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Emails for May 2006
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Softball League Comments | Memorial Day: Remembering America’s Fallen Soldiers | Why the change in softball date? | Need help for 4th of July chicken dinner | Need help for 4th of July | Logical holes in case for tax referendum | High School Spring Concert rescheduled | Softball League Sign-up | Class of 82 wants emails for 25th reunion | CAC Raffle winner | Become educated on referendum | New car damaged | Fieldcrest referendum | Update on class of 2000 reunion |

Memorial Day: Remembering America's Fallen Soldiers

Every year, Americans from all walks of life take time to honor the profound sacrifices that over one million men and women throughout our nation's history have made to throw off the shackles of tyranny and preserve the countless freedoms we enjoy to this day.

Memorial Day is an opportunity for each of us to not only reflect on the high cost of liberty, but offer a thank you and a prayer to the men and women who selflessly set aside their fears and doubts, and walked into battle in the name of liberty, justice and the high ideals of democracy.

Throughout our young nation's history, the bravery of United States' Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen has reflected the highest level of service and patriotism. In the face of adversity and unfathomable struggles, our Armed Forces answered a call to duty, often leaving behind family and loved ones to defend faceless strangers against persecution and oppression.

These men and women felt a devotion to their country, a responsibility to preserve that which others before them died to protect. They paid with their lives so that future generations of Americans could live their lives with optimism and hope for the future, unmarred by fears and insecurities.

At this time, our country is involved in another conflict. On this Memorial Day I encourage you to pay tribute to the many soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world who are engaged in a battle against the evils of terrorism and oppression, miles from their homes and those they love. Though each day they wake to encounter innumerable obstacles, their courage and unwavering patriotism should serve as an example to us all.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said: "All gave some and some gave all." The price of freedom is high, but precious. This Memorial Day please take a moment to remember the sacrifices made by the men and women who died in the name of peace, liberty and democracy.

While a time to reflect on those who have passed on, let us not forget the many ambassadors of freedom fighting in the name of peace and liberty in the Middle Ease. Please let your thoughts and prayers extend to the thousands of Americans who continue to courageously serve their country with pride and conviction.

Thank you and God Bless,

State Senator Dan Rutherford
53rd District

Need help for 4th of July chicken dinner

The 4th of July Committee is in need of your help! We are in the process of organizing this year's event and we will be having a Chicken Dinner on the 4th after the parade at West Side Park.

Our committee needs help with the fixing of the coffee and lemonade and the making of desserts for this event. If you or anyone you know would be willing to help us out with this we would appreciate it. Many of our volunteers that day will be involved with the parade, other events occurring throughout the day, and the fireworks.

To assist us please contact Cathy McKay.

Thanks so very much.
Cathy McKay
4th of July Committee Chairperson

Logical holes in case for tax referendum

There are just so many logical holes trying to be plugged with fuzzy math in Mr. Vincent's argument for a Fieldcrest School District referendum in November, that we cannot even muster the energy to debunk.

Suffice it to say that when you have the same or fewer kids, you don't hire more staff and spend more money. The prudent approach would be to cut expenses. That's what we all do in our own budgets. Fuel cost is up? You drive less - you don't run into your boss and ask for a raise; year after year.

The case for more tax follows the "Big Education" playbook. Threats of service cuts and increased fees. There is no downside to keep asking year after year for a tax rate hike. Eventually, school administrations feel, they will get it approved. The tactic always seems to include some type of claim that, "it's really SAVING you money . . . You can't afford NOT to approve this".

We believe there should be a three strikes your out policy with tax referenda. Let's say, if the voters turn you down 3 times in five years, then you can't bring another request for 3 years. What is the cost associated with these repeated attempts?

In any event, we wish the best for voters. We also want the best for the kids. We're just unsure the hike is best.

Jim Irvin

Softball League Sign-up

The Minonk Parks and Recreation Committee will be sponsoring a softball league program for area wide adults. Participants must be 16 years old at the time of registration.

All practices and home games will be at the Veterans Park in Minonk. The cost to participate is $150.00 per team. Make checks payable to Minonk Parks & Recreation. Please return sign up sheets along with the appropriate fee in an envelope marked "Softball League" to Minonk City Hall by June 26, 2006.

This is a fall event with practices starting at the end of July. Games will be scheduled for Sunday afternoons starting at 2:00pm.

Each team will need to provide gloves, bats and form their own practice schedule.
Please contact Ryan Orabutt at 432-2252 for a sign-up sheet or with any questions.

Ryan Orabutt

CAC Raffle winner

The WINNER of the CAC Raffle was Terry Zilm of Toluca!! Thanks to all who participated and helped in any way. Extra special thank yous to Colleen Weber, Garilyn Wells, Mary Palmore, Vicky McKnight and Sheila Gensler.


New car damaged

I hate writting here, but don't know where else to get the message out....My Husband and I brought a new car on May 03, 2006. We didn't get to enjoy it much until Sunday May 7th. We were so carefull everyplace we went, parking out far so we wouldn't get any dings or dents..Checking it out everytime we came out...Came into Minonk, pulled into Dollar General, seen several children in parking lot with skateboards, so parked away from them, went in The Dollar Store, wasn't in there 10 minutes, came out and the side of my car had been scratched or keyed. So I think it is time for everyone to take notice, as summer is almost here..time to find something for the kids to do. I thought building the park at the end of town would keep the children out of the streets and off of the sidewalks with their boards but Guess I was wrong...

Crystal Cosby

Update on class of 2000 reunion

I got a hold of our vice pres of the class Erica Palm. Her and I are starting to collect addresses for a reunion in 2010. You can get a hold of one of us and let us know where you are at to be invited then or how we can get a hold of you for it. If you know where any of our classmates are at please inform them. My email is If you know Erica's you can email her, I am not giving it out with out her permission. We are both on also, you can get a hold of us on there too. Thank you and hope to see you there.

Heather Amigoni Peiffer

1 Elder 2 Another

It seems that between the TV, the newspapers, radio and e-mails, all the news is bad or at least anger forming. Yes, we should remain vigilant to crime, elections, and swindlers, but why do we need to fuel fires over why others choose to see some movies, why some churches seem to be reinterpreting the Bible, and why George went to war in the first place. As an Elder, I have seen a lot more than most younger folks, I voted and regretted, bought and sold foolishly, Watched more theatre movies and listened to more romantic music, have been married longer and have had more jobs and worked for less pay and stayed married longer and still am, and love to brag about my kids, all 4 of them. BUT, this is a challenge to those other ELDERS over 65, who have grandchildren. I occasionally read a story on MINONKTALK from parents about their children's achievements, and it is a real highlight to hear about them instead of those complaints about the local and non local unruly brats who are insolent and destroy property. Soooo, I am challenging GRAND PARENTS to write about their GRANDCHILDREN (assuming Dave will agree and publish) I am going on record as a very confident ex Minonk Elder, that my 8 grandchildren (ages 16 to 23) can go head to head with any of yours and their accomplishments to date. I am so sure, that I will wait a couple of weeks before I reply with, "who MINE are and WHAT they have done." NO, none of them are on TV's "Extreme Wrestling". Start your stories now. Albie J

Softball League Comments

This e-mail is in response to Rob Teno's e-mail about the softball league. If anyone has any questions, concerns or comments regarding the softball league, please feel free to contact myself (432-2252) or Parks and Recs Committee member directly. The Minonk Parks and Rec Committee cannot accommodate everyone's needs and felt that they would have a better turn out with teams on Sunday afternoons rather than Wednesday nights.

Ryan Orabutt

Why the change in softball date?

I was just wondering why the day for the fall softball league was changed. I played last year and it was on Wednesday's. Is there any chance of moving the games back to Wednesday or pushing them back a couple of hours on Sunday's? There are some of us that want to play but have to work on Sunday's. Thank you for your time.

Rob Teno

Need help for 4th of July

The 4th of July Committee is in need of your help! We are in the process of organizing this year's event and the fireworks volunteers have requested a new firing panel to use which would help keep our volunteers safer and the fireworks show as spectacular as usual. The cost of this panel which is above and beyond our usual expenses of putting on the Minonk 4th of July event is $4800 and we would gratefully accept any donations for this firing panel that you or any organization would donate towards it. This event is a costly endeavor and the 4th of July Committee appreciates any and all donations that we receive all year long but this is a special purchase. We anticipate that this piece of equipment will last for quite some time. If you need further information or would like to donate any monies towards this expense please contact Cathy McKay, 626 Locust Street, Minonk, IL, 61760.

Thanks very much.
Cathy McKay
4th of Committee Chairperson

High School Spring Concert rescheduled

I would like to let everyone know that the Spring Concert for Fieldcrest High School has been rescheduled for this Sunday at 6 pm in the high school gym. It had to be postponed due to my wife going into labor 12 hours before the concert! I would encourage as many people as possible to come to the concert. It promises to be quite good as the kids have been working very hard on their music.
Rusty Russell

Class of 82 wants emails for 25th reunion

Attention M-D-R class of 1982
Our 25th year class reunion is fast approaching and we would like to get as organized as we can. We are asking you to please e-mail Sis (Geringer) Hovey or Geri Glowacki-Moline your most recent address (please send it even if you think we already have it).
Sis Hovey
Geri Moline

Become educated on referendum

This November, citizens residing in Fieldcrest School District will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum. One of the things we first hear when bringing up the word "referendum" is "How much is this going to cost me?" After attending an informational meeting, I have learned that the total tax rate of the school district will actually decrease because existing working cash bonds will be paid off, and there is currently an excess in the retirement fund. Passing a referendum will increase the income of the education fund by an estimated $609,000. This budget increase will allow for previously cut programs to be reinstated, cut activity fees for students and maintain a quality education for our children.

Currently, this information is available on the Fieldcrest website. Within the next few weeks DVD's will be available for viewing. There will be several opportunities to attend public informational meetings also. I encourage everyone to become an informed voter. Many times people have personal or private issues with the school district that could prevent them from obtaining the actual facts. Please take the time to become familiar with the structure of this referendum and cast an educated vote this November.

Monica Kalkwarf

Fieldcrest referendum

It is my understanding that Fieldcrest Unit 6 will be placing a referendum on the ballot in November. I feel all the communities need to band together and make a concerted effort to get this referendum passed. With bonds rolling off this year, the School District referendum tax rate on your tax bill will be lower than the previous year. With the increased money in the Education fund, some much needed classes can be reinstated such as Art and PE in the grade schools. The increase will also allow the school district to decrease the activity fees which is a major burden for parents during registration. These high activity fees are discouraging people from moving to our communities rather than encouraging them. Let's unite our efforts in passing this much needed referendum.

Bob Hakes