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Emails for May 2008
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Looking for piano teacher | Rabies shot | VFW Ladies Say Thank You | To Irresponsible Dog Owners | Has dog been found? | Repsonse to dog attack | 3 pm Friday deadline for finding pit bull | Comment on dogs | Comment on pitbull attack | Pit Bull Attack | Reply to Sherry | Response to low turnout for council meeting | Anne's Unforgettable'sTupperware Fundraiser ending soon | Possible reason for low attendance at city council meeting | I don't know want to hear you complain | AFS student to visit Minonk | Is there going to be an adult softball league? | VFW Ladies Auxiliary Bake Sale Saturday | Garage/Moving Sale | Minonk fortunate to have its historians | Garbage pick-up rules ridiculous | What's up with garbage pickup? | Class of 1968 Reunion | Mother's Day STOP N SHOP Saturday | American Buildings to present scholarships | Link to web site for Bob Stine surgery |

Looking for piano teacher

My daughter Erynn is 10 years old and would like to take beginner piano lessons. Does anyone in the Minonk area teach piano lessons? If anyone would be interested in teaching piano to her, or knows of anyone whom we can contact, please call me at 1-309-922-9109 or at work at 1-309-432-3602. Please leave a message for John and I will return your call promptly. Thank you. :)

John Moritz

VFW Ladies Say Thank You

Hi Dave,
The Minonk VFW ladies would like to thank everyone who stopped by our bake sale last Saturday, your continued support to our ladies programs and projects is very much appreciated. We also want to thank Commander Jim Jacek, Jerry Glowacki, Ron McCurdy and Bob Hock for helping us with the tables and their support.

The winner of the decorative American Flag was Barb Arndt from Rutland.

Judy Reeser

Has dog been found?

Have they found the pit bull that attacked Victoria yet? It sounds like it may be too late and she's going to have to endure the rabies injections.

Rhonda White

3 pm Friday deadline for finding pit bull

The Emergency Room Doctor at St James Hospital says that my daughter has to undergo a series of 7 times 21 painful rabies shots if the dog is not found by 3pm Friday. Usually a victim has 72 hours but with the holiday weekend they are worried about the availability of staff to administer the shots.

Jack Daniel Devine

Comment on pitbull attack

Last year I had a similar experience at the West Side Park. My Daisy Troop was out cleaning up the park and had 2 pit bulls run right at us. Luckily, they ran right inbetween us. Our children play in this park. They just had a huge field day over there. Please, please, please keep track of your dogs.

I pray that the owner comes forward so that Victoria doesn't have to go through the agonizing rabies vacines.

I'm not picking on pit bulls; I'm picking on people who let their LARGE DOGS run at large.

Rhonda White

Reply to Sherry

I am sorry Sherry, I used your email for a lead in to the kind of night I had the pleasure of experiencing at Fieldcrest High School. I do agree that the townspeople should become more involved by showing up at the meetings. I did not write the letter to upset you nor make light of what you had to say but I do stand by my statement that we, citizens of Minonk, Dana, Rutland, Toluca and Wenona have a lot to be proud of with the accomplishments of the graduating class of 2008.

Lisa Zimmerman

Anne's Unforgettable'sTupperware Fundraiser ending soon

Just a friendly reminder that Anne's Unforgettable's Tupperware Fundraiser is ending soon. All order's MUST be turned in by May 27th. Tupperware is 60 years old and this month offer's GREAT sales and new colors. All profit from this fundraiser goes to the Alzheimer's Memory Walk! Please call Betty Barth at 309-432-2168 or Christy Kline at 815-854-2640 to get your order in by the deadline!

Anne's Unforgettable's Team!

I Do Not Want to Hear You Complain

My husband and I went to tonight's city council meeting regarding issues we have with our trash pickup to have our voices heard. So hearing/reading comments from so many in town, I thought we'd have a packed house tonight. Guess what? There were maybe 15 people there in total in the audience at the start of the meeting. By the time Council was out of executive session,
there were FIVE!!! This is unacceptable! I don't want to hear anyone complain about disliking whatever direction our city is heading in unless you begin showing up for meetings! You have the right to have your voices heard! If complaints/suggestions/comments go on the record for only one or two people speaking, it does not make the impact it would if more people would be there. I went there, my voice was heard, I went on record. Where was everyone else? I missed time with my children tonight because I felt this was very hot topic. You have lost your right to complain if you do not do anything about it. I realize everyone has busy lives and families. I
would like to have the seats filled. I came to a realization tonight that I need to go to more meetings and will probably make it a regular activity in my life. I do not have to go there to complain. I want to hear in person what decisions are being made. More citizens should.

Sherry Willis

Is there going to be an adult softball league?

I was wondering if there was going to be an adult softball league this summer? I hadn't heard anything about it and I know quite a few people that are interested in playing. If you could let me know who I need to contact to set up a team or see if there is going even be a league, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Jackie Masters

Garage/Moving Sale

Casi Cusac and Rhonda White are having a Garage/ Moving Sale on Thurs. May 22nd (12-6), Friday, May 23rd (7-6) and Sat., May 24th (8-11) 1/2 price Day

Lots of things- clothing for all- children's toys/ outdoor toys- furniture- misc. Something for everyone

524 Johnson- across from Fieldcrest South Entrance

Rhonda White

Garbage pick-up rules ridiculous

I'm with Keith! I too think these new rules regarding garbage pick-up are ridiculous.

I came home last week to find a notice in my garbage cans that informed me that due to the new contract my two cans are now too big according to Tomlinson's.

When I moved to Minonk I purchased two new heavy duty garbage cans and have been using them for the last six months. These have a total retail value of around $125.00 and now I been informed they are useless for refuse.

So now not only do my rates go up but I get the joy of spending even more money on even more new cans.

According to the new rules no can or bag can exceed 40 lbs. and no can can exceed 35 gallons.

I find the 35 gallon weight limit laughable considering I rarely see them move the cans from the original location and instead just open them up and pull out the bags inside.

As I write this letter I'm preparing to take my garbage BAGS to the curb and hoping the rodents and local strays don't bust them open before they're picked up. But I guess I should weight them first so I can be sure they're within the new requirements.....

A. Compton

Class of 1968 Reunion

Class of 1968 to hold reunion, Capponis Toluca July 26 or Aug 2. Contact CB at

American Buildings to present scholarships


American Buildings Company of El Paso will be presenting scholarships to 2 Fieldcrest seniors Thursday, 5/8 at 9:00 at the high school. They will also be presenting to an El Paso/Gridley student and Eureka student later in the day.

Glennda Weers

Rabies shot

I am sadden to know that Victoria is going to have to endure the Rabi shots that are so painful,it also saddens me to know that people don't care about their dogs anymore than that,my dog is always on a chain,and several times here in Rutland i have had to chase other dogs off,it is really bad here,Same as other people ask,who do you call when dog is running lose,we never see the police here in town,and when we do call they don't respond,or maybe you get called back two to three days later. What is it going to take before something is done to the owner's of these dog's,The reason i say owners is because it isn't the dog fault it is aloud to run lose...I guess it has to be a lot worst that Victoria having to endure those horrible painful Rabi shots before anything is done...I Just hope this dog is found and the owner's are fined big time...Maybe take a few of them shot's themselves to see the pain of what my niece Victoria is having to go through.

Crystal Cosby

To Irresponsible Dog Owners

OK-so now it has happened! One of the many unleashed dogs has attacked. Who's responsibility is it now? Do the police become more diligent and issue citations? Do citizens call in and report unleashed dogs? Who do they call? When can they expect a response?

Obviously, this is not a new nor isolated occasion where a dog is running loose. When you own a dog, it is your responsibility to make sure that your dog obeys the laws. After all, they can't read the city ordinances. They don't know about leashes, or excessive barking, or relieving themselves on someones lawn. Of course, accidents happen, and dogs get loose for one reason or the other. This should be the exception-not the rule!

And the old remark ,"Oh, he won't bite" may be true under most circumstances, and my dog is one of them. However, under unusual situations-like being in a strange area(city park), being frightened(children yelling), feeling threatened(children running in various directions), my dog might become confused and snap at someone. He does not know how else to react. It's his instinct! That's why you should be there, with your dog on a leash, in order to prevent these things from happening. After your dog has repeatedly attacked, he is labeled as dangerous, and eventually will be destroyed. Why should he be punished for your laziness? It's not stupidity-you know better. It's not ignorance. You are a selfish and cruel person and do not deserve the loyalty of your own dog. They should attack you!!

Judy Olson

Repsonse to dog attack

I live across the street from the West Side Park. I have small children who love to play outside. With this being said, I am pleading with the owner of this dog to come forward, do the right thing for Victoria's sake!
As for me a mom with kids who love to play outside, riding bikes and playing at the park. I will not be allowing them to do so until the dog is accounted for.

to the owner of the Dog:

Thank You,
The Lane Family

Comment on dogs

I would like to make a statement concerning the Pit Bull attack near the West Side Park. I have a Cairn Terrier that I walk frequently around town. We try to go from one end of town to the other since my dog is overweight and needs exercise and I enjoy the walks in the evenings. My concern is the dogs in Minonk also. I can't tell you how many times we will be walking and a dog will come out of a yard and chase us or go after my dog. And my dog is never concerned about the size of the other dog; he thinks he's just as tough. And usually the dogs coming after us are quite large dogs.

Our dog is constantly on a leash and at our home is tied outside. Never able to run free like so many other dogs in town. The problem seems to get worse every year. And what really annoys me is the owner will be out in the yard sometimes and will casually call their dog off and not even apologize. I have had many who are very apologetic and others who act like I'm in the wrong for walking my dog on a leash by their house. I can't tell you how many times we have to criss cross different streets to avoid the dogs. I am getting to know where most of them are and what streets to avoid. But children don't know and a person should not have to be leery of every street they go down for fear of being attacked. I know there is an ordinance that all animals must be chained or on a leash and not able to run free but in Minonk it is obvious dog owners are not held accountable and the law is not enforced. If I called the police every time this has happened they would get sick of hearing from me and I have for the most part just tolerated it and learned where to walk and what streets to avoid. But after reading the email about the child attacked by a Pit Bull really got to me and I hope that the dog that attacked them will be found and the owners held accountable for this happening.

I don't know if there is a solution to this problem but I am hoping that anyone reading this and has a dog will be respectful and please tie your dogs up or have them on a leash if they are out. I also hope the mother and child attacked by the Pit Bull will be alright and that the dog is found. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

Susan Skaggs

Pit Bull Attack

My daughter Victoria was attacked by a pit bull near the West Side park in Minonk this Thursday evening. The pit bull lunged at her baby Aidan in the stroller. Victoria protected my Grandson and received bites on her wrist and stomach. The dog must be located within 72 hours or she will undergo extremely painful rabies vaccines to the stomach. The Pit Bull is described as black with a little white on the face. If you know of a dog fitting this description please call my home at 432-2733 or get a hold of Minonk's Police Chief.

Jack Daniel Devine

Response to low turnout for council meeting

This is in response to Lisa Zimmerman's response to my email. That would be a good theory, but probably not the case. Council meetings have experienced low turnout long before last night. Why should the City Council meeting be canceled? The council meetings are static and don't change unless there's a special meeting, which are typically in the form of an additional meeting. Fieldcrest knows what nights City Council meetings are and chooses to book over that. There are statutes in place that prevent canceling city council meetings except under extreme circumstances and lack of quorum (which recently happened).

It was such a disappointment to see how few really care what is going on in our city. There would not be half the complaints if there were more citizen involvement.

Sherry Willis

Possible reason for low attendance at city council meeting

It could be that not as many people were at the city meeting because of Awards Night at the high school last night. There was a big crowd of parents and family there to support and be proud of their children's accomplishments during their high school years. I also want to say how
proud I was of all the kids and the awards they received. What a nice thing to see so many boys and girls that are going to be the future leaders of our troubled world. It was like seeing a glimmer of hope that the future of our world will be in good hands. The City Council should have postponed their meeting to come and see these kids and hear about their accomplishments. I was very proud of each and every one of them.

Lisa Zimmerman

AFS student to visit Minonk


Wee Lee Chia, 1981-1982 AFS student from Malaysia will be coming to town to visit her host family (Joanne Vaughn) later this week. She would like to see some of her old friends and classmates if possible. We will be going out to Millennia Park in the afternoon on Monday, May 26 (Memorial Day) around 2 or so in the afternoon for a couple of hours if anyone would like to come visit.

Lori Kapraun

VFW Ladies Auxiliary Bake Sale Saturday

Hi Dave,
I wanted to advise everyone of our bake sale on Saturday morning May 24th beginning at 8:30 a.m. in front of the IGA store. This is basically the only fund raiser our ladies have to help with our various programs and expenses we have throughout the year. We hope shoppers will stop by to see what we have to offer. We will also accept donations for Buddy Poppies in honor of our veterans. Thanks..
Judy Reeser

Minonk fortunate to have its historians

Dave, I hope the good folks of Minonk realize what a great "historian" they have in Jari Lynn Oncken. Couple her with the history book, "Tales From The Trees" by Ailene Hayes Schneider and you have a very fine history which should make all the Minonkites proud of their heritage.

Albie Johnson

What's up with garbage pickup?


I would like to know what is up with the garbage pickup. The garbage rates were raised , and I get a note on my garbage can from Tomlinson's saying my can is too big. It's the same can that I have had for five years that they have been picking up. Now all of the sudden they say it's
too big and they won't accept it. My question is, If they don't pick up my garbage do I still have to pay for garbage pickup? The rates were raised and now I am supposed to go out and buy a new garbage can too. This is ridiculous Why does the city take bids for garbage, and than turn
around and negotiate a contract with Tomlinson?

Keith Paris

Mother's Day STOP N SHOP Saturday

Just a reminder that the Mother's Day STOP N SHOP is today, Saturday, May 10 from 9 to 2 at the old Hewitt's building downtown Minonk between Visions and Minonk IGA. Lia Sophia, Tupperware, Home Interiors and Anne's Unforgettable's Team Bake Sale will be there!

Link to web site for Bob Stine surgery

Hi Dave,
Yesterday our Dad, Bob Stine had bypass surgery out in Montana. Could you please provide the link to the website we are updating so that his old friends from the Minonk area may send him well wishes.

Thank You,
Christy Kline, Russ and Randy Stine