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Emails for January 2012
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Fireworks Fundraiser | Campbells Soup Labels | Free monitors | Box Tops for Fieldcrest South | Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting | Respone to sewer connection article | The Santa Helper Program | Westclock | Kudos to Jari Lynn for article | Who worked at Westclock? |

Campbells Soup Labels

Along with Box Tops, Fieldcrest South collects Campbells soup labels! The soup labels equal points for the teachers and staff to use towards classroom materials and supplies! Please turn in to Fieldcrest South or drop off at the Filger library. Thank you for your support!

Gloria Ehrnthaller
Volunteer Coordinator for Labels for Education
Fieldcrest South PTO


Box Tops for Fieldcrest South

Fieldcrest South has recently started their second Box Tops for Education collection. The students have already raised half of their goal of $1950.00 and would appreciate the community's help in raising the final half. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents for our school.

If you would like to support the Fieldcrest South students please drop off/mail your Box Tops to:
Fieldcrest South PTO
523 Johnson St.,
Minonk, IL 61760.

There will also be a drop off bucket at Filger Library.

Our school can earn up to $20,000 every school year just by clipping Box Tops for Education from hundreds of participating products. You can find them on brands such as Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Kleenex, Hefty and more!

Please visit and designate Fieldcrest South as the school you wish to support. You will also find a link of participating Box Tops for Education products and other ways you can choose to make a difference—all at no additional cost to you.

Thank you for supporting Fieldcrest South!

Gloria Ehrnthaller
Volunteer Coordinator for Box Tops for Education
Fieldcrest South PTO


Response to sewer connection article


It took over 6 months to come to the determination you mention. Said determination was acceptable to me. It just didn't make any sense to run 3 parallel "private sewers on public property". The report on Justin Faulks motion is also wrong. The sewer connection from the roundhouse is city sewer. The city worker at the time supervised it's installation.
It's illegal for two private lines to be connected together so it's obvious it's city sewer line.

It seems to me that you're printing stories based on your agenda. Which is your right. If you were trying to help Minonk, you would have interviewed me.

I think it's time Minonk property owners start getting some service out of their city public works.

Other places do.

If the city doesn't know where the sewers are,
if they don't know what size they are,
then they sure don't maintain them, removing blockages,
and apparently, the public works department is very reluctant to run lines,
so I'm curious what their function is?

How can Minonk expect new businesses or residents to locate here if they are told
we don't know where your sewer connects and you're going to have to find it and fix it
even if the problem is on city property? Oh, and by the way, if it is on city property,
it's "private sewer on public property".

John Hawk

Editor's reply: Due to personal matters I was not at the City Council meeting and took the information for the article from the minutes of the Public Works Committee. Had I been there I would have printed your remarks as well. I have no agenda on this issue. I am not a paid reporter and rely upon viewer input such as yours to add content to the article. Thanks for giving another perspective on the issue.



Gerry: I think Jim Liner worked at Westclock.

Jim Fewell

Who worked at Westclock?

The news of the fire at the WestClock factory in Peru makes me wonder who we
remember from the Minonk area that worked for that employer. Seems I should
know but now cannot remember folks who drove to Peru for work.

Gerry Schmidt

Fireworks Fundraiser

Drawdown winners from Sat night's big fundraiser.

Julie Redenuis
Bill Knack
Chris McKay
Janice Weber
Dan Sullivan
Peggy Koch
Pat Manning
Lucas Timmerman
Amy Rossman
Amy Arndt
Jeff Tarmin

Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets and who come out Sat night for
some fantastic Petri Pour House pizza and wings, donated by Nick!
We will be having a meeting soon to start planning this years events and once
again we desperately need new members for our committee. We will post meeting information soon.

Susan Park

Free monitors

If anyone still uses or wants a color VGA monitor of the CRT kind, not LCD, I have several to get rid of free.
Email @

John Hawk

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Alcoholics Anonymous is meeting in Minonk Saturdays at 10 am in the garage at 415 East 8th. Anyone that has the desire to stop drinking is welcome.

Jack Daniel Devine

Heritage Health collecting clothes for kids

Heritage Health of Minonk would like to help the children in the community and surrounding areas by providing warm coats, gloves and hats for children who need them.
We have a "Mitten Tree" placed in the South Dining Room at Heritage Health, 201 Locust in Minonk, IL.
If you would like to help us with this project "for the kids" by donating gloves, hats or coats, it would be very much appreciated.
If there are any questions, call Heritage at 309-432-2557. These will be collected until January 20th, 2012. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Sue Novak

The Santa Helper Program

This past Christmas, the Santa Helper program in our community sponsored 130 children. A HUGE "THANK YOU" goes out to anyone and everyone who helped with this program - all of you who sponsored a child, donated toys or money, helped deliver gifts to the church and wrapped gifts.

It takes all of us working together to make this program such a successful one. The "Spirit of Christmas" was truly demonstrated in our community. Thank you all from the heart.

Jen Lindsay

Kudos to Jari Lynn for article

Kudos to Jari Lynn for her excellent article about the history of Minonk. Great photos, too. I live in North Carolina but am a true Minonkite (born and raised there). So, I really appreciate her dedication to recording the history of Minonk.

Peannie Tjaden Robbins