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Emails for July 2009
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City liens on properties | Fitness Center | Survey for residents of Minonk | Fitness center? | City Liens on Private Properties | Fall Garage Sale on Sept. 12th | When is fall garage sale? | Minonk Parks and Rec Volleyball and Soccer Forms Available | old baseball picture | I also enjoy the website! | areas that have drainage problems | "areas that are having drainage problems" | EMT-Basic Class | Enjoyed web site | Are there EMT classes? | Re:AF & AM Lodge 247 | AF & AM Lodge 247 | Thank you from 4th July Committee | List of Donators to the Minonk 4th of July Celebration | fire works | Fourth of July Show was Fantastic | Fund Raiser for Ambulance Equipment | Fourth of July Show was Fantastic | RESCHEDULED: Ambulance Association Pork Chop Sandwiches/Concert Tickets | July 4th CANCELLATIONS and POSTPONMENTS | A.F. & A.M. Rob Morris Lodge No. 247 |

City liens on properties

Regarding my previous comments about City liens on properties, I received a telephone call last night advising me that apparently there has been some changes in rules and procedures regarding the handling of liens that have taken place sometime during the eleven years since my leaving the post of city administrator.

Basically, the changes apparently do provide some opportunity for municipal liens to be successful. During this conversation I was told that you still are at risk in being successful, that you may not always collect on all liens filed. Not knowing specifically what the changes are, I cannot address the issue further except to say the possible changes that have taken place apparently still do not assure absolute success when filing liens.

My original comments were based solely on my ten year experience as city administrator. Change is always possible in any subject matter. However, change often produces little or no benefit, only the manner in which the subject matter is handled.

Because there may be some confusion in this matter, I sincerely do apologize for my part in causing it.

David A. Shirley
Former City Administrator

Dave Shirley

Survey for residents of Minonk

Some concerned citizens of Minonk have organized a committee to distribute a survey related to all the cancer cases in this area. We are asking all citizens to respond as soon as possible so we can input data onto a graph and find any common factors that can be related to these illnesses.

We are not trying to bring a negative factor on our community. We are not trying to throw responsibility to any certain individuals. We are on a mission to find answers as to why we have so many family members and friends afflicted with this disease. Our ratio is high. If you try to list all victims we have had, someone is likely to be missed. There is just too many. I personally have been active in 3 cancer benefits in the last 4 years.

Please fill this out. Your privacy is respected. To avoid double counting relatives we are asking for addresses of individuals that have been diagnosed. Many people have large families here and we would like to have the statistics close to accuracy as possible. If you would like to be involved please contact MinonkTalk and we will give you any information on our cause and goals.

Thank You Becky Quick

Becky Quick

City Liens on Private Properties

In response to the comment that appeared on the City Council meeting report of July 27th, the City can file all the liens it wants in an attempt to recover its costs for services rendered to negligent properties. I know from experience as city administrator the only thing I ever accomplished was I increased the city's costs due to the legal fees and filing fees that had to be paid when filing liens.

I, too, thought all liens filed on properties were given equal consideration when a property settlement is finalized. However, after a few attempts in filing claims, I learned this is a false assumption because settlement distributions on claims are established by priority, and city claims are at the bottom of the priority list.

I never did experience a settlement that provided sufficient revenue to settle all claims against the property. The mortgage holder and legal fees incurred in the foreclosure process receives first priority when settling claims. After the mortgage holder and legal fees claims are settled, all other claims are settled in priority order if there is money left for distribution. I don't think anyone has to be an "Einstein" to realize that in foreclosure cases, the mortgage holder and their legal fees is their only interest to recover their costs in the ultimate settlement of a foreclosure.

David A. Shirley
Former City Administrator

Dave Shirley

When is fall garage sale?

Many people have written asking when the fall garage sale will be held in Minonk. If anyone has an answer, please reply to this web site. Thank you.


old baseball picture

I was wondering who may have the original picture of the Minonk baseball team with my dad sitting in the front row (Jim McKay) Also are pictured are Bud Janssen, Don Weld and the McNamaras to name a few. I really would like to get a copy of this picture if possible.

Joanie Glowacki

areas that have drainage problems

I am responding to my own letter written yesterday. Mayor Koos immediately called me and explained that at the last council meeting our specific streets and the flooding problems were addressed. This section has been added to the list. Thank you, Mayor Koos, for keeping us in mind and remembering everything we have had to go through over the fall and spring. We deeply appreciate it!!!

Jennifer Fiorini

EMT-Basic Class

This is in response to Rebecca's Email (and to anyone else who is interested).

There is an EMT-Basic class that will be held at Minonk's Ambulance Shed (636 Jefferson) beginning August 3rd and running through November 30th. The class will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-10 pm. Class requirements are: CPR Healthcare Provider, HS Diploma/GED and . If you do not have your CPR license, a class will be held on July 27th & 29th at 6:30 PM.

Please contact me at 432-2730 or stop by the ambulance shed to pick up a registration form or if you have any questions. This class is open to the public. Class size is limited.


Deb West-Stewart

Are there EMT classes?

I was told there was an EMT class planned in Minonk beginning in July. Do you have any information on that?
Thanks in advance, Rebecca Donna

AF & AM Lodge 247

In answer to the Question about Rob Morris Lodge #247.  The Building Chad Hill talks about was the AF & AM Masonic Lodge Hall until the mid to late 1970's.  I was not a member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons at that time.   A new Lodge Hall was erected by volunteers in the Builta Edition of town.   This structure was all on one level at 218 Howard Drive.  Another term used for this type of local meeting hall is the 'Blue Lodge', so the color was blue.  As membership declined, and utilities and taxes increased, the new building became too expensive for the brothers of the lodge to keep.  The Lodge Brothers still have a charter with the Grand Lodge of Illinois.  Rob Morris Lodge # 247 now meets at the Wenona Lodge #344 on the fourth Monday of each month. (except Hollidays - no meetings July and August)Russ McCulleySecretary - Rob Morris Lodge # 247

Russ McCulley

List of Donators to the Minonk 4th of July Celebration

Minonk's 4th of July Celebration could not have been done without the generous help of the many, many volunteers – for the parade, beer tent, fireworks, kid's events, car show; chicken dinner and many other events that were scheduled; AND to the many, many business's and individuals who donated money this year.

We THANK YOU for your support!!!


Champion Fitness
City of Minonk
Corner Grille & Pub
Country Florist
Country Companies
Cunningham Candies
Dr. John Podzamsky
Durre Brothers
Green Tree Pharmacy
Heartland Cable
Heritage Enterprises
Herman's Body Shop
Jerry's Golf Carts
Leiken – Leiken
Lumanaries – Christy Ruestman
Meyer-Jochums Agency
Milashoski Plumbing
Minonk American Legion
Minonk Auto Body
Minonk Auto Parts - NAPA
Minonk Unocal
Paul S.B. Naik, DDS
Paulie's Pub
Ruff Brothers Grain
Ruth Knapp Fund
Shear Design
Spring Green
Tae Kwon Do
Thomas Janssen
TyJax Ironworks
Uftring Automotive

If we have missed anyone please accept our apologies and let us know, we will add your name to our list.


The Minonk 4th of July Committee

Fourth of July Show was Fantastic

If you could pass this on to the 4th of July committee I would appreciate it. The fourth of July show was FANTASTIC!! From the beautiful flag lowering to the finale of the fireworks. You all should be very proud of what you have done not just for the people of Minonk but also, the awesome way you have honored Independence Day. As I sat there in the park listening to Borderline, I was watching the kids play in large groups, others off tossing balls to each other. It reminded me of how life was in the 60's and 70's. (sorry but I'm not old enough to remember the 50's) And what a breath of fresh air it was to be a part of your celebration.

Thank you for your time and effort in a wonderful display of patriotism!!! Keep up the good work!


Jan Blank

Fund Raiser for Ambulance Equipment

Hello everyone,

We are doing a fundraiser to raise money to upgrade our Cardiac Monitor's, the upgrade will be for capnogrophy. This is a wonderful tool that will help not only us as EMS personnel, but also will benefit the community as well. For those of you that are not sure what capnogrophy is; I have attached some information on it. It will become part of our monitoring system. When applied to the patient via the ET tube (breathing tube that is placed in a patients throat), or through what looks like a nasal cannual, it will gives a reading much like that of a cardiac rhythm, only it is technically called a wave form. It has many different things it will be able to help us determine, bottom line though it helps determine through the wave form that our patients are getting an adequate supply of oxygen. The cost to update both machines is $10,000.00.

We are hosting a concert here in Minonk at the High School gym on August 8th, 2009 at 6:00 PM. It is an up and coming artist who's name is Josh Johnson. You can check out his website at There is an opening band, Borderline that is also playing. This a local band that play in the surrounding area.

I am hopeful that you would like to attend. Tickets are on sale now Adults $10.00 Children 6-13 are $8.00 and any EMS-Fire-Police-ESDA from any department are also $8.00. If you would like a ticket please let me know, I will get it to you. If you would just like to make a donation but will be unable to attend anything would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Deb West


The 4th of July events that are planned yet for today are the following:
Beer Tent Opens (Veteran's Park) 8 p.m. until 1 a.m.
Band in Tent "Gas Road Riot" (Veteran's Park from 9 p.m. until 1.m.

The 4th of July Committee is CANCELLING the following:
Saturday, July 4th
Run On The Run from 12 noon until 5 p.m.
Bingo from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.
Watermelon Eating Contest starting at 3 p.m.
Kids Games starting at 4 p.m.

Postponed until Sunday, July 5th:
Ambulance Association Pork Chops (Sutton's Park) starting at 5 p.m.
Cake Walk (Sutton's Park) starting at 6 p.m.
Main Stage "Borderline" (Sutton's Park) from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.
Fireworks (Sutton's Park) at dark

Thanks so much.
Cathy McKay
4th of July Committee

Fitness Center

The new fitness center in Minonk is called GoldStar Fitness. The number is 432-3946 and the email is

Kayla Bearss

Fitness center?

Can someone please tell me the name and/or have the phone number for the new minonk fitness center?

Fall Garage Sale on Sept. 12th

The Fall Garage Sale date is Saturday, September 12th with advertising done on Minonktalk and many, many papers as well. The sales will be listed on Minonktalk.

Coming soon - the forms to sign up and other information as well. I will be emailing my garage sale group with the information as well.

I had to put together an email group when Minonktalk was no longer being updated so....the email group will receive by email their copy of the form, dates, etc. If you wish to be a part of the email group please let me know.

Thanks very much.
Cathy McKay

Minonk Parks and Rec Volleyball and Soccer Forms Available

It is now time to sign your children up for the Minonk Parks and Recreation Volleyball and Soccer programs! Forms are available at City Hall, Pop's Sweet Shop and Visions Video. Information for each program follows:

Boys and Girls: Kindergarten through 4th Grade
Fee: $25 first child; $20 for additional children
Games Begin: Late August/Early September
Sign-Up Deadline: August 7, 2009

Girls: 1st through 4th Grade
Fee: $25 first child; $20 for aditional chilren
Games Begin: Early October
Sign-Up Deadline: August 14, 2009

Thank you!

Stephanie Fuchs
Minonk Parks and Recreation
Board Member

Stephanie Fuchs

I also enjoy the website!

I recently read a letter from someone saying how much they enjoy reading this website. I also enjoy it. I went to high school at MDR and graduated in 1973. I really enjoy reading about what is going on and all the news of Minonk. I guess I have been feeling sentimental for the "good old days". I should come back to visit! Keep up the good work!

Connie Denmark

"areas that are having drainage problems"

After reviewing the map that lists the areas that have had issues with drainage problems and flooding I am again amazed at the absolute lack of attention the city is giving to our streets. We have had water problems for years, (we have pictures of my young children waist high in water in the ditches, and water stretching from the neighbors driveway across the street all the way through our driveway), and the city has hardly addressed the issue. During the winter a front endloader had to be brought in to break up the ice and move it so people could get into their driveways. Since September 08' multiple homes near the football field have flooded - multiple times. We are still repairing our home after the March flood, investing insurance money as well as our own to repair damage. We pumped water out of our home for hours only to be told, "it's really not so bad". We were also told that we should not have bathrooms in our lower level and should just plug them up and shut them off. I know many people in this town have had problems, just like we have, but I cannot believe the disregard that we have experienced. Mayor Koos actually came into our home to give us some suggestions to help us. That's it.
Who is it that we have to speak to to get some help on the corners of Moran and Donnick Streets, Moran and Mary Streets and the areas around that? How many more times do we have to go through this? I am so very disappointed for my family and the surrounding families that have experienced the flooding this past fall and spring because we have AGAIN been overlooked. I hope that in the future some sort of survey of residents could be made when considering repair of the infrastructure of Minonk. Then, maybe, our voices will be heard.

Jennifer Fiorini

Enjoyed web site

I found your website while surfing for coal mine pictures taken in Illinois. I grew up near Momence Il and my sister Janine runs their Main Street program. At any rate I spent quite a while looking at all the great pics you have on the site. You should be proud of your efforts. It never hurts taking a stroll into the past and the one I took today was wonderful.

Thank you,

Ron Gubbins, Countryside Il 6/01/09

Re:AF & AM Lodge 247

Thank you to Brother Russell McCulley for providing information about the AF & AM Lodge 247.

Chad S. Hill

Thank you from 4th July Committee

Just a note to let everyone know that the Minonk 4th of July Committee truly appreciates all of the support of the many individuals and businesses that have assisted us as we put together the 4th of July Celebration this year. A separate note to you lists all of the sponsors we had this year and if we have missed putting your name on the list please let me know and I can correct that oversight.

I would also like to take this time to THANK the committee as they put in a lot of time and effort to make these events a success. Without these folks this event would not have occurred. I can't thank them enough for the many meetings, the endless phone calls, all of the organizing, purchasing, finding volunteers to assist and the many, many other things that they did.

Let me take this time to mention their names: Sue Park, Pat Copp, Billie Stokowski, Ron Redenius, Julie Redenius, Stephanie Fuchs, Kristen Manning, Audrey Manning, Sonja Frei, Brenda Weber, Candi Jackson, Scott and Melissa Hillenburg, Jeremy Fuchs, Jack Jochums, Tammy Liedtka, Lori Kapraun, Bob and Kathy Jackson, Heather Peiffer, Todd Minz, Terry Kalkwarf, and myself, Cathy McKay. If you should see these folks please let them know how much you appreciated their efforts on your behalf, they don't hear it nearly often enough. THANK YOU!!!

Another group of individuals that need a THANK YOU are the city employees who assist us tremendously with all of the many tasks that they perform – please let them receive your thanks as well.

The last group that deserves a big thank you is the many volunteers that the committee relies on to assist us as we attempt to organize each event. These events would not be possible without all of your help – thank you as well.

One such group that I need to thank publicly is the many, many volunteers that have assisted me through the years with the parade. Let me mention this years volunteers for you to thank as well: Sue Park, Billie Stokowski, Glennda Weers, Mark Weers, Julie Schmitt, Heather Peiffer, Lori Kapraun, Bob and Kathy Jackson, Julie Redenius, Jack Jochums, and Joel Jochums. This group deserves an extra THANK YOU because of all of the rain we stood in to organize the parade.

This is just a few of the many volunteers through the years – THANK YOU!!


Cathy McKay
Chair – 4th of July Committee

fire works

The best fire works I have ever seen , thanks a bunch. There was one in the air all the time, that took some work, well done. fdb

fred baker

RESCHEDULED: Ambulance Association Pork Chop Sandwiches/Concert Tickets

Due to the weather, Minonk Ambulance Association's Pork Chop Sandwiches will be postponed until Sunday, July 5th at Sutton's Park. We will begin at 5 PM.

You will have your choice of plain or BBQ chops at $3.50 a sandwich.

In addition, bottled water, 7-up, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Diet Mt Dew and Mt Dew will be sold for $.50.

We will also have tickets available for the August 8th fundraising concert sponsored by Minonk ESDA and Ambulance Associations. The concert features Josh Johnson with opening band Borderline. For more information regarding the concert, see a member of ESDA or Ambulance Association or visit .

Proceeds go towards member support, such as uniforms, and equipment.

We would like to thank everyone for their support!

Michael Willis
Minonk Ambulance Association President

Michael Willis

A.F. & A.M. Rob Morris Lodge No. 247

I am curious as to what year the A.F. & A.M. Rob Morris Lodge No. 247 dissolved? As a child the Masonic Temple always intrigued me as I would walk past it on my way to and from the elementary school. Any help with this information would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Chad S. Hill
Rogersville, Tennessee

Chad S. Hill