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Emails for January 2018

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Fox watcher | Snow Removal and Parking Restrictions Reminder | Just the facts JACK!! | Comments to latest editorial | Zoning Board Meeting for Jan. 10th Cancelled |

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Fox watcher

If you think President Trump has done more in one year than President Obama did in eight years, you might be a Fox watcher. That is unless you are talking about telling lies or golfing of course.

Pat Copp

Just the facts JACK!!

Mr Stokowski, could you please take each statement Mr Uphoff made in his Editorial and replace them with the truths and please site your facts. Just asking for a friend.

Lisa Zimmerman

Comments to latest editorial

Dave - From your editorial it does not take a rocket scientist to deduct that you are definitely a liberal! All of "your opinions" fall right in line with that logic! Trump gets no respect from people like you or the liberal "FAKE" news media. I think he is sincere when he states that he wants to make America great again! Contrary to what you may think, he has managed to get more accomplished in one year than Obama was able to do in eight years. If you want to talk about someone who managed to bring this country to it's knees and made us the laughing stock of the world than I'd suggest you talk about him. His legacy is one I hope this country never has to experience again!! I for one, thank God that Trump was elected President and not Hilary! Her election would have brought about the end of this country!

Dave Stokowski

Linda Thacker: Personally Dave, I agree with your editorial comments. However I don't believe that the time and place for politics is on the Minonk page. It only invites divisional comments. Causing people to take sides and not work together. We have some big issues in this town to solve. Work toward those, and find positive avenues to express and validate opinions, would be my unsolicited advice.
Brandi Kline Hofmann: The editorial clearly laid out Trump's accomplishments. The tax bill will give an average of $18 per week per working person and will increase the debt $1.5 trillion. It removes moving expenses as a deduction for those who must move for their job but allows people with jets to deduct expenses for maintaining their personal aircraft. The tax bill also eliminated the individual mandate. Question: When someone shows up to the ER and doesn't have insurance, what happens? By law, the ER can't turn away an emergency. The hospital raises rates for those who do have insurance. As for your comments on "fake" news or mainstream media. If you don't agree with the editorial, feel free to offer facts to support your belief Trump has done more than Obama did in eight years. For instance, below is a link to a poll showing the worldwide views of the US over the years. Otherwise, it seems like you're the one spreading fake news. and here is the link to the full report: Changing views of the U.S.: Favorability down across world, but up in Russia PEWGLOBAL.ORG
Peyton Snyder: I agree with you Dave, Trump doesn't receive respect from "people like" me, and apparently the person responsible for the last editorial. Why would we throw any respect his way? He hasn't earned respect from anyone. If anything he loses it from more and more people everyday, proven in his latest approval ratings. All of the "FAKE news media" is only reporting the facts. Just because facts don't like Trump doesn’t mean that they are "FAKE".
Susan Skaggs: Well said!
Michael Cave: He is a man-child. And he presents us to the worls as such. And if you dont think America is great, plz travel. See how other countries re. Ask yourself, why is it us that always seem to get called upon. Ya know, Germany had a wall once... Js
Richard Hewitt: You folks do understand (and I'm a registered GOP voter), that Trump's hat, translated, means: Make America White Again!
Rhonda Yeagle White: very well said Dave!!!! Thank you for being brave enough to stand out against "the haters".
Jordan Zmia: How about we quit the child's play and talk about MINONK, on MINONKTALK?
Eric Kapraun this is insane
Michael Cave But I don't disagree on Hillary.
John Mcgough Well said Dave s

Zoning Board Meeting for Jan. 10th Cancelled


The zoning board for January 10th meeting has been cancelled. Once we can get it rescheduled, I will send the notification.

Libby Goodwin

Snow Removal and Parking Restrictions Reminder

Hi Dave,

Our Public Works Department has asked if you could post this on Minonk Talk as a reminder to residents about parking restrictions during adverse weather conditions.


(A) The parking of all vehicles on all public streets, alleys, and rights-of-way thereto within the corporate limits of the city after snow accumulation of two inches or more shall be prohibited until the streets, alleys, and rights-of-way thereto have been cleared by a snow plow, snow blower, thaw, or other means.

(B) Definition of terms as they apply to this section are as follows: STREETS, ALLEYS, AND RIGHTS-OF-WAY THERETO means traffic lane areas and parking areas on public shoulder right-of-way immediately adjacent to the traffic lanes that is provided and maintained by the city for use by the general public.

(C) It shall be the responsibility of all vehicle owners and/or operators to remove their vehicles from all public streets, alleys, and rights-of-way thereto prior to the snow accumulation of two inches or more without advance notice from the City Police Department and Public Works Department personnel that snow removal operation is to be initiated.

(D) All vehicles parked on public streets, alleys, and rights-of-way thereto after accumulation of two inches or more of snow shall be deemed in violation of this section, and shall be towed to a suitable parking area and impounded therein. The owner and/or driver of said vehicle shall be required to pay the fine assessed by the city and the towing charge incurred by the city before said vehicle shall be released.

(E) The penalty for violation of this section shall be a fine of $25 for the first violation, $50 for the second violation, and $100 for the third and subsequent violations during each snow season.

(Ord. 2004-05, passed - -; Ord. 91-03, passed - -1991)

Thank you,

Libby Goodwin