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Emails for January 2008
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Thanks for help and kindness | Suprise card shower | Happy Anniversary | Happy Anniversary | Nuisance Ordinance dropped | Fieldcrest issue no longer about baseball | | Minonk 4th of July Drawdown Winners | OHV park could happen | The Still Bar &Grill opening delayed | Administrative Government at work | Comments on transportation editorial | Free Stop Smoking Program from County | Landscape lights disappearing | MidState Stars Soccer Registration now open | Breast Cancer Support Group meeting announced | We are The Still Bar &Grill | Freedom is not Free | Thanks for resolving trash pick-up |

Thanks for help and kindness

We want to thank everyone in the community for your incredible kindness and invaluable help. It hasn't been easy dealing with things, but knowing we have friends like you definitely helps. Jackie¹s condition has been stressful, but your help has certainly lightened our load.

We appreciate all the meals for our family, taking the kids out, prayers, visits, kind words and calls. We can't tell you how much we appreciate it all. Being sick is never easy but your assistance relieved a lot of the stress involved and let Jackie focus on recovering. Your kind words, company, and prayers really made a difference.

We so appreciate your concern and understanding.

Tim and Jackie Ruestman
Jake, Max and Maddie

Happy Anniversary

Dave, I agree with Ruth Ann Meierhofer's thoughts. We are no longer residents of Minonk, even though we did not move very far away, we don't get to keep up on what is going on as easily, so we really appreciate your website & everything else you do for Minonk.

Scott & Karen Klendworth

Nuisance Ordinance dropped

Dan Harper the Legislative Coordinator for the State of Illinois A.B.A.T.E. organization called me this morning. He reported that based on recommendations from the Honorable Michael Stroh Woodford County's States Attorney the Nuisance Ordinance has been totally dropped. Thank you for posting my emails expediting the flow of information on this subject that I am passionate about.

Sincerely, Jack Daniel Devine

OHV park could happen

I spent all day yesterday at the A.B.A.T.E. seminar in Springfield. I learned ATV quads sales far out paced motorcycle sales in Illinois last year and this is especially true of Woodford County. There is close to 2 million dollars in the off road fund that an entrepreneur can use to set up an off road park.This fund is there from Off Road Vehicle sales fees. The main restriction is land purchased with this grant will remain an off road park forever. A.B.A.T.E. has off road representatives willing to help with the application process. Our Governor was unable to take this fund because A.B.A.T.E. successfully lobbied to protect it by overriding our Governor's veto. I also uploaded Woodford County's proposed nuisance ordinance because its not on their web site anymore.

Click here for uploaded proposed ordinance.

Click here for state ORV program.

Jack Daniel Devine

Administrative Government at work

I am against every aspect of Woodford County'?s proposed nuisance ordinance. I believe it is designed to drastically curtail what you are allowed to do on your own property. At the last zoning hearing absolutely no one spoke in favor of it. One gentleman said he is the one that complained but he was complaining about high-powered V8 trucks not the 4 wheelers, motorcycles and snowmobiles this ordinance targets. I am very disturbed that the Woodford County Board wants to enact a law based on one complaint. I am also very disturbed that they take a wide swoop with a totalitarian enactment aimed at a wide variety of activities and other matters, which are none of their business. Reading this ordinance which any of you can do at Woodford County?s web site it appears that they could come on your property without your permission taking pictures of violations. Do you really want them poking around your property looking at what scrap you dumped in your ravines to prevent your field from eroding? Do you think they won?'t make you clean up what they find.? Have you been by Charlie
Harmon?s lately? Guess what? Your next!

Do you want the law ticketing your kid or grandchild riding their 4 wheeler because you own less than 3 acres or it can be heard 100 foot away? This ordinance is going to empower and encourage your neighbor and law enforcement to come after you for things that are supposed to be a ok when you live in the county as opposed to in town. This ordinance is modeled after Lake County up by Chicago where there is nothing but suburbia. Woodford County has a lot of farm ground, woods and ravines. We move to the County so we can be left alone to do what we want. Horse back riding, 4 wheeling, Dirt biking, Snowmobiling and trap shooting just to name a few. All of these activities are appropriate in Woodford County.

The best thing we the citizens can do is support Doug Huser and Rusty Cotton for County board. They both took the time to voice their concerns against it at the hearing. I can only assume that the current seated board is for it because your silence said it all. Of course we will have to see how you vote when this totalitarian enactment moves out of zoning and to the full board. If you check this ordinance out on Woodford County?s web site be sure to check back later in the Month because they did announce that they are going to have to do some rewriting because of recommendations from the States Attorney. Wouldn?'t hurt to show up at the next zoning meeting and voice your opinion.

Sincerely Jack Daniel Devine
2736 County Road 2150N
Minonk Illinois 61760 (309)432-2733

Free Stop Smoking Program from County

Hi Dave,

My name is Eileen Riddle. I work for Jill Haggeman at the Woodford County Health Department doing part time Community Relations work.

We are wanting to "get the word out" that the health department has grant money available to county residents who would like to quit smoking. The program is called "Break the Habit". Here is the information.

Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?

If so, the Woodford County Health Department may help!

Break the Habit is a FREE program that can help you quit smoking for good. The program can help you pay fornicotine replacement therapy (Chatix or nicotine patches) and will provide ongoing one-on-one counseling support from the Illinois Tobacco Quit Line at 1-866-QUIT-YES

I hope this information is appropriate for your Minonk forum. Thank you Dave. If there is any more information I can provide, please let me know.


Eileen Riddle
Woodford County Health Department

MidState Stars Soccer Registration now open

2008 registration is now open for the MidState Stars Soccer Club. We welcome 8th grade to senior high school athletic young men and young women to join the newest soccer club in the El Paso-Minonk area. Our high school coed team has been playing one full year in the most competitive leagues in the area. The MidState Stars are currently playing in the FC Peoria High School Boys Indoor League. FC Peoria's web-site:

If you are interested in joining the MidState Stars Soccer Club, please contact Mike Zimmerman at 309-432-3057 in the evenings. Please feel free to check out our web site.

Mike Zimmerman

We are The Still Bar &Grill

Hello Minonk,

I'm Ronnie Sweeney. My Partner Paula Wilson and I would like to invite you all to The Still Bar & Grill in Dana. We opened our doors on Dec 1st and started the kitchen a few weeks after. We are now in full swing . Our hours are Mon - Thurs, 2:00 pm to 1:00am, Fri and Sat, 2:00 pm to 2:00 am . We are serving the orignal Wings on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Carry-out available every night. Kitchen hours are 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm everyday. We will also be having Live Entertainment from time to time . Grand Opening to be held on Jan 19th , Hope to see you all soon .
Thank You

Thanks for resolving trash pick-up

Just wanted to publicly thank Brian Petersen our alderman for personally straightening out our lack of trash pick-up this week. All is well now due to him calling Tomlinson and pointing out their mistake in a nice way.

Gregg Frei

Suprise card shower

A surprise card shower is planned to celebrate Ruth Park's 95th birthday on February 7th. Please help her celebrate by sending a card or letter. I know she will appreciate it. Cards
should be sent to:

Ruth Park,
904 Washington St., Minonk, IL 61760.

Thanks! Bonnie Wagner

Happy Anniversary


Time sure flies when you're having fun!

THANK YOU for all you do to bring current and former residents of the Minonk area, local daily news, weather, obituaries, pictures, videos, current events, history, great editorials, VERY reasonably priced classified ads, calendar events, public forum, area school alumni webpages/updates, city council meetings, economic development, Fieldcrest news, events, sports, etc., etc., etc. We've become accustomed to daily accessing all of that and more with just a simple, easy, free click of the mouse button.

I know, after having access to MinonkTalk for eight years, we take the website and you for granted. Scott and I want to say THANK YOU, our neighbor and friend, who unselfishly gives so much to our community. And not only for this website but for everything you do for Minonk. The many trees you've donated, the Minonk Museum, the Westside Park fundraising/work to build the Pavilion, Gazebo and the countless, many other community projects you have given your time and talents to over the years.

Ruth Ann Meierhofer

Fieldcrest issue no longer about baseball

I was unable to attend the Monday night council meeting but did watch the prepared statement by Mayor Koos. I just want to say the Mayor and City Council of Minonk is dead on in their statements. And this is no longer an issue of where Baseball is played but about the integrity and trust that the parents and tax-payers had in this school districts board and administration. There are multiple issues that happen on a much smaller scale every year that leads to miss-spending of our tax dollars and unnecessary time and effort and it's from incompetent leadership at all levels. But this act should open everyones eyes to how our school system is ran. This latest stunt is exactly the reason why I did NOT vote for the referendum last year. As a current tax-payer and also having two children that will be soon entering the Fieldcrest school system. I am seriously going to start looking at other options. Not for lack of the education they receive at Fieldcrest, which in my opinion is very good, but for sending my kids to a school that does not take in consideration the safety of its students and the lack of common sense used when making simple informed decisions and the leadership.

One last thought. I guess since some of our administrators don't live in the district and they drive everyday to work they feel it is alright to have our students drive all over the district as well. Along with having busses from other HOI Schools drive back and forth from Wenona & Minonk.

Keep up the great work!!!

Jason E Buchanan

Minonk 4th of July Drawdown Winners

The 4th of July Committee would like to thank everyone that helped to make the winter drawdown a success. Following is a list of winners.

Terry Sammans
Mark Ingesol
Heather Kunce
Bill Lauf
Deann & Kayla
Joel Smith
Larry Fortner
Cindy Hartzler
Keith Anderson
Lynn Manning

A special thanks to Rick Bane for the donation of 1/4 Beef-won by Kim McGough,and to Jack Hock for the donation of the Budweiser Jacket won by Don Ragusa. We would also like to thank Paulie's Pub for providing food and music.

Thanks Again - Minonk 4th of July Committee
(Pat Copp)

The Still Bar &Grill opening delayed

Hello Minonk,

Paula and I come to you with sad news due to events beond our control we have to push the Grand opening back to Jan.26 , but Bomber Inc. will be there to DJ and Kareoke for us and we will be serving Prime Rib and Jumbo Shrimp Dinners. Please don't forget it's wing Night as well. Hope to see you all there at The Still Bar & Grill in Dana. Good times await for all .

Thank You

Comments on transportation editorial

Dave, I do believe you struck a Minonk nerve on your return to busses and trains. Perhaps like you, I have a memorable past that relates to trains, busses, boats and even hitchhiking. My area, Los Angeles is a Mega Mess that has us all searching for a way to get to our destinations quickly and safely. We do have train service that has been updated to include many routes for workers who need convenient rides. We have a very good bus service that covers the local county areas BUT when I look around and see 3 to 6 cars in front of every home in my neighborhood, I know we will never give up our Cars, Vans, Suvs, Rvs and PU Trucks. Maybe in the small communities like Minonk, car pooling and subsidized bussing could help cut into the use of that fought for resource called oil. As a youngster I did some summer "farm" jobs and even a stint at "Cat" and we car pooled for those trips. Over and above all the "locate more oil" remedies, and until we have less reliability on oil and less trust for politicians that decide going to war will solve any problem we have with abundant oil; get used to getting up early. insulate your homes, buy hybrid cars and walk to those places that are only a few blocks from your home.

Albie Johnson

Landscape lights disappearing

Hello Dave
I am writing to express my disappointment on the fact that for some reason my landscaping lights are disappearing. Now I realize that we had strong winds the other night, but this has happened more than once.

I happen to go outside the next morning, after the storm to see if any damage had occurred and everything was fine. Now today I discovered that there is another light missing from my corner fencing. Sure these are not expensive by any means and may be no big deal, but it is the principle of the matter. The first one disappeared last fall. In the past the tops of the lights were removed and thrown to the side.

I had a neighbor that had a lawn ornament stolen 2 summers ago so it is not designated to just my corner. Not whining just expressing my opinion.

So in general if someone needs to have accent lighting that bad go to Walmart where I purchased these.

Thanks Becky Quick

Breast Cancer Support Group meeting announced

Have you been affected by breast cancer and or know someone who has? The Woodford County Breast Cancer Support Group will be holding its monthly meeting on January 21, 2008 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00p.m. at the Woodford County Health Department's new location on 1831 South Main St. Eureka, IL.

The Breast Cancer Support Group meets the third Monday evening every month at 6 p.m. at the Woodford County Health department. The meetings are open to breast cancer survivors and their families and offer educational and emotional support for group members. The group will host a local health professional presentation every other month, offering up-to-date information on a variety of breast cancer issues. This support group is possible due to a grant awarded from the Peoria Memorial Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Walk ins are welcome. If you have any questions or concerns please call the Woodford County Health Department at (309) 467-3064 x 4709.

Jill Hageman

Freedom is not Free

The Woodford County Board is trying an underhanded deal to infringe on our personal rights by passing an ordinance drastically limiting what we can do on our own property. This is the same under handed ploy that A.B.A.T.E. got overturned in East Peoria. I am asking everyone that cares about Freedom to show up at Woodford County?'s Board meeting Tuesday at 5pm and let them know this is not going to fly in Woodford County either. We don?'t need big brother telling us what we can do on our own property. If this garbage passes you won't even be able to ride your 4 wheeler unless you own a minimum of 3 acres.

Sincerely, Jack Daniel Devine