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Emails for January 2010
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WEEK apology for missing broadcast of Fieldcrest South story | Watch WEEK 25 news at 6 tonight | 1980 Class Reunion | Superintendent Suggestions | 1/18/2010 Meeting Minutes Comment | Memories of old Minonk Grade School | recycle bin and snow plowing |

WEEK apology for missing broadcast of Fieldcrest South story

Hey Dave, in the event any parents wanted to know why the Fieldcrest South story did not make WEEK at six, I emailed and received the following response. I am sure if most kids are like mine, they really wanted to see. Therefore, it is great to see WEEK go through the effort of sending the DVD for all to view!

Dear Russell:

I extend to you a personal apology to you and your child. I called our newsroom and was given an explanation that there was a difficulty in getting it on the air. I was assured that the story ran on the 530 news on WHOI and would run in the 10o?clock newscast on both Channels. I know that this no good for you and your 2nd graders that will be in bed by 10p.

I will personally make a DVD copy of the story for the school and mail it to them so it can be shown to your students that missed it.

If there is anything else I can do to attempt to make up this blunder PLEASE let me know.

Leon J. Hendricks

Assignment Manager

Peoria/Bloomington/Normal, Illinois


1980 Class Reunion

Please add a notice that the MDR class of 1980 is planning a reunion on September 4, 2010 at Tall Oaks Country Club. More information to come, however any questions can be forwarded to Kathy Knoblauch's email address at

Thank you

Kathy D. Knoblauch

1/18/2010 Meeting Minutes Comment

I am responding to your "Meeting Minutes" from 1/18/2010's City Council Meeting.

First, I'd like to thank the Petri Brother's for their service and dedication to our country and community.

For my real reason to comment would be for me changing the "decorum of the evening". Nothing was mentioned anywhere during my time in front of the council about addressing this during normal business hours. Set the record straight Dave! What was really mentioned was that it would be forwarded off to the City Administrator for review.

I spoke during the public comments phase of the city council meeting, WHICH IS MY RIGHT AS A MINONK CITIZEN! I am a citizen that's had backflow issues because of the City of Minonk having combo storm/waste sewage and my request for a backflow valve. Why shouldn't the council as a whole know? Was I supposed to wait for another Council Meeting night to log my complaints? I'm sorry it didn't happen on a more appropriate night for you.

I would like to thank Aldermen Fortner and Cunningham for taking the time to speak with me after the meeting asking for more of a background of my issues which took place after you left. I also had a few other people come up to me after the meeting. This would not have happened if I did not speak during the public comments phase of the City Council meeting.

Again, I'm sorry for changing the "decorum of the evening", as you put it!

Sherry Willis

Sherry Willis

recycle bin and snow plowing

Dave; Do you think any of your readers would know if the "stuff in the recycle bin goes in the land fill or is there really a place that would recycle the stuff"?

Snow plowing would be made a little easier if the cars were parked north & south on a north & south street, not east & west like some are parked!

Thanks Fred Baker

fred baker

Watch WEEK 25 news at 6 tonight

I wanted to make everyone aware of how proud we should be of the students at Fieldcrest South. Please be sure to watch WEEK 25 tonight as they will be a featured story that is truly AMAZING! As a parent of one of the third grade students, I had goosebumps after finding out the Christmas packages these students sent to Haiti helped save the lives of the children they were trying to help. It is a story that will amaze you!


Christine Cunningham

Superintendent Suggestions


I agree with your suggested qualifications for a new Superintendent. I'd like to offer a couple others as well. First, it would seem many of the issues I have heard about the Fieldcrest school system center around money, taxes, TIFs, etc. It only seems logical that to fix the money problems, the school board should hire somebody that knows something about managing money. How about someone with a business or accounting degree instead of the typical teaching degree? Second, why offer a Superintendent a three year contract? Instead, reward him with a contractual extension every year the high school scores increase. If the scores do not increase under his guidance, then punish him by allowing his contract to expire. In short - make him accountable for the education of the students.

Editor's reply: Eric. I understand that the Board of Education has hired a search firm to hire a new Superintendent. I agree with your suggestion but I doubt if a search firm for a school will think outside the box and hire someone outside of the educational musical chairs where each year a pool of superintendents come up available for a new position and recycled into another school by the search firm.

Eric Olson

Memories of old Minonk Grade School

Jeri Lynn Oncken's research on the schools was quite good. I started Grade School in the old building around 1936 and have a picture of the combined 1st and second grades on a bleacher setting on the north side wall . Shortly after the end of that school year, Gerhardt Leffers apparently got the contract to level the structure. One summer day he asked me if I was interested in cleaning any good unbroken bricks for reuse. I was to carefully scrape off the old mortar and stack the old but unbroken ones on palates, tossing those broken ones in a pile for removal. I was to get 1 cent per cleaned brick. I rose faithfully every morning in early Summer of 1936 and left a note that I was going to work.

Over the next coup[le of months I managed to clean and stack over 1,000 bricks and GHL handed me a $20 Bill. I was about 7 years old and earning money!!!. No income tax thank goodness!!! Actually I was so giddy when I went home I asked my dad if he needed the 20$ to help pay any bills, as earlier that year we were just recovering from the Great Depression and many of Dad's Dental patients were paying in garden and farm meat and produce. Scout's Honor!!! but I must admit I was able to spend my money and probably overdid the bragging. A side note is that I started in the new school soon and signed the corner stone papers that were sealed into the corner stone which I believe was opened a while back.

Albie Johnson