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Emails for jJanuary 2014
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Heritage Health cancelling Senior Center | Sheriff Jim Pierceall endorses Matt Smith for Sheriff in March election | Golf Carts / Rangers | Save the Date- St. Jude Bingo Night Saturday April 26th in Rutland | Filger Library | Stay off of 8th street due to snow | Facebook Area Sell and Trade |

Heritage Health cancelling Senior Center

Heritage Health will be cancelling Senior Center for tomorrow Wednesday February 5th due to the weather.

Gina Greenland

Golf Carts / Rangers


I know this is not Golf Cart weather, but just a reminder that the stickers expired on December 31, 2013. This year the renewal stickers will be available at City Hall during normal business hours. New Carts and Rangers still have to be registered at the Police Department. The cost for the stickers is still $50.00. We currently have 24 Golf Carts / Rangers registered and haven't received any complaints.
N. Cavera
Minonk Police Department


Filger Library

Minonk's Filger Public Library will be closed Monday, Jan. 6 due to weather.

Karen Podzamsky

Facebook Area Sell and Trade

I have recently created a Facebook page for people in the Minonk area to communicate so that they can sell, buy, or trade their belongings. I have seen similar pages become quite popular and useful in other communities and wanted the same for our community. The link is

Users must have a Facebook account to use it, and can post pictures and / or text about their items with details about the item, what price they would like, and other details. I would appreciate it if you helped spread the word by posting this link on your site!

Thank you!

Tom Gentry

Sheriff Jim Pierceall endorses Matt Smith for Sheriff in March election

With primary elections right around the corner I would be remiss if I failed to recommend a suitable replacement. I highly recommend Matt Smith for Woodford County Sheriff. I selected Matt Smith for the position of operations captain because of his work ethic and his conservative views. As a salaried employee Matt Smith has often worked long hours without compensation to get things done. A true conservative Matt Smith is always looking for ways to do more while spending less. With the assistance of Matt Smith the Sheriffs office was able to make necessary improvements and still managed to come in under budget on many occasions.

Despite whatever rhetoric you may see or hear no other candidate understands the operation of the Sheriffs office better that Matt Smith. I firmly believe that in the days to come you will see that Matt Smith has earned the respect and support of the Sheriffs office employee's. I believe that both of the other candidates chose to retire from law enforcement and are currently drawing full retirement benefits. It makes no sense to me to take away a qualified, hard working man's only source of income and allow someone else less qualified to double-dip the taxpayers of Woodford county. Matt Smith has worked hard for the Sheriffs office as well as the Republican party. He has earned my support. I hope the voters will make an educated choice on election day.

Sheriff James Pierceall
910 W. First st Minonk Illinois


Save the Date- St. Jude Bingo Night Saturday April 26th in Rutland

Mark your calendars for our Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Runners 3rd Annual Bingo Night! Saturday April 26th at the Rutland Legion. Lots of really great prizes, raffles, drinks, food, and fun all to raise money for the kids and families of St. Jude! More info to come. If you would like to donate item(s) to be used for our prizes and raffles or want to contribute a monetary gift, please contact Sonja Frei at (309)432-2139 or Thank you!

Sonja Frei

Stay off of 8th street due to snow

Due to the blowing and drifting snow people are advised to stay off West Eighth because of numerous cars in the ditch and stalled in the road that is stranding traffic.

Mike Frei