idea of the conflagration that was about to engulf them. The lengths that trump and his fox propaganda machine have gone to in order to minimize this threat is shameful. Wake up.
Edmund Johnson: It seems to me like Dave recommendations for containing this are no different than the flu so maybe when there is a Democrat president we do the same fear-mongering to the economy tanks.
Joyce Limbaugh: It seems like some of the news media and politicians will be disappointed if their doomsday predictions don't come to fruition. What is the next thing they will try to blame on President Trump and Fox?
Lynn Barth Manning: How about we quit pointing fingers at the President? When he shut down travel from China all the left could do was complain about that. Now he didn't do enough? I think he is doing the best he can given the circumstances. Quit pointing fingers and let's come together as a nation and overcome this crappy hand we've all been dealt!