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Emails for January 2016

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Baby Formula Available |
Lost Fitbit | Thank you to the people of Minonk | Collecting Donations for St. Jude Bingo Night | Thanks for not picking up my brush | Thanks to city crew |

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Thank you to the people of Minonk

The Minonk Food Pantry Board would like to thank the people of Minonk for their generous donations during the holiday season. We had numerous monetary and food donations from individuals and churches. The Elementary School and Boy Scouts had food drives that brought in bags and bags of canned and boxed food. The Minonk News Dispatch gave us a big check, made possible by your donations. We'd also like to thank the businesses who helped, such as Fieldcrest Dental who gave a generous donation, Corey Grosenbach who is opening the new grocery store donated lots of food. We appreciate all of you so much! Thank you!

Lila McCulley

Thanks for not picking up my brush

Thanks to the City for driving up and down my alley picking all the brush up but mine.

John Cannon

Baby Formula Available

The Food Pantry has received several containers of Enfamil Infant Formula (9 are regular Infant Formula, 4 Gentlease Formula, 1 Newborn Formula, and 1 Non GMO Formula), 5 boxes of rice cereal, 3 boxes of oatmeal cereal and 1 box of Waffle Wheels. At this time we have no clients with infants, and we really hate to just throw this out. It doesn't expire until 2017 but we don't want it sitting on the shelf. If you can use any of this, please call 309-432-2944 or email

Lila McCulley

Lost Fitbit

I was walking my dog and lost my black route included 6th, Thomas, 4th, Maple, 3rd, 2nd, by FS, main street, and 6th....long walk. My my phone number...432-3549.

Black Fitbit...reward..

Thank you-

Rhonda White

Collecting Donations for St. Jude Bingo Night

Save the Date- the Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Runners' annual Bingo Night is coming up on Saturday, April 2nd in Rutland. We are currently collecting items and gift certificates to be used for prizes and raffles, as well as monetary donations. If you would like to donate, please call or text Sonja at 309-287-2279. We would like to collect all donations by March 1st. More info about Bingo Night tickets, etc. will be coming in the following weeks. Thank you for your continued support of this fun event and one of our team's biggest fundraisers. It would not be possible without you!

Sonja Frei

Thanks to the city crew

Thanks to the city crew for a good job of picking up all the brush,sticks, timber,poles,well done!!!

Freddie Baker