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Minonk Talk introduces Tales from the Heartland which is a series of letters written by Virginia McBride to her family. Mrs. McBride writes about her life experiences in a unique and refreshing manner. We are grateful that she has given us permission to publish her letters.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful, we are all so blessed. Yes, we've had a few spottings of snow, some wet, drippy days. I imagine the farmers are hoping for a few harvest style, kind, cooperative days. It's been an unusual year weatherwise and its comforting to hear reports of a generous harvest. The Mr. is forecasting a HARD winter, some trees are slow to drop their leaves and judging by squirrel's activity one could agree. As I walk across the back yard it almost looks as if we'd used a lawn aerator. There are diggings all over, someone's been busy burying nuts. Do you believe that squirrels are so smart they remember exactly where they ‘planted' the nut? If so, how come I have walnut trees coming up in every flower bed and flower pot? They are not shy, I saw one in my Hot Bed close to the house last week. He was so busy he didn't even notice my loud rapping on the window? He was fast, a quick dig in went the walnut, a quick swipe and his harvest was done. I just hope he plants a bushel of nuts, then he'll probably remember where a few are. It's been an unusual season indeed. Oct. 1st I was in my flower bed and lo and behold an Iris was blossoming. On the flower stalk was one open, large, beautiful purple bloom and another ½ open plus 2 buds. I happen to like an Iris blossom as well as an orchid (maybe because I've never had an orchid!!!) I brought the flower inside and had almost a week of pleasure. There are fall blooming Iris but this plant isn't one. What if I hadn't decided to dead head that A.M.? -what I would have missed!

Something I'd like to miss and after election day won't miss a bit is everything connected to politics. It is an outrage, we are regularly assaulted by T.V. ads, ‘junk' in the daily mail, telephone calls, visits at the door, signs posted in peoples yards. Do yard signs really influence voting results? I wonder- the only yard signs I pay attention to are signs announcing ‘HUGE GARAGE SALE'. Now that sign is important! A news item on Public Radio this A.M. summarized the financial status of top candidates, the reporter spoke of Millions of dollars in their budgets.; Campaigning must cost an awful amount. I've heard how much 30 seconds costs to advertize on T.V. By the time he or she accuses their opponent of cheating and lying and breaking promises, not once but over and over again- it must take a Million $. Then the opponent has the next commercial with the same accusations. It's dirty and nasty but it's democracy and we are so blessed to be living in our country. ‘Lye Soap' was always a threat, a remedy for a ‘dirty mouth'. We need some Lye Soap. May the best man, or woman win- if there is one!!

Virginia McBride
Elma, Iowa