Civil War letter from Minonk soldier

Submitted by Doug Martin

The following letter was written by John G. Vance of Minonk after he participated in the Battle of Mobile Bay in the Civil War in 1864. John G. Vance was born in Indiana in 1827 and came to Minonk with his wife and family in 1856. He returned to Minonk after the Civil War and worked as a carpenter until his death in 1878 at the age of 50. His wife Eleanor died in Minonk in 1911. He had four children, the last being Clara Vance who died in Minonk in 1939. Mr. Vance is buried in the Minonk Township cemetery. We are grateful to Doug Martin of Bloomington who gave us a copy of the original hand written letter and to Mrs. Eldon Folkerts of Minonk who provided the history of John Vance. The letter was typed by Donna Rae Eilts.

Click here to see a picture of John Vance's tombstone and his letter.

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